The Runway Queen

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Move In With Me

I walked around my apartment wondering if what happened last night had been real. Did I really go to a runway show with Davey last night? Did the hottest model their real stowaway in Davey's car? Had she offered me $1,500 a month to be her fake girlfriend? This all seemed like a dream or a really cheesy Nicholas Sparks' book. I paced back and forth in front of the kitchen and heard the squeaking of stairs behind me. Davey slouched into the room, holding his head and groaning.

"Get me some Advil will ya?" he asked, sitting down at the kitchen table. I nodded and went to the cabinet, pulling out a box and popping one out. I laid it on the kitchen table in front of him and then grabbed a glass; filling it with water. "Why are you pacing around in here?" he asked, swallowing the pill. I looked at him incredulously. "Did you forget what happened last night?" I asked. "Yes I did actually. I have a huge fucking hangover and I ca-Holy shit! We hung out with Paris Beaunet last night!" he yelled, jumping out of the chair and almost knocking it over.

"Uh yeah Squirtle. We did. You were so trashed. Do you even remember going to the runway show?" I asked, pouring me a glass of apple juice from the fridge. "Well yeah, I remember that. But I only remember glimpses of what happened when we hung out. Fill me in" he replied. I leaned against the counter and sighed. "We talked for a while. Paparazzi were following us and she was pretty annoyed by it. I didn't want to leave and neither did you, so she pulled me outside and kissed me in front of all of the pap's," I said, waiting for his reply. He chuckled. "Yeah right. Come on. Stop fucking around and tell me the truth." I pulled out my cell phone and scrolled down to the Internet. Typing in Paris' name and clicking on Google images. Our kiss showed up along with various pictures of her. I clicked on our picture and then "see full size image". I gave Davey my phone and he almost dropped it in shock.

"The hell? Who took these pictures? She actually kissed you! God damn, where the hell was I?" he yelled, looking between the picture and me. "Paparazzi remember? And you were inside drinking yourself into a stupor" I said, drinking more of my apple juice. "Damn. Why'd she kiss you?" he asked, giving me back my cell phone. "Evidently, she's not as famous as I thought she was". "Yeah, she's a new model. That cover that I showed you a few months ago was actually her first shoot. Last night was her very first runway show too. She got discovered around March" Davey said, crossing his arms over his chest.

I sighed. "Then everything she told me last night was true" I mumbled. "She said she needed my help. Said something about, "wanting to get her name out there" and that, "people love love". So, she offered me $1,500 a month to be her fake girlfriend for a while." Davey got quiet and before I knew what was happening, he had me in a full on bear hug. "I knew being your best friend would have it perks! Andie, do you know what this means?" he exclaimed. I smiled at him. "You can quit your job," I said, smirking. "I can quit my job!" he yelled. Davey let me go and ran over to the phone. "I'm calling those pricks right now!" he said from the other room. I remembered something from last night and ran after him. "Wait! I said yes but everything isn't set in stone yet. I'm meeting her today to discuss it some more with her" I said, grabbing the phone from him. "What time are you supposed to meet her?" he asked hysterically. "10 am" I replied. "What time is it now?" he asked. "9:48" I replied. We both stared at each other wide eyed before he pulled me upstairs. "You're not even dressed! Get some proper clothes on and get your ass down to wherever you guys are supposed to meet!" he yelled, pushing me in my room. "Where are we supposed to meet again?" I asked myself, pulling off my black tee shirt and putting on a green Aeropostale shirt. "The pub! Right!" I said.

I quickly took off my pajama pants and put on some blue jeans before putting on my green High School class ring. I pulled on my white Nikes and grabbed my white wool hat from the closet. I ran over to the bathroom and freshened up before knocking on Davey's door. He opened it and looked at me. "What do you think?" I asked. "What is with you and the colors green and white?" he asked harshly. I frowned. "Fuck you. I like green and white. Where are your keys?" I asked. He leaned over to his right and handed them to me. "Thank you" I yelled as I ran down the steps. "Tell her I said hey," he yelled after me. "I sure as hell will not," I said laughing as I closed the door.

I ran to Davey's red Ford Fusion and hopped in the driver's seat, putting the keys in the ignition and pulling off on the road. I looked at the time. 10:07. Fuck me. I turned right onto the main road and made my way toward the pub. I parked Davey's car in the parking lot and hopped out after making sure the doors were locked. I'm not leaving a carthis nice in a pub parking lot unlocked. Oh no no no. I saw a limo drive into the lot and then stop right in front of me. The rear window rolled down to reveal Paris with designer sunglasses on. "You're late" she said, smiling at me.

"How would you know? You just got here, I'm guessing," I said, walking toward her. "It's 10:18. I'm sure I said 10 am last night" she shot back. I just shrugged and looked at her. "So, you gonna let me in or are we going to have this conversation in a parking lot, cause I'm game for that too" I said sarcastically. She rolled her eyes and unlocked the door. I climbed in and closed it shut but before I could say anything two big guys and a woman stared me down.

"Um…hey" I said nervously, arching my brows as I looked at the three of them. "Hello. I'm Elizabeth, Paris's agent, but you can call me Liz," said the woman between the two guys. She had brown hair and brown eyes. She was wearing a tan blouse and a black mini skirt along with 3 inch black heels. She had two earrings in her right ear and one in the left. She looked to be about 30 something. "Hi. I'm guessing you know all about the conversation Paris and I had last night?" I asked, looking at Paris who was watching the cars go by outside her window. "Yes I do. You're full name?"


"You're full name. What is it?"

"Oh. Andrea Fluharty". I heard Paris giggle and I glared at her. Elizabeth or Liz wrote something down in the notebook she was holding.

"How old are you?"

"21" Paris looked over at me with her mouth open in surprise. "You're younger than me?" she asked incredulously. "What? How old are you?" I asked with a frown. "22" she replied, sticking her tongue out at me. I looked away and she laughed. "Don't worry Andie. I've always had a thing for younger women". I looked over at her quickly and pointed an accusing finger at her. "So you're gay? The whole night you were bothering me about my sexual orientation and you so happen to be gay" I said, shaking my head. She smirked. "Is that a problem?" she asked, smiling at me again. I shook my head. "Nope. Not a problem at all. Besides that will probably work in my favor," I mumbled. "I knew it!" she exclaimed. I rolled my eyes at her and looked back at Liz. "What a coincidence, that was my next question" she said, writing in the notebook again.

"Do you have a job?"


"Are you homeless?"

"No. I live in an apartment with my friend, Davey"

"Do you do drugs?"


"Do you drink?"

"Yes," said Paris, answering for me. I looked over at her. "I could have sworn she was asking me questions," I said sarcastically. She looked back out the window and I crossed my arms.

"Do you have children?"


"Were you married once?"


"Are you currently in a relationship?"


"Are you and your family close?"


"Does your family live in California?"


"Does anyone in your family smoke?"


"Do you smoke?"

"On occasion" Paris looked over at me again and I met her gaze. "What?" I asked with a sigh. "Quit" she replied bluntly. "Excuse me?" I asked in annoyance. "Quit" she repeated. "Just…don't do it anymore" she added shyly. Liz nodded and the two big guys next to her nodded as well. "Sure" I said, slightly intimidated. "Anymore questions?" I asked, looking over at Liz.

"Just two, do you know anything about Paris's background and do you commit fully to the deal between you and her?" she asked. I glanced at Paris from my peripheral vision and saw that she was looking out of the window again. "No and yes" I replied. Liz closed her notebook and smiled at me. "Good. Then I believe we are done here". The limo stopped and the two big guys got out of the car, holding the door open for us. Liz stepped out first followed by Paris. I couldn't help but stare at her ass as she went by and then scolding myself for staring too long. I stepped out and looked to see that we were next to the beach. A hugggge beach house was sat in front of me and Liz and the others walked up to it.

I followed behind them like a lost puppy, taking in everything that was around me. "You live here?" I asked incredously. "Kind of. This is Liz's house" Paris replied. I walked inside and looked around. She had a winding staircase that lead to the upstairs and to the right of me must have been a living room because there were chairs and couches sitting inside. I walked around deeper into the house until I felt eyes on me. I whipped around and saw Paris trying to hide the smirk on her face. "We have things to discuss. Come on" she said quickly. I walked behind her and my eyes slowly drifted down her body again. Her long tan legs were shapely and she was wearing shorts that stopped at the cut of her ass. Her waist was curvy and she had on a gray tank top covered by a gray light sweater. Around her neck were various silver necklaces and silver bracelets hung from her wrist. Her sandy blonde hair was down past her shoulders like it was yesterday night and her blue eyes were piercing into mi-. Paris smirked at me and put her arms around my neck.

"Did you just check me out from behind?" she asked smugly. I scoffed. "What? No…I mean…what?...come on, we have to go find…Liz! Yeah that's right, Liz! Come on" I replied nervously. I gently pulled her arms from around my neck and walked outside to where Liz sat beside the pool. Paris was right behind me and I felt her eyes analyzing me. I sighed and a small smile grazed my lips. I sat down in one of the sides at the table on Liz's patio. Oh yeah, she has a pool too if I forgot to add that in. The two big guys were right beside her and they kept giving me "the eye". Liz must have saw me looking at them because she laughed and quickly looked between the three of us.

"Andrea…oh would you rather be called, Andie?" she asked. Paris burst out laughing and I glared at her. "Yeah. Thank you" I replied. "Andie, these two strapping men behind me are your bodyguards. The one to the left of me is Ted and the one to the right of me is Ernie". Ted and Ernie were both wearing the same thing. Black shirt, black pants, black shoes, black shades. I knew there asses were hot. "Nice to meet you both" I said. They nodded at me and sat down.

Liz cleared her throat. "So, here's the deal. Paris is very new to the fashion business and her first runway show ever was only yesterday, plus with the fact that her first photo shoot was in March, she isn't very famous or well known yet. For reasons that you do not need to know yet, Paris needs to become famous very quickly. I got her the cover model job at Platinum magazine but that will not get her very far…that's where you come in" she said. I pointed to myself and she nodded. "Everyone knows that in Hollywood or any entertainment business, sex sells". I coughed and Paris looked over at me and smirked. "Paris needs some notice and the only way to get her more attention at the moment is when she is most noticed". It was all adding up to me now and I nodded. "So, her runway show last night was what started it. Right now, at this moment, she's pretty hot in the fashion world. Adding on to the fact that she's with somebody, people are just going to eat this up and milk out as much of this as they can," I said. Liz smiled at me. "That's the idea. So we need to broadcast this. You and Paris have to be together a lot. Almost to the point where you two are inseparable. Those photos last night were perfect by the way. People are already talking about it". Ted grabbed a bag that was seated in a chair next to him and took out a laptop. He flipped it open and laid it in front of me.

I looked at the screen to see me and Paris's kiss from last night on display. As well as a title called, "Runway Model Ditches After Party to Sneak Off With Mysterious Female". I arched my brows and scrolled down the page to see what was written.

"Last night wasn't just the night were model Paris Beaunet made her introduction as Platinum Magazine's new cover model, but it was also a night Paris snuck off with a mysterious female. Sources say Paris snuck into the car with said female and went to a local pub. Paris and the female, along with another male, went inside for a few drinks. Paris came back outside with the female and kissed her in the parking lot. I don't know about you all but I'm curious as to who has stolen the heart of Paris, nicknamed "the Beauty", Beaunet. Hopefully we will see more of this adorable couple in the next few days to come!'

I leaned back against my chair and took my hat off, running my hand through my hair. Paris looked at me with panic on her face. "I thought you said you could handle this?" she said quickly. I saw the fear etched across her face and I sat up. "I can. I'm just thinking about how fast all this came out. I mean, this happened last night and people are already writing articles about it!" I replied in slight surprise. Liz chuckled. "Welcome to Hollywood. Whatever you do now will probably be someone else's business. Will you be ok with that?" she asked. I nodded. "As long as I get my $1,500 a month I will be," I replied. Reminding them of my money. Liz smiled. "You will be paid. We haven't forgotten your side of the bargain". I nodded and looked over at Paris. "Can I ask you a question?" She looked over at me and nodded.

"You're…'The Beauty' or whatever right? I'm sure thousands of people would be your fake girlfriend for free. So why choose me? The 'mysterious' girl that you just met last night at a runway show, your very first runway show at that?" I asked, putting my hat back on my head. She thought about it for a minute and then sighed. "Because…you were there," she replied. "I thought of this plan as soon as you made that comment at the pub" she added. "You mean when I said, "This has nothing to do with us?" I asked. She nodded. "Everything just hit me at that one moment and like I said, I wasn't thinking, I just acted. You were there and you seemed like the perfect candidate so technically…I didn't choose you. You said the wrong thing, at the wrong time" she replied smugly.

My left eye twitched in annoyance again and I picked her up out of her seat. "Wait! Andie! What are you doing?" she shrieked trying to get out of my arms. "Doing the right thing, at the right time!" I replied smugly. Liz, Ted, and Ernie just watched as I walked over to the pool. I turned back at them. "I won't get in trouble if I throw her in her right?" I asked, making sure there were no outstanding punishments for this. Liz shook her head. "No. Ernie and Ted are here to protect the both of you. They will not harm or lay a finger on you at all" she replied smiling. "Great". I tossed her into the pool with her screaming her head off and I heard Ted and Ernie chuckling. Hey, I guess they really did have souls. Paris resurfaced and glared at me. "I'm going to kill you," she growled. I just burst out laughing and tried to run when she grabbed my shirt but I was too late. I fell backwards into the pool and heard laughing when I resurfaced.

I frowned at Paris and she frowned back. "Well, you started it" she said, sticking out her tongue. I swam at her and she yelped and swam away as I pulled her under with me. We resurfaced and she splashed water in my face. "These clothes cost more than you!" she growled. "Oh, whatever. You can always get some more," I said, swimming around her. She lunged at me and I quickly swam away. "This could work" I heard Liz say. We both stopped swimming and looked at her. "I guarantee it".


Paris and I both had dried off and were now sitting in Liz's living room. She smiled at us as she sipped on her coffee. "Paris, I'm kicking you out," she said dully. Paris's mouth hung open and I looked between them both. I guess Paris had been staying here. "What? Why?" she exclaimed in anger. Liz glanced over at me. "You're going to go stay with your 'girlfriend'. I've already had someone come by and pack your stuff". Paris launched off the couch and ran downstairs to what I guess was her room. This was a big ass house aft- WHAT? "Whoa! Hold on! She's staying with me? Why?" I asked staring at her. "Because this needs to be broadcast as much as possible. Having you two look like a couple in public is one thing but you also have to live like a couple in private. If after one of our "outings" you two go to separate places, people will start thinking that something is going on" she replied, putting down her mug. "Or they will think that I just don't want my girlfriend living at my place with me" I said, hoping she wouldn't make us live together. She smiled. "This needs to be broadcast Andie. I'm sure you understand". I sighed and watched as Paris came back up the steps.

"Everything! Everything is boxed up!" she exclaimed. "Hopefully not cause I don't think everything you have would be able to fit in Davey and me's place…Oh shit! Davey!" I yelled, startling Liz and Paris. "I almost forgot. My roommate remember? Davey? It's his place. I just stay with him. I don't really have any money and I can't just bring someone new into the mix" I said, my arms failing around as I explained it to her. Paris nodded. "Yeah, there probably won't be enough room for me" she agreed. "What kind of bed do you have Andie?" "Queen". "Paris, you're living with Andie." Liz's tone stated that the conversation was over and Paris and I both frowned. This was gonna be a lot harder than I thought.

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