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Allie has been single for a long time, and out of boredom she plays the famous dating app 'Tinder.' She never knew that she'd end up having a peculiar relationship with the bad boy Noah.

Romance / Drama
Dinda F
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Chapter 1

Allie has been single for over a year, trying to get over her previous boyfriend by playing the famous dating app 'Tinder.'
She never knew who she'd find there would be the beginning of her peculiar relationship with the bad boy Noah.

“I love that movie! Even though it scared the shit out of me...” Said Hannah, Allie’s cousin who lives with her.

Allie just smiled as she plays her phone, swiping left and right.

“Yeah, it was an expected ending though,” Allie said to Hannah, watching her drive.

It was already late, so Allie didn’t really expect any of the guys who were texting with her in Tinder replied. Or even got a match for that matter.

Out of a sudden, Allie’s phone rings of a notification.

You have a new match.

Allie smiled, and Hannah smiled knowingly since she knows what kind of notification it was.

“You go girl! It’s time to get out of your sulking and find you a nice hot man who can tend to your needs. It’s time for you to lose that virginity man!”

She just laughed and shook her head at Hannah’s remark. She’s always like this. She always managed to make sexual remarks out of every single thing and Allie didn’t mind. She found it hilarious and amusing.

Another notification popped out on Allie’s phone screen, and she smiled. She knew that guy that matched her a few seconds ago texted her.

Noah sent you a message.

She opened the app, and look at the message.

Noah: Allie, where have you been all my life? :D

Damn, if he isn’t a charmer. Allie just shook her head as she typed in a reply.

Allie: Now, that’s lame. Never say that to me ever again :p Do you know how many guys told me that?

As she waited for his reply, she looked to his profile. Damn, she couldn’t decide if he was cute or not. She knew of this guys, she wanted to swipe left on him but somehow she swiped right, she doesn’t know why either.

Her phone vibrates again, signaling that he indeed has replied to her text.

Noah: Oh, too bad :( why are you still up at this hour?

Noah: Are you a night kind of gal?

Noah: A party girl?

Noah: Or you just can’t sleep?

She looked at her phone, it was indeed 1:13 am. Yeah, she just got back from hanging out with her cousins so it really didn’t matter. And she has no classes tomorrow. She smiled, she knew he would be a funny one.

Allie: I just got home from a movie night with my cousin. No, I’m not a night kind of gal :p

He replied almost instantly.

Noah: I see, what did you watch?

She shuddered remembering the movie she just watched with Hannah. It was indeed scary but she didn’t want to admit it.

Allie: The new horror movie, ‘IT’. Have you watch it?

He replied almost immediately. Damn, he must be glued to his phone to reply her this fast.

Noah: Ummm no. But I’ve heard of it. Is it any good?

Noah: And by the way, are you in college?

She smiled. Yes, yes she is. She’s studying the passion of her life - filmmaking. She aspire to be a successful director in the future. Not that she would disclose it now.

Allie: I am. 5th semester, how bout you?

She laid on her bed, waiting for his response.

Noah: Me? I’ve been in college :)

She looked confused with his response. Is he not in one right now? Just as she was about to type in her reply, he texted again.

Noah: How’s the city nowadays?

Okay this guys is officially out of his mind, she thought. He’s only 11kms away, how could he be asking how the city is?

Allie: What do you mean? The city’s fine, traffic is still everywhere. Nothing new.

She put her phone away and turned on the TV in her room. She puts on netflix and start to binge watch her favorite show, Orange is the New Black, before replying to his text again.

Noah: Well, I don’t know how to answer that.

Noah: The best way I could explain is that I’m not in the same world as you are now :)

This guy is mysterious. Damn if that didn’t attract him to her more. She loved adventures, challenges, and mysteries. He intrigued her.

Allie: Now that sounds scary.

Allie: Where are you? Are you out of the country right now?

It took him a while to reply to her. But when he did, he completely dodged off the question.

Noah: I’m not a ghost so you don’t have to be scared of me :p

Noah: Where do you live anyways? You’re only 11kms away from me… which is in the ring 3 area of the city?

She became more curious and she was even more intrigued to find out where he is. But she shrugs it off… for now.

Allie: You guessed wrong :p guess again!

She liked texting with him. This feeling of just getting to know a guy… it was pure bliss.

Noah: Ring 2?

Noah: Ring 2,5?

Noah: Ring 3,5?

Noah: Or outside the ring?

Noah: Come on, tell me! It’s driving me nuts.

She laughed. Gosh, he was impatient. Reminds her of somebody else.. Ah she should shrug that thought off.

Allie: Give up yet? :p

Noah: Fine, fine. Tell me, now!

Allie: Just outside of ring 3. :p

Noah: Dammit gurl! You could’ve told me yes on the first try! I knew it was ring 3 all along!!

Allie: Hahahaha, you got it :p

She laughed. Damn, he was fun to talk to. It’s been awhile since she texted with anyone this long.

Noah: Anyways, you wanted to know where I was, right?

God yes, she nodded her head eagerly, not that he could see her but she did it anyways.

Noah: I’m in prison.

Wait, what?

He’s gotta be joking. There’s no way this guy is in prison.

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