The Runway Queen

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The 10th Grade Dance

"I'm home!" Davey yelled, closing the door to his apartment. He heard noise upstairs and arched his eyebrows, slowly and carefully walking up the steps. He put the groceries gently down at the top one and tiptoed toward Andie's door. He leaned his right ear against the wood door and could faintly hear moaning.

Davey chuckled quietly and slowly opened the door to look in. "Andie, I knew you would fu…her?" he said in confusion. Paris was tied up in the corner of the room and was groaning and moaning in protest. Andie sat on her bed with her reading glasses on and flipping pages in her book.

"What the hell is going on? Why's Paris tied up?" he asked, pointing to her. "Because she can't keep her fucking hands to herself! Plus, she attacked me! And I didn't want to hear her mouth so I told her not to say a word or she would be sleeping on the couch tonight!" Andie growled, looking up at Davey in anger.

Davey tried to keep a straight face but he burst out laughing and went over to untie Paris. "You gotta ease into things with her. You can't just attack her with everything you've got. Deep down, she's really shy," he whispered. Paris giggled and he took off one of his ties that Andie had used.

"Hey! This is mine!" he yelled, looking over at her. "I needed rope. You're tie was the closest thing to it" she said dully. Davey shook his head and grabbed his bag of groceries on his way down the steps. "Oh yeah! Whatever you've got in the oven is burning," he yelled over his shoulder. "Shit!" Andie screamed, as she ran down the steps and pulled the brownies out of the oven…without a mitt.

"FUCK!" she screamed in pain as she dropped the brownies on the floor. "ANDIE!" Paris and Davey yelled in union. Paris ran toward her from upstairs and Davey came in from the back. Andie was at the sink running cold water on her hands.

"Christ, that hurt! Why the hell did I do that? Dumb ass brownies! Augh my hands!" she yelled out. Paris gently took her wrist and kept her hands under the cool water. "Keep them in there for at least 15 minutes. After that, I'll put something on them and wrap them up, ok?" she asked gently, her tone dripping with worry.

Andie stared into her piercing blue eyes and nodded. Davey just hovered over the both of them, trying to see if his good friend was alright over not. "You're hands look terrible" he said, frowning down at her. Andie glared at her and he flinched, grabbing a broom and dustpan to clean the brown off of the floor.

"Don't touch that pan Davey. It's still hot" Paris told him. He nodded and kept doing his previous task. "Is she going to need anything?" he asked her. "Maybe some aloe gel or some cream. Can you run and get some?" she replied. He nodded. "As long as you're ok right?" he said, looking over at Andie. She flinched slightly but just nodded.

Davey grabbed his keys again and headed out of the door.


My hands were killing me. Fucking killing me. I can't believe I forgot to put on oven mitts. The only thing that was going through my mind was, "Oh shit! The brownies! I can't believe I forgot!" next thing I know, I'm pulling open the oven and using my bare hands like I'm fucking wonder woman. Smart idea Fluharty.

Paris though…she surprised me. She knew exactly what to do. She stayed calm through the whole ordeal. If it was just Davey and I like usual, he would have freaked out and drove me all the way to the hospital. I'm starting to wonder more about her but for now, I'll keep my questions to myself.

My hands were feeling a little better after keeping them under cold water for that long but the stinging pain was still there. "When Davey gets back, we'll put some aloe gel on them. They should feel better after that. Here. Let me see your hands" Paris said, walking back into the room.

I pulled my hands slowly out of the water and she examined them without touching anything but my wrists. "You should be ok. Although, you scared the shit out of me when I heard you screaming. I thought something really bad happened to you," she said softly.

"I didn't mean to worry you but my hands were on fire for like 3 seconds!" I said sarcastically. She rolled her eyes at me and kissed my wrist. "You'll be fine," she mumbled against them. "Why are you always kissing me?" I asked. "I'm just trying to get you prepared for when the big stuff happens" she replied huskily.

I swallowed nervously. "Big stuff? What big stuff?" I asked. She let go of my wrist and winked at me. "That would ruin the surprise now, wouldn't it?" she replied, swaying her hips as she walked upstairs. I gulped again and sat down at the table, gently laying my hands down and staring at the steps. "She's going to be the death of me," I groaned, hitting by head on the table repeatedly.


Davey walked into the Pharmacy and down the aisle, picking up a tube of Aloe gel and walking over to the cashier. "Well, fuck my mother. Look who just came walking in? What's going on Davey? Have fun ogling me girl last night?" the cashier asked. Davey looked up at him and groaned.

"I'd rather not fuck your mother. Two, none of your fucking business, and three, did you have fun picking up every girl you saw last night?" Davey replied, angrily. Pete glared at him from over the counter. "You know, what I do with my women is my business," he growled. "Women? What the hell are you doing with Katie then if you don't wanna be tied down?" Davey said, tossing her Aloe gel on the counter.

"Stability, money, free entry to clubs she works at, great sex. Pick one" he replied smugly. Davey wanted nothing more than to jump over that counter and punch Pete in his smug face…so he did it. Pete fell to the ground, holding his now broken nose and Davey tossed the money on the counter.

"Keep the change bitch," he growled. Pete groaned from on the ground and looked over at the floor. "Just you want. I'm gonna fuck you up Davey" he hissed.


I heard the door open and smiled when Davey closed it behind him. "You know, I bumped into that prick Pete at the Pharmacy? Apparently he works there so I won't be going back anytime soon. Here's your Aloe gel. How are your hands?" he asked. "Ok, I guess. I didn't know he worked there?" I replied. "Yeah. He said, 'the only reason he's with Katie is because she gets him in clubs for free and um…she's good in bed" he said, ending in a slight hurry.

I smirked at him. "Good to know right?" I teased. "Oh fuck you. Just put the Aloe gel on your hands and feel better alright?" Paris came from downstairs and helped me put the gel on my hands; afterwards, she wrapped them up with medical tape and told me not to touch anything.

"Were you a doctor in a past life?" Davey asked sarcastically. I laughed and she looked down at the floor. "Not exactly" she whispered. Her eyes were bleak again. Just like the first time I had met her at the runway show. That seems so long ago but it was only just a few days. What was she hiding from me? I shouldn't worry about it. I keep reminding myself constantly that this is all fact and that I shouldn't care what goes on in her life…but I do. I care more about Paris each and everyday and the sad part is, I don't have a problem with it at all.

"Hey Andie. You're mom left a message on the phone" Davey said, pulling me out of my thoughts. He hit a number on the phone and held it up to my ear. I placed the phone against my shoulder and right ear and listened to my mother's soft voice.

Andrea Ra'chel Fluharty! Why is it that there is a picture of you and this 'Paris' in a park together kissing? And there's also a picture of you two and Davey leaving from a club! You need to bring her over to meet me now…not two days from now, now Andrea! I'll see you when you get here. Love you.

I groaned and dropped the phone on the table. "Andie, come on! We can't afford to buy another one of these…again!" he barked, reminding me of the first and second time I had broken the phone. I stood up and walked over to Davey. "I need your keys," I said in annoyance.

He looked at me in confusion. "Why? You can't drive like that," he said, pointing at my hands. "I'm not. I'm giving directions to Paris. My mom wants to meet her…now" I groaned. Davey smirked at me and handed Paris his keys. "Be respectful to her and she'll show you the same respect. Don't worry. She's real cool," he said, laughing at my embarrassment.

"You're mom wants to meet me? Does she know about our agreement?" Paris asked. "No, and I'd like to keep it that way for now. Come on. If I don't go now she'll bitch at me later". Paris followed me out the door and we got into Davey's car and headed toward my old home.


"How long have you two been together?"

"2 weeks"

"Where did you meet?"

"At the pub"


"Really mom. Usually I don't pick girls up at the pub but…things were different this time"

"Do you have children Paris?"

"No. But I do plan on having them someday"

"That's nice to know. I want grandchildren someday as well"

I coughed and Paris and my mother both looked at me. "Don't you think it's a little to early to be talking about children? Like, way early? We just met 2 weeks ago! We gotta take things slow" I replied, shyly. "I'm just making sure she knows what she's getting herself into. My daughter is a very complicated person. Which I'm sure you already know by now?" she said, looking over at Paris.

"Oh, trust me. I know" Paris agreed as she smirked at me. I ran my hand down my face and they both laughed. "You know, when she was 8 years old, Andie went out with Davey," my mother said. Paris gasped and looked over at me. I just sat there with my arms crossed and nodded.

"How long did that last?"

"A day. Andie realized they were better as friends and to this day they still don't talk about the 24 hours when they were together, isn't that right Andie?" she teased. "Mom, you can't count that. I was 8! Davey and I didn't even know what boyfriends and girlfriends even did at that age. We thought that boyfriends and girlfriends just hung out like we did so we decided to get together…but it was pointless because we were, like you said, better as friends" I said in my defense.

"Oh! Or even better, that one time when you admitted your feelings to Ashley". My body heat started to rise and I looked at the floor in embarrassment. Paris smiled over at me. "Whose Ashley?" she asked in excitement. My mom smiled at her. She seemed more than overjoyed to embarrass the living hell out of my today.

"Ashley, was Andie's first crush. She would talk about her 24/7 and this was when she was around 14. Ashley lived down the street from us and she used to come around to play with Alex, even though Andie, Davey, and her were the same age. Anyway, Andie walked in on her changing one day and, being the shy and nervous child that she is, turned into a stuttering mess in front of her. Ashley was so sweet. She didn't even mind the fact that Andie had just momentarily embarrassed herself"

Paris burst out laughing and so did my mom. I got up and grabbed a beer out of the fridge. This was gonna be a long evening for me. "So Andie and Ashley started spending more time together to the point that they were practically inseparable. Lucky, Davey had his own girlfriend back then and didn't mind the fact that his best friend wasn't around as much. But at the 10th grade dance was when everything changed".

Paris gasped and looked over at me in mock suspense. "Isn't that what Davey was talking about?" I just nodded and tried to sink into my seat. "Davey and his girlfriend broke up, so Andie offered to go with him as a friend. Well, when Andie got there, she saw Ashley and the two of them spent the whole night together and Davey spent the whole night trying to get his girl back. A song came on that was apparently Ashley's favorite song…so Andie jumps on stage, takes the mic, and starts singing it to her in front of everyone! Needless to say, after she finished the song, she was extremely embarrassed and ran out of the gym. Davey went to go comfort her and he actually saw her crying!"

Paris looked over at me again and I bit my lower lip and bounced my leg up and down to keep my sanity. "Why is that so important?" she asked. "Andie has only cried twice in her life. When she was a baby…and when her father left. So seeing her cry over a girl was just the sweetest most sensitive thing to me" my mother put her hand over her heart and squeezed my cheeks. I pulled away from her hand and she laughed.

"What happened after that?" Paris asked, wanting to hear the rest of the story. "Well, Ashley walked out of the gym and storms over to her. Andie thought she was upset so she ran out of the building with Ashley chasing behind her. They both stopped running at the park four blocks down from here and Ashley walks over to Andie and says". My mom looks over at me and I roll my eyes. "Andie, stop. There's something you need to know," I mumbled.

She smiles at me and I avoid her gaze. "Andie turns around and says, 'What?' just as Ashley pulls her into a kiss and tells her she loves her. She came running home after that and told me the whole story. That was the moment when I realized that Andie isn't as cold as she pretends to be. She's as soft and fragile as any other human being," she teases.

"Awwww. So did you two get together?" Paris asks, smiling at me as she leans her arm against the table. I sighed. "For awhile, yes. She moved when I went to 12th grade. We were together for 1 year, 7 months, and 4 days before her parents took her to live in Texas" I replied dully.

Paris stared into my eyes again and frowns. "Wow. You must have been really hung up over her. I'm sorry to hear that" she said in genuine concern. I shrugged. "People move. Things happen". My mom shook her head. "Paris…I believe you could be Ashley. It just takes patience and a whole lot of perseverance," she said. Paris just nodded at her but she kept her eyes on me.

She slowly leaned over and whispered, "My father died when I was 7" in my ear. My eyes widened at her and she looked down at the table and gently ran her finger around my wrist. "You told me something about your past. It's only fair that I share mine," she answered softly. I stared at her and then looked down at her finger as it grazed over my warm flesh.

I was getting somewhere with her, too bad that I don't know where exactly. "Oh yeah! Andrea! What happened to your hands?"

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