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Chapter 44. - Everything


“Are you feeling better?” Lukas’ deep voice sounded like velvet over the phone, and I clutched my cell closer to my ear, nuzzling into the sound.

“Somewhat,” I whispered, not having it in me to lie.

“What are you doing right now?”

The girls have left hours ago before the sun went down. They did their best to distract me from the fact that by this time tomorrow, nothing would ever be the same. Because tomorrow night, Hazmat kicked off their new tour, here in Los Angeles. They would proceed to be on the road for three more months, and alas, that would be the end of Lukas LaBelle and I.

“Just laying,” I admitted, probably sounding lame in the ear of a rockstar.

“Come downstairs, then.”

My heart skipped a beat and I sat up, feeling that familiar excitement that always overtook me whenever I knew I would get to see him. “I’ll be there in a second!” I promised, running into my bathroom. I did my best to freshen up and get some color back in my cheeks, before making my way downstairs.

But to my surprise, I found the house empty. My parents went out somewhere - most likely on a date - and I had the whole place left to myself, so I began my search for the man of my own dreams.

I went from room to room, checking the kitchen, the dining room, the living room, even my mother’s office - but everything came up empty. Finally, when I was just about to give up, I noticed the unusually bright backyard.

“Oh my!” I gasped, walking out to what I would describe as wonderland. Fairy lights and flameless candles decorated the entire green area, illuminating the yard where I grew up. But unlike the millions of times I’ve been here before, now there was a small table set in the middle, with a chair on either side and a thick blanket next to it.

And perhaps the most beautiful sight of it all, Lukas LaBelle standing next to it, holding a bottle of champagne. His golden features transformed into a small smile as I walked out and joined him. “I think I forgot the glasses.” He said as a greeting, hooking an arm around my waist to pull me into a kiss. “Do you think your parents would mind?”

I shook my head, beaming up at him. My hands ran up on his arms, feeling every muscle, outlining every ink, every vein he had protruding. I memorized the feel of his soft skin, stretched over hard muscle, and his fine, blonde hairs covering the length of his forearms. “I didn’t expect you,” I admitted, leaning in to inhale him. “But I’m glad you are here.”

“Good thing! I don’t think my ego could take another blow.”

My brows crinkled as I glanced up at him in confusion.

“You keep running out on me, Kigali!” He sighed. “I’ve never had to chase a girl in my life. And here you are… giving me a run for my money.”

I swallowed, now knowing just how true that statement is. “I don’t mean to put you in a weird spot.” I whispered.

Lukas’ bubblegum lips quirked up into a small, but cocky smile. “What kind of man would I be if I couldn’t rise up to the challenge?” He teased. “Let’s pop this champaign open, shall we? Want me to get the glasses?”

I shook my head, grinning. “We can drink it from the bottle.”

Lukas laughed out loud. “Just like back in my high school days!” He pulled back, motioning toward one of the chairs. I sat, and he pushed me in.

“A gentleman, aren’t you?” I teased, feeling more like myself by the minute. For one night, I’d let myself have this - I thought. Just for one night, I could pretend that there isn’t a giant hourglass in the background, making our encounter finite.

Lukas winked at me as he turned and popped the champagne. The cork flew off in the distance, as the sweet nectar began bubbling out of the bottle.

With practiced ease, Lukas lifted it to his lips, allowing the champagne to float into his mouth… and down his white button-up shirt. The fabric stuck to his skin, becoming almost see-through with the moisture, and I had to lick my own lips to keep from saying something very inappropriate to the best guitarist of our lifetime.

“How does it taste?” My voice came out hoarse, nearly a moan as I watched his muscles ripple and flex with every movement.

With a sly grin, Lukas turned to me, his face leveling with mine. Before I’ve had a chance to catch my breath, his tongue pushed past my parted lips, licking into my mouth. I tasted the sweetness of the drink, and the intoxicating flavor that was Lukas LaBelle.

“Pretty fucking incredible, I’d say.” He breathed, pulling back with a glint in his golden eyes. “Are you hungry, Luanda?”

“Starved,” I whispered, feeling light-headed - and not from the champagne.

“Do you remember our first date?”

I rolled my eyes. “No. I tend to not obsess over meaningful moments. Or you.”

“It’s very easy to tell when you’re being sarcastic, you know.” He pointed out, taking a seat across from me. “You still blink every single time you lie.” His words were gentle, teasing, reminding me of the early days, when it was just the two of us getting to know each other.

I smiled, my body relaxing into the chair. “What about our first date?”

“Remember the place I took you?”

I nodded. “The diner, up in the mountains.”

Lukas grinned and reached into the bag he had perched on the table. “I had to pull a few strings to get it here so fresh.” He unpacked a burger. Then another. “But it was worth it.”

The scent was mouthwatering on its own, but having it across the table from Lukas LaBelle, in a shirt that still clung to his golden skin, made it to the top five best things that have ever happened to me.

“Please tell me you’re not too ill to enjoy these!” He practically pouted over the table, sticking out his full bottom lip.

My lips curled up into a smile. “I feel fine.” I sighed, reaching for one of the burgers and pulling it onto the plate in front of me. “Thank you for organizing this.”

He winked. “Anything for you!”

And just like that, the now familiar tightness returned to my stomach. He may not have realized it, but this could’ve meant so much… Or it could’ve been just an empty promise he would break just as soon as the tour kicked off.

“How was your day?” I asked instead, navigating the conversation into safer territory.

Lukas nodded through a mouthful. He chewed and swallowed before responding. “Busy day. We’ve had practice all morning, then Ash and I went to the gym and got our asses handed to us by this old fighter pro.” His gaze focused on a spot over my head as he shook his head. “You’d think that I was in good shape… Until I got up in a ring with Damon fucking Maxwell.”

I grinned. “Yeah, I’ve definitely noticed you getting a little pudgy.”

Lukas’ golden eyes widened before his gaze darted down to his washboard abs.

I couldn’t help it as laughed bubbled out of me, his expression on for the books. “I’m kidding! Just kidding!” I giggled, unable to stop now. “But I think you should take your shirt off. You know, just so I could be sure…”

Lukas flashed a panty melting grin at me. “Eat your food first. Then, I’ll take my shirt off.”

And I did. Exactly as he said.

Once we both put away unholy amounts of food, Lukas rolled out a blanket for us, right on top of my parents’ freshly tripped grass. He laid down, extending an arm to the side for me. I snuggled into him, enjoying the woodsy scent of Lukas LaBelle, mixed with the sweet champagne.

“I wish I could freeze time.” He said softly, his voice barely above a whisper.

“You’re Lukas LaBelle. You can do anything.”

His chest vibrated as he chuckled, and I snuggled closer into him. “I’m afraid this is beyond even my powers.” Lukas’ hand tightened around my shoulders, his long fingers spaying out over my exposed skin. “Even still - I’m glad I could experience this with you.”

I glanced up at him, searching his face. But his golden eyes were trained on the night sky. We were far enough out of the city that the stars were visible, shining beyond the glow of the fairy lights above us. “It’s extraordinary.”

“Orion’s Belt is shining extra bright tonight.”

I turned my gaze on the sky, searching for the constellation.

“And that right there?” Lukas pointed at a group of stars above. “That’s the Great Dipper.”

I frowned, tilting my head to the side to inspect it better. “Is it?” I asked, sounding skeptical.

My head bounced slightly as Lukas’ chest vibrated with laughter. “I have fucking no idea, London!”

I rolled my eyes. “I was going to stay… I didn’t know you’ve had a knack for astrology. And I know a lot about you.” I pointed upwards, lining my arm with his head so he could see. “That is the Big Dipper. And the small one.”

“Oh, shit!” Lukas laughed, closing his eyes as he let it take over his entire body. “Now I sound like a moron! This is not how it goes in the movies!”

I pushed myself up on my elbows, leaning over him. “In the movies, they usually glance at the stars and then they kiss,” I suggested, biting down on my lower lip to keep from smiling.

Lukas wiggled his brows. “Is that so?”

I couldn’t hold back my grin anymore. I nodded eagerly, before leaning down and capturing my lips with his.

The kiss started out soft, our mouth barely brushing against each others. Yet everything in my body was buzzing, vibrating with the sensation coming from my lips. A quiet moan escaped me, my eyes closing on their own regard as I allowed myself to fall into the pool of sensations.

I was floating, levitating, flying above the ground, my body completely weightless as I felt him push me onto my back before climbing over me. His shirt came off, exposing tanned, flawless skin, stretched over hard muscles that flexed every time he rocked forward.

My knees fell open, my thighs framing his narrow hips as I grabbed onto him, anchoring myself to the only thing weighing me down.

My lids were heavy, the kiss completely intoxicating me. I was terrified that this was all just in my head, and if I were to force my eyes open, it would vanish. His fingers hooked into my legging, pushing them down my legs. The air was brisk against my skin, but it did nothing to cool the fire that was burning between us.

My panties slipped off, my legs opening on their own as he settled between them. I felt his calloused fingers between our bodies, undoing his jeans and pushing them down, before returning to me.

“Fuck, London!” Lukas cursed under his breath, his fingers playing with me. “You’re so fucking wet for me.” One finger pushed into me before a second joined.

I moaned, my back bowing off the ground as I pushed myself into his capable hand. “More!” I breathed. “I want you.”

And I felt him - hot and pulsing against my thigh, twitching slightly at my words. “I need to hear you say it, London!” Lukas warned, pulling his fingers back and positioning his cock to my entrance.

“I want you…” I repeated, my nails digging into his back to urge him closer.

“No, baby.” He chided, lower his head to brush a chaste kiss against my lips. “Open your eyes and tell me.”

My lids parted slightly, my breath catching at the sight in front of me. Lukas LaBelle, in all his golden glory, surrounded by angel lights with the night skies above. “I love you…” I whispered, testing out the words at first. “I love you, Lukas.”

He closed his eyes for a second, soaking it in before those golden pools opened again. He thrust into me, impaling me with one glorious rock of his hips.

I gasped, my nails digging into his beautiful skin. “Ssh, baby…” Lukas whispered, his hand caressing my face. “You wouldn’t want to give the neighbors a show, would you?” He grinned, the smile infectious, before lowering his head to mine. “I guess I’ll just have to get creative with the ways of keeping you quiet…”

I opened my mouth to protest, but his lips crashed against mine, his hips rolling forward again at the same time. He swallowed my cries as he thrust into me again and again, the movements precise and calculated, hitting that sweet spot inside me every single time he pulled back.

My head swam, my vision blurring before I let my lids fall again, allowing him to take over control until both of us were out of breath.

And right before he let it go, his lips brushed against my ear as he spoke the words: “I love you, too.”

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