The Runway Queen

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I'll Pay You

Davey pulled the car up to the curb as I watched the other formally dressed people get into limos or wayyy to highly priced cars. Davey got out the car and swung the car keys around on his finger. He leaned on the roof of the car and smirked. "What do ya say we go have some fun?" he asked, arching his brows at me. I arched mine back and chuckled. "I thought this was your fun" I replied. "No. This was the start of it, the fun ends at the pub" he shot back. I smirked. How did I know that he would find some way to go out drinking tonight? "Alright. Let's do it". I opened my side door but just as I was about to get in, I was pushed aside and someone slammed the door shut.

Davey looked at me in shock as he was pulled into the car. I quickly got in the backseat and leaned toward the passenger side. "What the hell is wrong with you? Get the fuck out of my car!" I yelled. "Drive" they mumbled. "What?" Davey asked, leaning over slightly to hear them better. "I said fucking drive!" they screamed. Davey quickly put the keys in the ignition and peeled off on to the street. I was shot back into the backseat and grabbed my seatbelt, pulling it over top of me. "A little warning next time Davey! And you! Who the hell are you? Look, if you're planning to mug us or take our car please do because you will only get $13.47 from me and this car is breaking down anyway, so be my guest" I said in anger.

"I don't want your car! I just…needed to get the hell out of there" they sighed after getting comfortable in my seat. "That's cool and all but there's this thing called a taxi. Usually you tell them where you need to go and they take you there, but don't forget to pay them or they just might drop you off on a curb somewhere in Compton" Davey said sarcastically. I chuckled and the stranger crossed their arms. "I didn't want anyone to notice me, plus…you both seem like nice people," they whispered. "Yeah, but you don't really know us. I mean, we could be rapist and it would be your damn fault for trusting us," I mumbled. Davey reached back to hit me but I quickly moved over and out of the way.

The stranger giggled and pulled back their hood to reveal long sandy blonde hair. Davey's eyes widened and so did mine. We both stared at her for a good minute until a car horn went off in front of us and Davey quickly swerved us back into the right lane. "Eyes on the road!" she yelled in fear. He nodded and mumbled a, "sorry". He pulled over to the side and she looked back and forth between us.

"What?" she shrieked in annoyance. "You're Paris Beaunet" Davey said with no emotion as we both pointed at her. She sighed and nodded at us like we were slow. "Why is Paris Beaunet in your car?" I asked Davey, not taking my eyes off of her. "I don't know. This is weird isn't it?" he asked. "Very weird. Very surreal as well" I replied. "Ok look. I saw you two at the runway show and you were the only ones who weren't fawning over me and trying to act like they gave a damn about what was talked about or where they were. You were being real and I realized that I haven't seen that well…ever. I was kind of surprised that people like you would even be interested in fashion," Paris explained. Davey and I looked back and forth at each there. "" I said slyly, nodding my head up and down and watching as Davey did the same.

Her expression changed to serious quickly. "You came here to look at the tits and ass didn't you?" she asked directly. "Yup. I'm not even gonna lie" Davey replied, pulling the car back off toward the pub. She looked back at me and I looked the other way. "And you?" she asked. "He's my best friend and he had two tickets. Can't go to one of those things alone right?" I replied, trying to avoid the question.

Her eyes narrowed and she looked out the window. Davey made a left turn and I watched as the lights we- "are you gay?" Davey burst out laughing and almost rear-ended somebody. I swear he is a horrible driver. I looked back at Paris. "Didn't we just meet today? You're asking a terrible amount of questions," I said shyly. "Actually Andie it's only been like two" Davey shot back. I gave him a glare and he just chuckled as he stopped at a stop signal.

"Why can't you answer the question?" she asked smartly. Who the hell does she think she is? "I can, I just don't share personal business with people who I met only oh, 3 hours ago!" I replied, leaning back in my seat. "What's your name?" she asked quickly. "Andie" I replied. "Well, isn't your name personal? You just shared personal business with me. Now, was that so hard?" Davey laughed again and smiled over at Paris. "I like her. She's funny," she said, parking the car as we all got out.

"Won't you be noticed here too?" I asked her sarcastically. She rolled her eyes at me and took out a navy blue hat and green contacts. "I have my ways" she replied. I walked over to Davey with my hands in my jacket pocket and he laughed when he saw my facial expression; pissed. "I thought you liked her?" he smirked, throwing his right arm over my shoulder. "That was before she opened her mouth," I mumbled. Paris breezed past me, saying," I heard that" as she went by. Davey laughed again and I put my right hand through my hair again. "This is gonna be a fun night" he exclaimed. I turned around to see where she had went but heard the sound of tires behind me. We both turned at the same time to see a van full of paparazzi jumping out. "Oh hell" Davey groaned.

We sped walked into the pub and I saw Paris ordering a drink. I sat on the stool next to her as Davey went to go talk to Paul the bartender. "Hey, just so you know, I think we were tailed. There's a whole bunch of paparazzi outside and I think it's for you," I informed her. "Fuck" she groaned, putting her glass back on the table. "I didn't think they would follow me," she added. "Why not? You're a famous cover model and you just finished doing a runway show. Plus you're pretty hot shit right now and you thought you could just hop in a car with two complete strangers and nobody would notice?" I said hysterically.

Paris smirked at me and turned so that we were facing each other. "You just called me hot" she said, putting her chin in her right hand and leaning on the table. I blushed slightly and looked away. "No, I said you were pretty hot shit right now. I did not directly say you were hot" I stated, picking up my drink that Davey had ordered while Paris and I were talking. "But you were thinking it." She arched her brows at me and stared into my eyes.

I shook my head and quickly swallowed my drink. "No".

"I think you were."

"Then you thought wrong".

"I saw you looking at me while I was performing".

"A lot of people were looking at you."

"You looked at me differently".

"How so?"

"You wanted me".

"Pffft! Please. Davey wants you, trust me".

"Davey admires me. You want me".

"You don't even know me. We just met. I don't know you and you don't know me".

"What if I said I wanted to know you?"

"I'd say fuck off and stop playing around".

"You have low self esteem".

"Fuck you!"

"Fuck you right back".

I glared at her as she just kept smiling at me. She started laughing and Davey walked over holding a glass. "Hey, sorry to interrupt your fun but you do know that there are a whole bunch of pap's outside right?" he said, as though we haven't noticed this already. "Yeah. I think it's time for us to split. Clock struck twelve and it looks like Cinderella has to return to her glamorous life as a model" I chuckled sarcastically. Paris rolled her eyes. "Either you're drunk or you thought that lame joke was actually funny," she mumbled, hopping off of her stool.

"Whatever. Let's just go". Davey watched us as we walked out but then quickly stopped me. "Wait a minute. Why do we have to leave? We just got here," he asked, setting down his glass of whatever the hell he was drinking. I looked at Paris and then reality hit me. "Yeah! This paparazzi thing has nothing to do with us" I replied smartly. She glared at me but then her eyes widened and a smirk grazed her facial features. She grabbed my wrist and pulled me outside. I glanced back at Davey, whom had a perplexed look on his face as we got to the door.

Paris swung the doors open and looked back and forth for the paparazzi. "What the hell are you doing?" I asked, trying to get my arm back. When she spotted a fairly round man with a camera hanging around his neck, she swung around and grabbed the back of my neck, crashing her lips into mine. My eyes widened as I felt her deepen the kiss, grabbing my arms and wrapping them around my waist. I was so confused. What the hell was she doing? I knew she had something planned as lights went off around us. Her hat fell to the ground as her hair fell around her shoulders.

More paparazzi ran over to us and some people from the pub had run out to see what was going on. Paris let go of me after biting down on my bottom lip with her teeth. She smiled at me and my mouth hung open. She leaned up toward my ear and whispered; "Now it's your problem".

I looked around us and saw the pap's running back to they're van, getting ready to drive off. I quickly detached myself from Paris and ran toward them. "Wait! This isn't what it looks like! She kissed me! I don't even know her! Come back!" I yelled after them but it was too late, they were gone. I heard her giggle behind me and glared over in her direction. She skipped over to me and planted a chastise kiss on my cheek. "Now, take me back to your place and ravish me!" she said sarcastically as she started to laugh. My left eye twitched in annoyance and I grabbed her wrist. "Why did you do that?" I hissed.

"Because I can. Why didn't you just tell me that you were gay?" she shot back. "One, that doesn't make sense and two, it's none of your business if I do. I don't even know you!" I growled. "Well now you do. In the next, oh I don't know, 2 to 5 hours, those pictures are going to be everywhere. So I guess it's my business now" she answered so nonchalantly, as if she didn't have a care in the world. "People are going to think we're together. Does that bother you at all? People will get the wrong idea. Your job or whatever could be at stake" I said, trying to get her to see reason. "Actually this could actually help me get a little bit more notice in the job area but that's not why I did it" she corrected. I let go of her wrist and crossed my arms. "Then why did you?" I asked.

She looked up at me and then down at her feet. "I need your help" she replied in a whisper. I stared at her for a minute and then started laughing. "So, you get me involved in your fucking life? How crazy does that sound?" I yelled. Her expression changed into anger quickly and I flinched. "Look, I needed help and you seem like the only person who can help me. So, I acted without thinking and besides if I hadn't of done that we probably would have never met again." Paris sighed and ran her hand through her hair. I watched as she had some type of inner battle with herself before she must have came to a conclusion because she looked back at me.

"You said I was famous. You were wrong," she said dully. "What?" "I'm not famous. I'm an apprising model on her rise to fame. I've never even done anything like this before. I was so damn nervous on that runway. I didn't know what a cover model was supposed to look like. I had all this pressure on me and I was scared. Then…I saw you. And you looked like you didn't give a shit if I was crawling on that stage. You saw something that the others didn't see" she replied. "A blonde in a sexy swimsuit?" I asked plainly. She rolled her eyes. "No idiot. You saw a girl who was trying her hardest not to screw this up. I knew it as soon as our eyes met during Mrs. Cruise's speech". "Who the hell is Mrs. Cruise?" I asked.

She sighed again and I glared at her. "What?" she snapped. "Stop doing that!" I snapped back. "I'm sorry but this is all pretty hard to explain and you're acting like you weren't just at the same show with me an hour again" she said sarcastically. I ignored her and waited for her to continue. "Anyway, my agent knew the editor. They were friends back in college and I guess she pulled a few strings, showed her a few of my pictures, because the next thing I know I'm headed to Cabo to take some pictures on a beach". My eyes widened and my head snapped toward Davey, whom was drinking inside the pub. "The magazine cover Davey brought home" I said to myself. "What?" she asked, leaning over slightly so she could hear me better. "Nothing. Continue" I replied, waving her off.

"So I started doing more of these cover shots and whenever I was in front of the camera I felt…alive, driven, it was like an adrenaline boost. I loved every second of it. My agent, Elizabeth, she told me that the magazine was going to have a runway show somewhere around August. I wasn't really a runway model but she said that, "It would be a great way to get my name out there". So I did it. I was terrified but I did it". I scoffed. "You didn't look all that terrified on that stage". Her eyes softened and I looked down at her. I suddenly realized the height difference between us at that moment. She had to be at least 3" inches shorter than me. 5' 6". "Really? We had been practicing a lot. I thought that I wasn't doing all that well," she asked, smiling at me like a child who had just been praised by their parent.

I put my hands in my pocket and looked at my feet. "Well, you did pretty good. Davey obviously liked it cause he couldn't stop talking about you". A light went off inside my head and I grabbed her shoulder; startling her a little. "Why didn't you just grab Davey and take him with you? He's the one who's obsessed with you. Not me!" I exclaimed. She frowned and leaned away from me. "Obsessive people are creepy and plus he already knows all about me, I'm guessing" she said, crossing her arms and arching her brows at me. I looked away shyly and scratched the back of my head.

"Not…really". "Yeah whatever. And I grabbed you because of that little comment you made. What was it you said? 'This paparazzi thing has nothing to do with us" she said, smirking as she looked over at me. I glared over at her. "It didn't. You know what, forget this. You're on your own. This still isn't my problem. Fuck those pictures. I'll just tell people I was forced to kiss you and the problem will be solved". I walked toward the door to the pub and op- "I'll pay you!" I turned around and walked back over to her. "How much are we talking here?" I asked quickly. She giggled. "Cheap bastard. Keep in mind that I am an aspiring model. I don't have a lot right now" she replied. "How much?" I repeated. "How about…1,500 a month?" she asked. My jaw dropped and I tried not to start dancing. $1,500 a month! That's like 3 months rent in Davey and mine's shit apartment. Plus Davey would be able to quit his job and find something he likes better! We would be set for a while until we got back on our feet. Hell yeah! "Ok! I'll do it" I exclaimed. "Keep in mind that we do have to become a couple" she said. "Fake couple. And why exactly?" I asked.

"In Hollywood, whoever you're screwing becomes everybody's business. People love love and I want my name out there. We just have to keep this up for a while, maybe a few months, and we could both have what we want by the end of the year" she replied. I arched my brow at her. "Why do you want to become famous so bad?" I asked. She sighed. "Isn't that a bit personal?" she said, mocking me. I rolled my eyes at her. "Whatever. Forget I asked. I'll do it. I don't care about the other stuff," I said. "So you won't be bothered by the paparazzi?" she asked, incredulously. I scoffed. "Hell no. I can handle a few guys with cameras". "And the trips around the world at some point?"

"Hey, who doesn't like that?"

"Being in public together?"

"We're already in public"


"Just talking. No harm, no foul"


"Well, one was already taking so I guess not"

"Touching me?"

I stopped in my tracks and Paris burst out laughing. I glared at her and she started to stop but she bit her lip to keep them in. "I'm sorry but that is a requirement" she said shrugging her shoulders. "As long as you don't have a problem with it. I mean, it's your body" I replied dully. She smirked at me and swayed her hips toward me. "My hot body right?" she said huskily. I pushed my hands against her hips to stop her. "Never said that," I growled. "Oh but you did" she whispered. I ignored her and she started laughing again. "This is fun! I could totally do this for a few months. But…could you handle the other stuff?" she asked, getting quite towards the end.

I raised my head and looked in her direction. "What other stuff?" I asked, arching my brow at her. "You know you will have to kiss me, just like we did a few minutes ago, but you'll have to act like you enjoy it…and vice versa" she replied. I thought about it for a minute and was about to reply but Davey walked, well, tumbled out the pub. "ANDIE!" he yelled. We both looked over at him and I laughed. He stumbled over to me and I grabbed him by his shoulders. "Andie! You've been…talking to sexy out her for". He put his fingers up and looked at them, counting in his head, before he gave up. "A WHILE!" he yelled. I chuckled and Paris laughed as well. "Sexy?" she said in confusion. "Don't ask. Look, Davey and me are a packaged deal. You want me, you got to take him as well," I said. She shrugged. "Wouldn't have it any other way. Besides, he's a lot cooler than you" she said, walking past us. I looked at her incredulously and Davey laughed. "Yeah right!" I shot back. She turned around and looked at us.

"You never answered my question, by the way". I tried to remember what she said and then it hit me again. "Oh yeah um…what the hell. Sure" I said, holding up a drunken Davey. She smiled and took out a very nice looking cell phone. She punched a numbed on the phone and held it up to her ear. "Hello?...yeah Liz, it's me…I'm sorry. I didn't mean to run off like that but I knew you could handle it…I'm on South Barrow and Harper Road…yes, the pub…I'm just here with a few new friends". She winked over at me and I rolled my eyes at her. "Uh huh…yeah, I have something to tell you by the way…I'm sure you'll be happy to hear it…yes it's good news…ok, see you in a few…bye". She hung up and smiled at me.

"Tomorrow at 10am. Can you meet me back here?" she asked. "Who goes to a pub at 10am?" I replied. She ignored me and waited for my reply. "Sure". "Good. We can talk more about this tomorrow. Liz and I will pick you up here" she stated. "Why can't you just come get me at my apartment?" I asked. "Isn't that a little too personal? I mean, you knowing where I live and I knowing where you live? We just met today" she replied, mocking me yet again. "Fuck you" I growled. A limo pulled up in front of the pub and she smiled at me as she opened the door. "Fuck you right back". She got inside and closed the door as the limo rode off.

Davey smiled up at me and I took the car keys from him. "What?" I asked, helping him walk over to the car. "Did I miss something between you and Sexy?" he asked, getting in the passenger seat. I laughed and started the car. "I'll tell you tomorrow morning, when you're more…sober" I replied. He nodded and relaxed against the seat as I pulled out of the parking space. "Am I going to be mad about this or happy?" he asked spacey. I smiled over at him. "You're going to be ecstatic Davey. I promise". I turned on the radio and made a left turn toward our place.

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