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what is promise

Mrs. Geetanjali Sane.

Sometimes you feel that everything is good. We live with very good people and will be all the better. We never know when our life is changed, with a new life.

Our life is like an serial drama. you never got any idea what is going to happen in your life. Your life’s script is already written by someone and you just have to play it with your soul.

Sometimes you meet someone along with you and started to walk a few steps with you and then started to leave. Then again someone comes in your way to share your way with him/ her and after sometime that person also start to leave you again.

Some people come and give you a shock with their life. It feels very bad when somebody has been with you from the beginning but they left you in the middle of your way. But you need to walk because you have no other choice.

My life is like this. It was all good, as long as the photo of me and Advaita had not been printed. After that everything got changed slowly by slowly.

Mr. Advait sane.

love is the one that force you or loaded the things on you. Like our mom she start to love you from the that moment when she realize that someone special is coming in her life. She prepares everything for her child from the beginning. Maybe, I did the same for her. The day she took her first step in my life, I was her and she was mine. In the confusion of don’t know or do know, I was make every preparation for her not in the reality but in my mind.

In life, we meet new people with two reasons, one both need each other to forget someone or both need someone to spend their whole life with each other company. And we met each other, for completed our self with the each other.

love makes you weak, strong and vulnerable. love teach you how to keep patience, love teach you how to stay happy in other’s happiness. love helps you see other world where everything is perfect. Love teach you how to be happy in small amount.

Love teach you how to fight against world. love teach you how to believe in beauty behind the bad face. love helps you to smile when you are bearing pain. love forced you to cross limits that was created by humans.

love doesn’t understand colour, number, richness, height, need any kind of certificate. love just understand honesty of your relationship, and you can’t have any certificate that proof how much you are honest ?, love is like tree, it needs time to grow up.

You can not decide when love is going to happen, It’s just get happen and when it happens you can’t decline it. love give you happiness around one person, and that one person makes a whole world for you.

I kissed her forehead and went to sleep. Because this is my life with her, around her .

Mr. Vishal Kumbhar:

Not everyone is bad. Condition, situation make them like these Or sometimes you took horrible step to make that situation yours. You tried to spend all every minutes and every second to live that perfect moment. Sometimes you lost your mind to make that perfect but you forget that nothing is perfect in this whole life. We are born to make mistakes. We are not born to prove our self but whole world forced you to prove it. Everyone wants one person in their life to make everything is right and sometimes you took wrong step to make that person is yours.

Everyone had gone through that one bad nightmare which gives you two choices, one choice to be good person and second choice to be bad person forever. This one choice moves your whole life up and down. It’s all up to you what you want to be.

Whole world tries to judge you by your background but you tries to find that person who judge you from your behaviour in this whole world. That one person who will stands by you When whole world is against you. And when you found out that one person you tries your hard to make him or her yours. You also make yourself ready to make him or her yours by wrong way.

You didn’t care about the consequences behind all of this you just make it yours. And i am glad that i choose wrong way to make her mine.

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