The Runway Queen

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I sat next to Davey as we drank out of the two glasses that were in front of us on the table. I kept my eyes on Pete and saw him flirting and dancing with other girls through most of the night. It was like he didn't even know Katie was there!

Davey glared at him and sighed. "A prick like him doesn't deserve a girl like Katie," he mumbled over his glass. I smirked at him and he ignored me as Paris walked over and sat on my lap.

"Ow! Geez, you're kind of heavy," I said, wrapping my arms around her waist and reaching for my glass. She interlocked our fingers and held my hands on her lap.

"No, I'm not. I've been working out non-stop. Which I hate by the way," she grumbled. Katie laughed and looked over at us before focusing on the laptop and turntables in front of her. Paris looked down at Pete from the Dj booth and saw him dancing, but to me practically have sex, with one of the girls below us.

She frowned and looked over at me. Her frown quickly changed into a smirk as she ran her thumb over my knuckles. "Wanna dance with me?" she asked huskily, leaning over to whisper in my ear. I groaned and I heard her giggle.

Davey chuckled beside me and I sent him a glare. "N-N-No. I don't really think I'd be…able to keep up with you" I lied. She arched her brows at me and I smiled nervously at her. "Yes, you can. I saw the way you were dancing out there with Davey. If anything, I probably won't be able to keep up with you," she said.

I sat up and she grabbed my hand, pulling me downstairs and toward the dance floor. "Aw yeah! Get it Andie!" Davey yelled from above me. I flipped him off and he laughed. Katie saw us and smiled. I laughed when she changed the song to 'Love Like This' by Natasha Bedingfield.

Paris smiled at me and pulled my hands around her waist from the back. "You act like you've never danced with a girl before. You're so stiff". I tried to shake off the sexual innuendo there but I couldn't help but laugh a little. She brought her right arm up behind my neck and I held her tighter. Not to close, not to far. We rocked to the rhythm and out of the corner of my eye, I saw Pete wink at me.

I glared at him but he was too focused on the girl on his dick to notice. Paris grinded her ass into me and I groaned and leaned my forehead against her shoulder. "Stop…" I mumbled. She giggled and pressed herself against me again. I grabbed her waist and bit my bottom lip. "Paris…" I warned.

She smiled innocently at me and batted her eyelashes. I laughed and she laughed with me. "I like this. Spending time with you and all. It's relaxing. It's almost like I can be myself around you…or maybe it's the fact that it's so dark in here no one will be able to notice me" she said. I nodded at her.

"Even though I still don't know that much about you and probably never will"

"Why? You can always ask"

"I have a feeling even if I ask, you wouldn't answer"

"Why wouldn't I?"

"Because this isn't real. You don't have to know everything about me and I don't have to know everything about you. It's obvious you want to keep your past a secret"

"I don't really want to keep it as a secret…I just don't like talking about it"

"And I understand that. You don't have to and I won't force you too"

"But you should"

"Why exactly should I?"

"Because that's the only way you'll know. If you don't ask…then I feel as though you don't really care to know the answer"

"Is that why you asked me all those questions about me? Because you wanted to know the answer?"



"Like I told you before at the pub…I want to know you"

I stared at her and she turned around and looked into my eyes. "I love your eyes," she whispered. I smiled and she ran her fingers through my hair. I laid my forehead against her shoulder as she stroked my hair some more. "I like this too" I mumbled against her. I felt her chuckle and she placed a kiss against the top of my head. "Yeah. I know you do".


Davey opened the door for Paris and I as we headed out of the club with Katie behind us. "That…was…amazing Katie. We have to do that again sometime," Paris giggled. Katie nodded her head enthusiastically and leaned over to hug her. "We should. Andie, Davey it was nice seeing you two again" she said smiling at us. "You too" I replied. Davey just nodded and I watched as his eyes lingering around her body. Katie bit her lower lip and looked down at the ground.

"Well, I have a drunk boyfriend to attend too so I guess I'll see you guys later?" she asked. "Definitely" Davey replied. I nudged him and he groaned before heading down the sidewalk toward his car. "Bye Katie!" Paris yelled. "Bye" Katie yelled back as she closed the door to the club.

"I like her. She's really cool. Total Mrs. Squirtle material" I teased. Davey flipped me off and get in the car and Paris and I both laughed at the embarrassment on his face.


"Do we have any milk?"









"We've got turkey"

"Turkey isn't ham. I want some ham. I guess I'm going grocery shopping"

Davey groaned and closed the fridge before sitting down at the table. "We don't have a lot of money right now. When do we get our first check from Liz?" he asked, looking over at me. I took off my reading glasses and rubbed my face. "Thursday" I replied. "What's today?" "Sunday" "Damn it!"

Davey walked out the room and came back with his wallet and his car keys. "You're really going grocery shopping?" I asked in shock. He glared at me and I laughed. "Somebody has too. Plus with Sexy around and eating everything in sight, we need more food". "HEY!" Paris yelled from upstairs.

We both laughed and he walked over to the door. "Drive careful," I said. "I will," he said back. When I heard the door close and Davey driving off, I ran upstairs and threw a protesting Paris over my shoulder before walking back downstairs and into the kitchen.

"Is there a reason for why you threw me over your shoulder and dragged me down here to the kitchen?" she asked, crossing her arms. "Yes. Davey's birthday is tomorrow and I wanna make him some brownies. He hasn't left the house since you arrived and this could be my only shot to make them so we have to be quick" I replied.

"We? I can't cook," she said, pointing at herself. I ran over to the pantry and pulled out the cupcake mix, milk, and eggs I had hidden there. "Can you read?" I asked, setting the ingredients on the table. She glared at me and I chuckled. "Then you can cook," I said, answering my own question.

I pulled out a bowl and poured the brown mix into it. Paris added the right amount of milk and eggs to it and before you know it, we were mixing the stuff together. "Mmmmmm, I love chocolate," she purred. She stuck her finger out toward the bowl but I moved it away.

"The hell you do! You are not getting any of this. These are Davey's brownies!" I growled. She pouted at me and I looked away from her. She leaned over my shoulder and when I wasn't looking, she launched her finger into the bowl and slipped some of the mix on it.

"Paris!" I yelled. She smiled at me and slowly licked the chocolate off of her finger. "Mmmm. Do you want to try some Andie?" she asked, seductively. My jaw dropped and I quickly pulled myself together. "Um…uh no. I'm fine. Don't do that again" I replied nervously. She smirked at me and wrapped her hands around my waist.

I shivered as I felt her hand run over my wrist and stick my own finger into the bowl. She bought the chocolate up to her lips and stared into my eyes as she put my finger into her mouth. She moaned throatily and my eyes widened as I felt her tongue run across my knuckle. I pulled my finger out of her mouth and ran toward the steps.

"Pour the mix into a pan and put the oven on 350! Thanks!" I yelled over my shoulder. I slammed the door to my room and put my hand through my hair as I collapsed on the floor. I heard a knock at the door and groaned before slowly opening it. "Paris, Look I-". She grabbed the back of my neck and crashed our lips together before pushing me back against my bed.


"Milk…milk…milk. Ah, here you are!" Davey said, reaching into the freezer and pulling out the gallon of milk. He put it in her cart and continued pushing it down the aisle. "I can't believe we ran out of milk that fast. I could have sworn Andie brought some at least 3 days ago," he thought to himself.

Davey turned down the bread aisle and picked up the first good-looking loaf he saw before continuing further. He scanned down the different boxes of macaroni and stopped when he heard someone giggle behind him. He turned around and saw Katie looking right at him.

"Hey you! How you've been?" he asked, leaning against his cart. "I've been good. How are Paris, Andie, and you?" she asked. "Never better. As a matter of fact, those two fatties ate all the food up so It's my turn to by groceries…well actually Andie usually buys the groceries but I decided to relieve her of her duties for today" he replied.

Katie laughed and rolled her cart toward his. "I see. So what's it like, leaving with two girls?" she asked. "It's not really that different. Andie and I were practically raised together. I grew up in foster care and my parents didn't really want me. As a matter of fact, I didn't have a name either. When I turned 4 years old, my foster parent asked me what I wanted to be called and I said, Davey, like Davey Crockett, and Squirtle, like the Pokémon off the show? I was really into that at the time and Davey Crockett was the story my foster mom used to read to me all the time" he said, sighing.

Katie's eyes softened and she put her hand on his. "I'm sorry to hear that but…Davey Squirtle? Really?" she asked. He chuckled and she laughed with him. "I was 4. Andie kept saying that if I really didn't like it, I should change it but I didn't have the heart too. I love my 4 year old name" he replied proudly.

She smiled at him as they pushed their carts down the aisle. "So how did you and Andie met?" she asked. "My foster mom died in a car crash when I was 7 and my foster dad couldn't always watch me, so my next door neighbor offered to take me in when he couldn't watch me. Ironically, that just so happened to be Andie's mom. Andie and I were around the same age and we had some of the same likings. We stuck together from day one and we've been friends ever since" he replied, smiling over at her.

She laughed and stopped her cart. "Andie seems like the type to become close with people very quickly. Paris was never the type of person she is when she's with her" Katie said. "Why? Does she act different around us?" Davey asked, arching his eyebrows at her.

"Oh no! She's always been very goofy and carefree but only around people she really knows. It took me months to get her to talk to me and when she's with Andie, it seems like she doesn't have to pretend. Like she can be herself," Katie replied softly. Davey nodded. "That's Andie for you. She is the most complicated character but you give her your heart and she'll give you her's" he replied.

They walked around the rest of the market just talking and laughing together. Little did Davey know what awaited for him when he got home.

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