The Runway Queen

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A Month & Two Days Ago

"You better be alright. I swear if something's wrong with you, I will bring you back to life so that I can kill you myself. Please, please God let her be alright".

I opened my left eye slowly and looked up to see Paris in a chair bedside my bed, holding my hand. "P-P-Paris" I said, my voice shaking. She looked over at me quickly and I smiled when I saw her.

She still had on my green shirt but instead of jeans, it looked like she was wearing shorts. "ANDIE!" she yelled, leaning up and kissing all over my face. I laughed and tried to sit up but she gently pushed me back down. "No. You have to rest. Doctor's orders". "Doctor's?!" I shot up in surprise and she frowned.

"I told you to lay down". I ignored her and looked around me. Sure enough, I was in a hospital. "Why am I here? How did I get here?" I asked her. She looked down at my sheets and started playing with my fingers. "Somebody from that club you and Davey were at last night found you outside, knocked out in an alleyway. They called 911 and came and brought you both here. I came home early looking for you two and saw we had a voicemail. Apparently, the looked through Davey's wallet and called home, thinking someone would come down and see you two. Luckily, I checked the voicemail and Liz drove me down here as fast as she could" she explained.

"Liz?" I looked over in the corner of the room and saw Liz. She smiled at me. "How are you feeling?" she asked. "Like my stomach was hit by a bowling ball," I replied. I pulled my shirt up and saw bruises. Paris hissed at the sight and I grimaced at the blue and purple scars.

"Where's Davey?!" I yelled in fear, quickly remembering that he was hurt worse than me. "He'll live. His nose is broken and he has a black eye but most of the damage done to his head wasn't enough to kill him" Liz said softly. I let out a sigh of relief and fell back on the bed. "That's good. When can I see him," I asked.

Paris frowned. "When you get better! You're not leaving this room until I say so" she exclaimed. I smiled over at her. "You know, I missed you this past week. Maybe I could um…show you how much I missed you when we get home" I said slyly. She smirked at me and leaned down to whisper in my ear, "seducing me isn't going to let you off the hook". "Damn it!"

Liz chuckled and walked over towards my bed. "I'm just glad that you're ok. You should have seen how hysterical Paris was. Her eyes were bugging out of their socket and she was crying a river on the way here. I swear, she almost punched a nurse in the face when she said we couldn't see you right away. You had as both so worried" Liz said, laughing when she thought of how Paris behaved.

I glanced over at a very red Paris and took her hand. "I'm fine," I said softly. She looked over at me with glassy eyes and she leaned down to kiss me. I smiled into the kiss and she pulled on my bottom lip with her teeth. I moaned and she kissed me harder. I brought my hand up and ran it through her hair, loving the way her lips felt against mine as her tongue invaded my mouth.

I kissed her deeper and she moaned, pulling me closer toward her. Liz cleared her throat and we quickly jumped away from each other. I looked at the ground in embarrassment and Paris bit her lower lip, a blush faintly on her cheeks. "Can you at least wait until I am out of the room before you two start eating each other?" she teased.

Paris pouted and I just stayed quiet. She chuckled and Katie ran into the room. "Andie! Where's Davey?" she practically yelled. "Um…" I looked up at Liz. "Down the hall. Last room on the right," she said smiling. "Thank you!" Katie took off in that direction and I smiled to myself. "So Andie, do you want to tell us what happened last night?" Liz said. I looked at the both of them and then retold them last night's events.


Davey's head was on fire and he was looking up at the ceiling. Paris and Liz had been in early when they were waiting to see Andie. They talked for a while about Paris's trip and what he and Andie had done while they were gone. Just when he was about to tell them what happened last night; a nurse came in the room and told them they could see Andie. Paris practically ran out the room and Liz just shook her head and followed her out.

Davey looked out the window and clenched his fist. "Where the hell did Pete and those three goons sneak off too after they knocked us out? The nurse said that the person who found us only saw me and Andie. So where did they go?" he thought to himself.

Katie ran in the room, breathing hard and Davey looked up at her. "Davey…" she said breathlessly. She walked towards him and sat in the chair next to his bed. He smiled at her. "Hey you. Pleasure seeing you here" he said sweetly.

Katie frowned. "How can you joke about this? Look at you. You're in a hospital bed," she barked. Davey looked down at his sheets and sighed. "Why are you here Katie? Came to tell me that you're not leaving Pete even if he did jump Andie and I last night" Davey growled. Katie shook her head.

"It's not like that Davey"

"Then tell me what it is like. I practically give my heart to you last week and you just pushed me aside"

"No, I didn't. We barely know each other and…"

"And what? You think I'm gonna act just like Pete did? Be nice and sweet to you at the beginning, and then sneak around and break your heart"

"Yes! That's what they all do!"

"Not all guys are the same Katie! You came blame one guys mistake and then cross them all off the list. You can't become a zombie just because Pete's treating you like trash. You're better than that! You deserve better than that. Why won't you open your heart to me…and at least give me a chance?"

Katie looked down at his bed as tears rolled down her cheeks. "I don't want to be hurt again," she said softly, her voice cracking towards the end. "I wouldn't hurt you. I would do nothing but protect you if you gave me a chance. I'm not Pete and Pete's not me," he said proudly. Katie looked up at him and stared in his eyes. Davey sighed and pulled all of his courage together. 'Well, here goes nothing' he said to himself.

"Katie, the very first time I saw you at the beach, I knew that you were different from all the other girls I had every been with. I fell for you right from the start and at first, it killed me, because you were with Pete and I didn't wanna ruin a happy relationship. But you weren't happy. You're not happy. And I won't stand by any longer and watch as Pete takes away what's left of your heart. I don't care how long it takes. Weeks, months, years, decades. I will wait until you have all of the pieces of your heart back and then hope that you can give it to me. I'm not asking for you to love me back…I'm just asking for you to give this, give me a chance".

Katie wiped the tears off of her face and took his hand. "Davey, Pete's last chance was when he hurt someone I loved" she said, smiling at him. Davey smiled back at her and leaned over to gently plant a kiss on her lips. Katie kissed him back as tears fell off her face. "I would never hurt you Katie," he whispered to her. Katie smiled against his lips. "I know".


"I hate hospitals! We are never going back there again, right Davey? Davey? Davey?" I looked behind me and saw Davey and Katie too engrossed with each other to even notice me. Davey had Katie's hand and she was smiling up at him as he leaned down and whispered something in his ear, making her burst out laughing. I smiled at them and Paris grabbed my hand.

"So, I'm pretty sure that you said, "you would show me how much you missed me when we got back home" she said huskily. I smirked down at her. "Later" I whispered in her ear. She arched her eyebrows at me. "If you'll playing with me, you know I'm gonna be pissed right?" I laughed and held her hand tighter. "I promise that you will not be disappointed" I said back.

Liz waved us 'good bye' and drove herself back home. Davey and Katie went to Phoenix Down and Davey said that he would be staying over with Katie afterwards. I smirked up at him and he flipped me off. "That's the kind of girl you take out and break out huh Davey?" I teased, mocking him.

Davey glared at me and Katie looked at us in confusion. "What's Andie talking about?" she asked. "Nothing. Nothing. I'll see you guys later" he replied, quickly pushed her out the door. I laughed and shut the door behind him.

I looked around the apartment and Paris was nowhere to be found. I walked upstairs and heard the shower from the bathroom on. I slowly opened the door and poked my head inside. Paris was behind the curtain and I smiled to myself as I gently closed the door.

She pulled back the curtain so that her head was shown and she smiled when she saw it was me. "Do you want to join me?" she asked. A month and 2 days ago, I would have said 'no'. A month and 2 days ago, I would have ran out the room and locked my bedroom door. A month and 2 days ago, I would have gotten extremely embarrassed and flipped her off. But that was a month and 2 days ago, and this was now.

I smiled and took off my pants and shirt before joining her in the shower. Her eyes widened but she smiled when I stepped in. "I really didn't think you would get in" she said huskily. "Well, like Christy said, I'm full of surprises". I pulled her over toward me and crashed our lips together.

She moaned into the kiss and pulled me under the spray of water with her. I ran my hands over her smooth skin and her hands went up through my hair. She pulled my bottom lip into her mouth and sucked on it before ramming her tongue into my mouth. I grabbed her waist and she hopped up and wrapped her legs around me.

I pushed her up against the wall and grinded myself against her. She threw her head back and let out a moan as I attacked her neck. "Fuck…Andie" she said breathlessly. I bit down on her neck and her nails dug into my shoulder blade.

I grinded myself faster against her and she started panted before leaning down and capturing my lips again. I would have never imagine having sex with Paris in this shower would be this…this…good. I turned the water off and carried her into my room; her lips still attached mine and the both of us dripping water on the ground. I'll have to clean that up later.

I laid her down on the bed and she put her legs up on other side of me as I grinded into her faster. "Nghh! Andie!" she yelled out, biting my shoulder. I kissed her neck and she grabbed me waist, willingly me to go faster. She took my hand off of the bed and put two of my fingers into her mouth, licking them. I groaned and leaned down to attack her supple breast.

She moaned against my hand as I gently bit down on one of her nipples. Her back arched off the bed and I took my fingers out of her mouth, ramming them inside of her instead. "OH God! Andie!" she screamed out, grabbing my bed sheets. I loved hearing her say my name. It just added more fuel to the fire inside of me.

I pulled out of her and rammed back in, making up a good rhythm. She moaned as I kept sucking on her breast and she grinded up against me. "You're…a…liar," she panted. I glanced up at her but didn't stop what I was doing. "How?" I asked, pushing into her harder.

She pulled on the sheets and bit her lower lip, trying to stay quiet. "No need to muzzle yourself. Only I can hear you. Now answer me, how?" I repeated. "You said…you didn't fuck Andie! said you didn't…ahh!...want me" she groaned.

I smiled up at her and shook my head. "And so what if I did?" I said playfully. "Then…you need to…ahh! Don't stop…ask me more questions" she said, trying to keep her sanity. "Do you want me to know you Paris? Do you really want me to know about your past?" I asked, letting go of her breast. She bit her bottom lip and just nodded. I smiled at her. "Then I will," I said.

I pushed another finger inside of her and she screamed. "Andie! Please! Please make me cum. I want you so bad" she moaned in my ear. I groaned against her shoulder and pushed my fingers into her faster. She grabbed my back and threw her head back against the pillow as I dug my toes into the mattress. "Oh fuck! I can't take it anymore!" she yelled. I leaned up and kissed her on her cheek. "All you had to do was ask," I said smugly. She flipped me off and I grinded against her hard, causing my fingers to slam into her G-spot.

She bit her lower lip and I frowned at her. "You don't have to be quiet. I want to hear you," I whispered in her ear. She moaned low in her throat and then let out a scream when I pushed into her again, cumming all over my hand. She held onto me tighter and then tried to get her breathing under control.

I moved to roll off of her but she grabbed me. "Stay…" she said breathlessly. I did as I was told and laid my head down on her chest. She stroked my hair back and kissed the top of my head. "Are we going to talk about what just happened tomorrow or are you gonna be cold towards me?" she asked, her voice slightly shaking.

I looked up at her. "This wasn't a one night stand Paris. I'm not that cold. Geez" I replied, resting my head back on her chest. She giggled and then pushed me off of her. "You're actually kind of heavy," she teased, mocking me. I ignored her and she rolled over on her side and snuggled up to me.

"So, am I your real girlfriend now?" she asked. I looked away from her in embarrassment. "I guess" I replied in embarrassment. She got quiet and then looked up at me. "Do you love me Andie?" she asked. I sighed. "I don't know. Do you love me Paris," I asked back. "I don't know" she replied.

We drifted off to sleep and I thought about what she asked me. Love was a big word and I really wasn't sure if I loved her. Wanted her, yes but Loved her. We'll just have to see where life takes us next.

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