The Runway Queen

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Let's Go For Walk

Paris looked at me from the couch and I glanced at her from over the top of my book. "What?" I asked, putting my book down. "I'm bored" she replied, crawling toward me. I watched her movements and took off my glasses but she grabbed my hand. "No, keep them on. They look good on you," she whispered. I put my book down and watched as she straddled me. "Paris" I groaned, trying to push her off of me. "Shhhh. No no no. Just enjoy it," she whispered in my ear. I heard her purr slightly before I picked her up and dropped her on the couch. She looked at me in shock and I smiled.

"Yeah, you won't be seducing me anytime soon. No matter how hot you are," I said, walking towards the stairs. "So once again, you admit that you think I'm hot". I turned around and sighed. "Half of America thinks you're hot. Why is it so important what I think?" I asked, putting my hands in my pant's pockets. She got up and skipped over to me. "Because you're my girlfriend silly," she replied, giggling as I frowned at the nickname. "First you call me idiot. Now you call me silly" I said, counting them on my finger. "That's because you were acting like an idiot that night" she replied, putting her hands on her hips. "Oh fuck you". "Go right ahead". I frowned at her again and then walked upstairs. "Where are you going?" she yelled after me.

"For a walk" I yelled back dully. "Then I'll come with you!" she said from downstairs. "Please…don't," I mumbled to myself. I went to my dresser and grabbed two white socks, stuffing them on my feet. Then I grabbed my black Adidas that sat in the corner of my room. I put them on and tied the laces. As I walked back downstairs, I saw Paris looking out the window. I had noticed her doing that a lot lately. When we were in the limo that's all she did. Well, when you're in a car with four other people what else is there to do? She must have heard the step squeak beneath me because she turned around and smiled at me.

"Ready to go?" I asked. She nodded and opened the door. "Davey! I'll be back in an hour! I'm taking Paris with me!" I yelled up the stairs. "Have fun!" he yelled back. I smiled and shook my head as I closed the door behind us. Paris was standing on the pavement and when I walked toward her she took my hand. "You're just loving this, aren't you?" I asked, looking down at her. "Why, whatever could you mean?" she replied, putting her left hand up to her chest in mock hurt. I rolled my eyes at her and she swung our hands back and forth as we walked.



"How long have you lived in California?"

"I was born here. My family lives in Avalon"

"Do you see your family a lot?"

"Yeah. I see them every holiday and since my mom is practically Davey's mom too, they're always around"

"Is your mom nice?"

"Hell yeah she's nice. Everyone in my neighborhood calls her 'mom'. She treats everyone like one of her children. Some people hate it but where I'm from, it's rare to find someone who cares like that".

Paris looked down at her feet and I looked over at her. "What about you? How long have you lived in Cali?" I asked. "Same as you. I was born here" she replied sadly. "And your mom?" She was silent for a while and when she didn't speak more about the subject, I changed it.

"So how'd you become a model?"

"Liz. I worked as her assistant for a while and I loved watching the women she worked with. They were all beautiful in someway and I wanted to be just like them. I wanted people to look at me like that and treat me the way they were treated. Little did I know how much work they put into their job. Did you know that I have to exercise everyday…and eat healthy or I'll be bitched at for hours about it? It's very irritating." I laughed at her reply and she laughed with me.

"Tell me more about your family"

"Well, My father bailed when I was about three. Leaving my mom pregnant with two other kids to look after. I haven't seen him since."


"Yeah, you're telling me. I have an older brother named Alex. I think he's 25. And I also have a younger brother named Antony, whose 18".

"Do you get along with your brothers?"

"Yeah. Davey, Antony, and I were practically the three musketeers when we were younger. We did everything together and Davey was always over my house. Antony was so sad when we left for college. He had other friends in all but we had been together since we were in diapers, so it was a little hard for all of us".

"What did you major in college?"


"Film? Like movies and stuff?"

"Yeah. Like movies and stuff".

"Well, why didn't you go on to become a film director?"

"Life. My mom got sick when I was a senior in college. I rushed home to be with her and wouldn't leave her side until she was better. I missed a whole month and a half of class and almost got expelled, but luckily my mom got better and I graduated but just barely. After that…I don't know what happened. I guess I realized that life is too short or some shit like that because the next thing I know I'm headed for New York".

"What did you do in New York?"

"Took a few classes. Made a few short films but nothing big. Stayed there for a while but then I realized I hated it there. So I came back home and when I came back I heard that Davey had returned from college. We met up, had a few drinks and hung out like the old times. He told me he had just brought an apartment with an extra room and I told him that I'd be pleased to fill in that space. I moved in with Davey, couldn't find a job that fit my description, laid around the house for a month, and then…Davey bought home a magazine"

Paris looked over at me and smiled. "What type of magazine?" she asked. I looked away from her in embarrassment. "A Platinum magazine. Some blonde girl in a swimsuit was on the cover and she looked pretty hot. But I brushed her off though" I replied. She gasped. "Why?" she asked, stopping to look at me. I smirked at her. "I don't do blondes" I replied. She slapped my arm and took her hand back. I laughed as she walked off toward the park. "Awww, come on. I was only kidding. Paris!" I ran after her and she took off toward the trees.

I followed her and looked around the trees for her. "Paris, you do know how immature this is right?" I yelled, looking around the area once more. She jumped on my back and I tried to steady myself. "Aren't I older than you Andie?" she said smugly. I growled and pulled her off my back and onto the ground. She laughed as I put my hands on both sides of her head. She smiled up at me and used her right hand to stroke my cheek. "Does your mother know you're gay?" she asked softly. I nodded. "Yes" I replied. She stared into my eyes again and I shivered as blue met green once more.

She wrapped her hand behind my head and pulled my lips down to meet hers. I deepened the kiss and she bought her other hand up to play with the back of my hair. I saw lights flashing around us and opened my right eye to see us surrounded by paparazzi. I groaned and rolled off of her. Paris blushed and jumped off of the ground, grabbing my hand and running back to the park. "These pictures-" "Are gonna be everywhere in the next 2 to 5 hours. I know the drill". She smiled back at me as we walked back home.


I opened the door for us and looked around for Davey. The TV was on and there was a box of pizza on the table. "Is it too much to ask for a home cooked meal?" I asked playfully. "Why? Do you want one?" he yelled from somewhere in the house. Paris laughed from behind me and I glared at her. She just smiled and plopped down on the couch in front of the TV. "Was Paris's stuff delivered?" I asked, walking in the back where his voice came from. "Yeah, they were here a few minutes ago. I just told them to put all her stuff in your room" he answered. I walked in the computer room to see him sealing something up and putting it in a box. "Paris! Your stuff is in my room!" I yelled to her. I heard her run up the steps and I looked back at Davey.

"What are you doing?" I asked, looking over his shoulder at the screen. "Desperate&Horny just brought Paris's napkin for $500. $500 for someone's used napkin! This is crazy!" he replied, laughing. "Ewww. Davey that's disgusting! You can't sell her shit over the Internet to some pervert! You better not put our address on that too" I grimaced. Appalled wasn't even a word I could use to define what he was doing. "I'm not. But look. Someone just gave me $340 for her fork and $230 for her knife" he exclaimed, pointing at the screen. I shook my head and walked away from him. "My mattress better not be sold next" I mumbled.

I walked upstairs to see Paris sitting on my bed. Her stuff was already put away. I guess the people Liz hired must have done it for her. My room didn't even look the same with some of her stuff in there. "This is crazy," I said, collapsing on the bed. She looked over at me. "Who's sleeping where?" she asked quickly. "Um…I guess you can take the floor and-" "Hell no. I am not sleeping on the floor" she interrupted, crossing her arms and arching her brows at me. "Well, then I'll sleep on the fl-" "No. That's not happening either" she interrupted yet again. I glared at her. "Why?" She smiled slyly and crawled on top of me again. "Because I want to sleep with you," she whispered in my ear. I groaned. "Why are you constantly trying to seduce me?" I asked.

"Because it's fun and you're being paid to be my slave," she replied. I looked up at her and arched my brows as well. "I am not your slave!" I growled. "You pretty much are. You pretend to be all mine and I pay you. I'd call that a slave" she said plainly. "I thought you were a model. What happened to the girl who was on stage that night?" I shot back. She smirked at me. "Same girl, different environment. You can take the girl out the streets but you can't take the streets out the girl". I burst out laughing and she looked down at me.

"Since when do you know something about the streets?" I asked, wiping my eyes of tears. "Hey! I can be gangster when I want to be!" She replied, slapping my arm playfully. I laughed again and she started to laugh with me. "Never…again" I said, looking up at her. It was then that I remembered that she was still on top of me. "Get off of me" I said in embarrassment. "Why? You're actually quite comfy". She leaned down toward my right ear. "I think I'd rather sleep on you," she whispered in my ear. "You keep playing and you'll be sleeping downstairs," I whispered back.

She jumped off of me and I laughed again. "You really wanna sleep with me, don't you?" I covered my mouth when I realized what I had just said and she smirked at me. "Well, actually-" "No!" "I was just going to tell you that I-" "No!" "But I wanna tell you what I would do to y-" "No! Stop talking!" She closed her mouth but I could still she the playful glint in her eyes. I got up from the bed and walked towards the door. "I'm gonna go get something to eat". "You could always eat me instead". I growled and took off downstairs, hearing Paris laughing from behind me.

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