The Runway Queen

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I sat on the couch and watched as Davey and Paris ran around the kitchen. Davey was mixing pancake batter and trying to break up the eggs at the same time; while Paris was setting the table and cooking the bacon and sausage.

I laughed when she stubbed her toe against the chair and started hopping around the kitchen. Davey poured the pancake batter in the pan and pulled out a spatula. Paris ran over to the sausage and started flipping over the bacon.

I looked down at my stopwatch and smirked. "Come on, you've got 20 seconds left…" I said. Davey groaned and quickly mixed the eggs and poured them in a pan. Paris put the sausage and bacon on a plate and rushed them over to the table.

"12 seconds…" I yelled from the couch. Davey flipped over the pancakes and scrabbled the rest of the eggs. "10…9…8…7…6…5". Davey put the pancakes on a plate and put them on the table. He grabbed the egg pan and dropped it on the table next to the sausage and bacon.


"Whoo! We did it! Yay! In your face, Andie!" Paris shrieked as she gave Davey a high-five. I groaned and looked over at them. "I can't believe you too made breakfast in 3 minutes". "I told you with two people it would be done faster. You should have given us 2 minutes. Then it would have at least been a fair game" Davey chuckled.

I got off the couch and walked over to the table. Paris tapped her lips twice and I groaned before leaning down and kissing her. "Awwww. Why the sudden change And?" Davey asked, putting his food on his plate. "Paris got a call from Liz. She has an interview coming up and we have to look super chummy by then. So now anytime Paris wants to kiss me, I have to give in," I explained.

"That's right. So for the next 24 hours, Andie is all mine," Paris giggled. I rolled my eyes and started to eat. "Mm. How are your hands?" Davey asked, pointing at me with his fork. "Perfect. It's been a good three days and everything so, they're a lot better" I replied. Davey nodded at me and continued eating.

There was a knock at the door and Paris got up to go answer it before letting out a scream of joy. Davey and I both looked at the door and saw Liz trying to detach herself from a very happy Paris. "I missed you Liz! Where have you been?" she exclaimed. Liz smiled at her.

"I have been working for you missy. And I'm very happy to see you too. Hello Davey, Andie. Nice to see you two". Davey and I waved at her before we continued eating. "Andie?" I looked up at her and picked up my glass of orange juice. "Yeah Liz?" I said, leaning over my chair to look at her.

"As you know, you have an interview around…7pm. About 10 hours from now. I need you both to be at the studio before 6. You don't have to dress any special way, just casually would be fi- oh! Is that bacon?" Liz walked over to the table and Davey and I laughed when she sat down and made herself a plate.

Paris reached for my hand across from the table and tugged on it gently. I looked over at her and she pouted. I smiled at her and leaned over to kiss under her left ear. She leaned away from me and smiled back before kissing the top of my head. Liz eyed us and smirked at me when I pulled away from Paris. "Don't get any ideas Liz. This is just for today," I said dully.

"She's my bitch for 24 hours" Paris teased. I shook my head. "Noooo way. Andie Fluharty is nobody's bitch," I said defiantly. "You're Antoinette Fluharty's bitch" Davey shot back. I flipped him off and he laughed. "Whose Antoinette Fluharty? Your sister?" Liz asked.

"My mom" Davey and I both replied together. Paris giggled. "And my future mother-in-law" she added. I choked on my food and Liz patted me on the back while I recuperated. "Don't…get ahead…of yourself," I said between gulps of my orange juice. Paris just laughed. "If I don't mess with you who else will?" she said.

"I think I'm up for that job". We both looked toward the door and saw Katie walk in with Ted and Ernie behind her. "How did you…Davey! Lock the damn door at night!" I growled. He just shrugged his shoulders and smiled at Katie.

"Hey! Who are the huge ass men behind you?" he asked, pointing to Ted and Ernie. "Oh! They're Paris and mine's body guards" I replied. Davey's eyes widened and Katie stole a piece of bacon off his plate. "You get body guards? For what?" he asked. "For insane pap's and or people that will try to harm me or Paris" I replied.

Davey just looked at the two big guys standing behind Paris and me. "Oh, nobody will fuck with you as long as they're around" he said, nervously. I looked over at Katie. "So, what brings you by Katie?" I asked, picking me plate up and putting it in the sink.

"Nothing. I just went to go see Liz today and she told me she was coming over so I thought I would tag along" she said. "By the way, Andie and Paris are leaving around 6. Davey, would you mind if Ted and Ernie stayed here until then?" Liz asked. Davey shook his head. "Are you staying too Katie?" he asked. "Um…I have to go meet with Pete today" she replied shyly.

Davey clenched his hand into a fist on the table. Luckily, I was the only one at the table who noticed. I caught his eye and he sighed, dropping his hand at his side. "Alright cool. Then, I guess I'll see you around right?" he asked. Katie smiled at him and wiped her hand on a napkin. "Thanks for the bacon" she replied. "No problem" he said, smiling back at her.

Katie hugged Paris and they walked upstairs to our room to go talk. "I don't wanna fuck up any relationship but I wish I could tell her how much of a prick he really is" he mumbled. I nodded and Liz looked at the both of us in confusion. "What's going on?" she asked. "Katie has a piece of shit boyfriend and Davey wants to tell her but he doesn't want to be the cause of any drama for her, since they just met a while ago" I replied.

Davey just nodded. Liz smirked at her. "So, Davey, the best friend of Andie, wants to be with Katie, the best friend of Paris?" she teased. We both glared at her and she smiled at us. "Are you going to be ready by 6, Andie?" she asked, changing the subject.

I just nodded and headed upstairs to my room. I stopped when I heard Katie and Paris laughing inside. So I decided to stand next to the door and listen. What? It's alright to ease drop on your girlfriend isn't it?

"So, you have an interview with her today right?"

Oh, great. They were talking about me.

"Yeah, we do. She's been extremely sweet all day. We actually had a bet today. Her, Davey, and me. She said that we couldn't make breakfast in 3 minutes. You should have seen it; the kitchen was a complete disaster the first minute we started. It was a lot of fun though"

"It seems like you're always having fun with them"

"I am. Davey and Andie are just…interesting people. I never get bored with the both of them. And what about you and Pete?"

That prick! And wait…did she just give us a compliment?

"Pete is…well, Pete. I can't really explain him. He um…didn't even come home last night. I know why though. I know he's cheating on me"

Damn! Then if you know, why are you still with him?

"Why are you still with him then?"

Hey. Good question Paris.

"Stability, I guess. I don't really know. Things are just…different. I know I could get someone better".

Hell yeah you could! Davey would probably go out with you in a second.

"You could? I just don't see why you would stay with him just for comfort"

"Imagine if you were scared to open yourself completely to someone. That's how I feel sometimes. I'm scared to show myself completely to someone and getting my heart broken. With Pete, I know exactly what I'm getting. He's predictable and I can handle that right now".

She had some kind of point. Showing someone who you really are can be scary sometimes.

"But that's the whole point of falling in love right? You fall completely for the person inside, not the image that they try to show you. And it may be scary to open yourself to someone…but when you give them your heart and they give you theirs, there is no better feeling in the world"

Wow, that was pretty deep.

"Is that how you feel about Andie?"

I leaned over slightly towards the door, waiting for her to answer.

"No…it's how she once felt for someone else"

What? What was she talking about? How I once felt for…oh yeah. Ashley.

I slumped against the door and ran my fingers through my unruly hair. Being with Ashley was what made me feel alive…I haven't felt that way since…since I saw Paris at the runway show. Aw fuck, what the hell is going on with me?


"Paris, this next question is for you. What's Andie's favorite color?" Paris smiled at me and I smiled back at her. Our fingers were interlaced and every time her thumb ran over my knuckles, I got a chill down my spine.

"Green and white. I once wore a completely green and white night gown…let's just say I didn't get much sleep that night" she said, winking at me. She wasn't lying. That night she kept tossing and turning trying to get comfortable. I actually had to hold her down at one point.

The interviewer, whose name was Christy, laughed and smiled over at me. I just smiled back nervously and leaned back against my chair. "Andie, who asked who out?" she asked. "Um actually Paris asked me out" I replied.

"Really?" Christy said in surprise. She looked over at Paris, who just nodded. "You must be full of surprises huh, Andie?" she teased. I just shrugged and Paris leaned over and kissed my cheek. "Did you know that people have been calling you Pandie? A cross between Paris and Andie" she asked.

I arched my eyebrows and Paris and I both shook her head. "Apparently people are very interested about your relationship. People in the LGBT Community are already cheering you two on". "No pressure at all huh?" I said sarcastically.

She chuckled and shook her head. "No. But I hope that you two are together for quite a while" Christy said. Paris and I both looked at each other when she said that and she smiled at me. "Trust me. Andie and I will be together for quite a while indeed".


As we walked out of the studio, hand and hand, Paris leaned her hand on my shoulder as we walked. "Things are starting to get interesting," I said, sighing as we stopped at a crosswalk. Paris looked over her shoulder and saw the paparazzi and people taking pictures of us. "Yeah, it really is. So, let's give them something to talk about" she said playfully.

I arched my eyebrows at her. "Paris, what ever you are thinking of doing, do not do it. Do. Not. Do. It" I warned. She pouted and tapped her lips twice.

I ignored her request and kept walking forward. She stayed put and played me back towards her. I groaned and she interlaced our hands and leaned up to kiss me. I smiled into the kiss and lights were flashing all around us. Great. More 'Pandie' stuff for people to gush over.

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