The Runway Queen

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Let's Go Skiing

“We should get out and go somewhere. How about we go skiing?”

“Skiing? Seriously Davey?”

“Yeah. It’s been three weeks and we haven’t taking Paris anywhere. Don’t you think it’s about time she got out of your mom’s house?”

“Yeah true but…is she really gonna be comfortable hanging out with us? I mean, I thought Andie was her only friend.”

“Hey! That’s my best friend you’re talking about.”

“Sorry ,Katie. But Davey, do you really wanna get her out the house? What if the press spots her?”

“We’ll flip ’em off and continue on our way. Look, Paris is finally calming down about everything that happened with Andie. I think she wants to get out of the house more than any of us. Besides, It’ll be fun. We can stay up there for three days, two at the max. Come on, what do you say Antony?”

He sighed and put on his newbie. “Skiing it is,” he said bluntly. Davey cheered and Katie laughed at her boyfriend’s antics. “What’s going on?” Alex asked yawning. “Why are you still here? Don’t you have school?” Antony asked.

“Winter break. In college, your break is unnecessarily long but I’m not complaining. What’s going on?” he repeated. “We’re all going skiing. You in?” Davey asked, sitting on the couch next to Katie. He leaned over and kissed her cheek and she smiled.

“Hell yeah. It’ll give me some time to catch up on my tricks. By the way Davey, I think I’ve got you beat this time” he said smugly. Davey scoffed. “Yeah right little brother. I’m sorry but I am still master of the slopes”. They teased each other back and forth and a very tired Paris walked out of her room.

“Good morning Fluhartys and Davey and Katie, whom never seem to be at their own home” she greeted. “Hey! I’m technically a Fluharty. And so is Katie since she’s always here too” Davey said, sticking out his tongue at her.

She laughed and sat down at the kitchen table. “Where’s Antoinette?” she asked. “You know mom. She went out to do her Thanksgiving shopping” Alex replied. “Thanksgiving isn’t for another week” “Exactly” both Fluharty's replied.

Davey chuckled and Katie nudged him. She motioned toward Paris and he nodded in response. “Hey um… Paris, how would you feel about going skiing tomorrow and staying in Antony’s cabin for two days?” he asked. “Sounds like fun. Are you guys going too?” she asked in excitement.

Davey nodded. “Then yeah! It will take my mind off…um…certain things” she said softly. Everyone in the house had agreed not to talk about Andie around Paris. Actually, Antoinette made everyone in the house agree not to talk about Andie around Paris.

“Yeah. So pack your things. We’re leaving tomorrow,” Antony said. The back door opened and in walked Antoinette, holding a bag of groceries. “Boys, please go get the rest out of the car”, she yelled. “Yes mom” the Fluharty men and Davey replied.

Katie and Paris laughed as they sulked out to the car. Antoinette put the groceries down on the table. “Katie, it’s always a pleasure to see you” she said, smiling as she walked over and pulled Katie into a hug. Katie smiled and said a ‘hello’ to her as well.

After the guys had finished putting the groceries away, Antony walked over to her mother and hugged her. “What do you want?” she asked with a smirk on her face.

“Why mom, what makes you think I want something?” Antony said in mock hurt. She arched her eyebrows at him. “Every time you hug me, it’s your way of asking for something. You’ve been doing it since you were a child. Now spit it out” she said, washing her hands before preparing dinner.

“Davey’s thinking about going to the cabin tomorrow. Staying up there for two days and taking Paris with us. I wanted to know if you would be okay by yourself here for a while” he said, kissing her cheek.

Antoinette laughed. “Son, I have been ‘okay’ by myself since you were born. Go ahead. I’m glad you’re taking Paris with you. She needs some fun. Andie will be back next week and Lord knows what will happen when she returns. Me and her are going to have a long conversation when she gets back” Antoinette said sternly.

Antony let go of his mother and shivered. He knew himself what his mother’s looong conversations were. “Alright. I’ll see you tomorrow morning then. I’ve got to go home and see Claire,” he said, walking out the kitchen.

“Tell her to come by soon. I want to meet her” Antoinette yelled after him. “Claire’s my new beagle, mom,” he yelled back. “Never mind."

I woke up in my father’s guest room and rolled off of the bed. It’s been three weeks and I’ve finally cleared my head. I’ve actually considered coming back home early but…I said a month and I’ll deal with a month. Even though a month without Paris is torture.

I’ve been on the computer a lot lately. Found myself a job in California close to where my mom lives. I thought it would be a good idea to be somewhere close so that she wouldn’t complain about never seeing me around.

Dad thought it was a good idea. He said I wouldn’t be able to live on Paris’s money alone and I told him that I didn’t want too. I was tired of being a burden and it was about time that I started living again. Hopefully this job would be a fresh start.

I also found an apartment but after talking to Davey, I told me not to. He was going to move in with Katie and told me that he would sign the apartment over to me when I got home.

I had the job. I had the house. Now all I needed was the girl. Things were making sense again and when I got back, I would be a completely new person. Well ok, not completely new but I wouldn’t be lacking ambition.

I put on another heavy sweater and some jeans before walking downstairs to see my father. He was looking at an old family photo and I smiled when I realized it was a baby picture of me.

“Dad…I want you to come back with me” I said, standing on the bottom step. He looked up at the sound of my voice and shook his head. “I couldn’t. You’re mother wants nothing to do with me. All of the lies that I told her and everything that I left her with. I’m sure she would kick me out before I even walked in the door” he sighed.

“Dad, you don’t know that. Mom never moved on and neither did you. Did you ever stop and think that maybe you two were made for each other? That she’s your one and only just like Paris is mine?” I asked. He smiled up at me.

“You really love this girl,” he teased. He looked at the ground in embarrassment. “Well, yeah. I really do but that’s not the point. You love mom and mom loves you. I’m pretty sure that seeing you two together again would be best Christmas present she’s ever got from me” I said chuckling.

He laughed as well and then put the picture back on the table. “You’re right Andie. I’ve got to stop running from the past and own up to the things I’ve done. When do you go back?” he asked, staring at me with new hope shinning in his eyes. “Next week” I replied.

“Then, it looks like I’ve got some things to do before we leave next week” he said, smiling at me. I smiled back. This wouldn’t only be a present for mom, but for the whole Fluharty family. Alex would finally be able to meet his father and Tony…well, maybe Tony wouldn’t be so overprotective anymore.

“Davey, this place is huge!” Alex exclaimed as he walked around the cabin in awe. “This isn’t my place. This is your brother’s” Davey said, pointing over to Antony.

“Tony, where’d you get the money for a place like this?” he asked. Antony shrugged. “Being a Stock broker has its advantages. Come on, we didn’t come here to talk about my finances. We came here to ski” he replied, walking toward the door.

Paris walked out of her room with her winter clothes on and jumped on Davey’s back. “Carry me outside” she said. Davey laughed and carried her out toward the car.

Katie spotted them and laughed when Davey dropped Paris in the snow. Paris threw a snowball at Davey and then Alex joined in. They started a small snowball fight and someone threw one at Antony.

“Okay! That’s it!” he growled before joining in on the fun. Katie watched them from the sidelines and Davey smirked when he spotted her. She shook her head as he approached her.

“Davey, get away from me with that or I will never sleep with you again” she threatened. Davey stood there in thought for a minute before walking toward her again. “I can live with that” he said, throwing the snowball at her legs.

Katie laughed and Davey tackled her into the snow. He kissed all over her face and tickled her sides. “Davey! Stop!” she said, laughing. Alex threw a snowball at the side of his head and he growled before playfully throwing Alex over her shoulder and wrestling him to the ground.

Paris jogged over to Katie, her hair covered in snow. “Didn’t I tell you there’s never a boring moment with them around?” she joked, crossing her arms over her chest. Katie smiled as she watched the three men wrestle each other in the snow. “Yeah. And I hope it stays like this…of course, with Andie included as well” she said in a whisper.

Paris looked over at her and then back at the guys. She smiled before saying, “Yeah…with Andie included."

Davey jumped off another slope and dodged a tree with Alex right behind him. “Try and keep up little brother,” he yelled over his shoulder. “Yeah, yeah. You just watch for those trees,” Alex yelled back.

The two of them continued to race as Paris and Katie stuck to the small slopes. Antony slid over to them and stopped, brushing snow on them. Paris shrieked. “Tony!” she yelled before skiing after him.

Katie smiled and watched as Paris chased after the oldest Fluharty. Ever since Andie left, the two of them had become closer. Antony explained to Paris that he was just worried about Andie getting in too deep with Paris and getting hurt by it, and Paris explained that Andie didn’t even know about her past and that she would never hurt Andie in any way possible.

The both of them had come to an understanding and hoped that when Andie returned, things would only get better. Katie saw Davey skiing up to her and she opened her arms as he slide into them; hugging her around the waist.

“I’m glad they’re getting along,” he mumbled against her winter jacket. She chuckled and looked up at him with his ski goggles on. “Yeah, I am too. When are you going to tell her that you’ve been talking to Andie?” she asked.

Davey shook his head. “Andie told me not to tell her anything. She wants to tell her herself. She’s really changing into a more responsible person you know? Got a job and everything. It’s more like she’s planning for their future together” he said smiling.

Katie got quiet. “Right…planning for the future. Davey, I have to tell you something by the way,” she said shyly. Davey noticed her change in attitude and held her closer. “Are you ok? Whatever you have to tell me, I’ll listen,” he said in concern.

She bit her bottom lip and leaned up on her toes to whisper in his ear. “I’m pregnant,” she said nervously. Davey’s eyes widened before looking down at her. “A-A-Are you sure?” he asked slowly, trying not to scare her.

She nodded. Davey tried to think of why he wasn’t upset or scared or even unease. He felt…fine. Almost normal. Even though they had only been together for a short time, Davey wasn’t scared of this. He had thought of a future with Katie and Katie alone so…why should he be worried?

“Davey? Please say something,” she pleaded, holding onto him tighter, as if she was scared that he would run if she didn’t. Davey smiled at her. “Do you like the last name Squirtle? I mean, if you don’t I could always change it. Squirtle isn’t the ideallast name for you or the baby. I mean, Katie Squirtle? It doesn’t sound very nice” he rambled.

Katie leaned up and pressed her lips against his, stopping him from rambling on any further. “Davey…I love the last name Squirtle” she said, smiling at him.

Alex rode up to them with Paris and Antony behind him. “Hey, what’s going on up here? You don’t get to be a couple when everybody here is single,” he teased. Paris cleared her throat. “Well, when everybody here except Paris is single” he added.

Davey looked over at them and took Katie’s hand. “Um…sorry little brother but I just recently found out I’m going to be a father, so I think that overrules you” he teased. Everybody’s jaw dropped and Paris smiled.

“Oh my God! Katie, are you…you are! I can’t believe it! Um…congrats!” she exclaimed happily. They all congratulated the couple and Davey put his hand on Katie’s stomach. “Things are really looking up this year,” he said to himself.

I pulled my luggage along with me as we headed towards the airport. Dad was right behind me with his own luggage. He seemed kind of on edge and I didn’t blame him. Trying to make something right that had been wrong for eighteen years wasn’t an easy task.

We went through the airport and I handed the flight attendant our tickets. We took our seats and dad looked around nervously. “I hate planes” he groaned, trying to get comfortable in his seat. I laughed. There was no doubt this man was my father.

“Hey Andie? Do you think that um…Tony would be able to forgive me? He was just a child when I left. I’m pretty sure that it was hard for him to understand. Maybe even harder for you. He was 8 and you were 4. I just, can’t believe I could run from you all” he said, hanging his head.

“Dad, whether Tony likes it or not, you’re his father. I had to accept that and I’m sure he’ll accept it as well. The only person you have to worry about is Alex. He never met you and I’m sure it will be harder on him than anyone else” I said, pulling out a magazine.

I smiled when I saw the cover and I handed it over to my father. It was the very magazine Davey had showed me that started this whole journey. “Dad, that’s Paris” I said, pointing to the cover. He took it from me and put his glasses on.

His eyes widened and jaw dropped. “Little Paris? But…she’s…oh Andie. What did you do to the girl?” he said, looking over the cover. I laughed. “Actually dad, this was taken before I met her” I replied, leaning back in my seat.

“I guess the only thing I can say Andie is that, you are one lucky girl” he chuckled. I smirked at him and looked out the window. “Yeah dad. I guess I am,” I said to myself as the plane took off and headed toward home. Hold on Paris. I’m coming.

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