Stranger Danger

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"You promised me we'd get married when you turn 21. Happy birthday" He whispers the last part before getting to his feet and exiting the shop. You don't know what just happened. But one thing sure did cause you to feel a cold shiver to run down your spine. 'H-how did he know it was my birthday?' ↬ a story by @LaikaTaehyung cover by me

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We were young and rather said, immature and inexperienced when it had first occurred. When you think on it now you didn’t know why, but you don’t recall any of it. Why you may ask? You don’t know... Was it just one if those childish promises children made when they were too young to even understand what weight the promise actually held?

You brushed aside the the feelings of guilt that had been building up, these feelings were distracting you from what really mattered. What you wanted right now more than anything is to pursue your ultimate dream job at the hospital so that one day you would be accepted as a full-time employee and help those who are injured get well again.

In order to make your dream a reality, you moved away from your hometown of Seoul. You were seven years old when you had moved and to be honest it was frightening at first, but you had quickly adapted. Currently you're twenty and as of tomorrow will officially be twenty-one years old.

You got transferred back to Seoul from one of the best hospitals in America. You found the best hospital in Seoul and quickly sent in the job application. Due to your skills and expertise you were hired on the spot. You were so excited to get hired that you thought nothing could possibly go wrong. What you didn’t expect nor prepare for was what waiting for you when you had arrived.


You walked the streets of Seoul with some groceries in hand, happy with the affordable apartment you got. You had finally settled down in your apartment yesterday and had a whole day to kill, so you took the opportunity to walk around town.

Your eyes wandered off, sketching the area piece by piece before landing on a cafe. It seemed like a good time for a break so you crossed the street carefully before entering the shop. You were greeted politely and guided to sit at a table near the window. You scanned the menu in search of your favorite parfait. You smiled at yourself once your eyes latched on what you had searched for.

“F/p” You said genuinely, as they smiled in return. They wrote down your order on a small brown notebook before walking off. Simple as that. No interactions whatsoever, which you enjoyed. You took my phone out when it vibrated signaling you had gotten a message.

Checking your messages, smiling to yourself as you saw it was from your mother.

Y/n ahh~ Why didn’t you text me when you got there? Were you busy unpacking?

Eomma, I was busy! I actually do have to go now, getting that dream job! Saranghaeyo!

You chuckled at the texts, your mother was one of your greatest supporters and the absolute best. You couldn’t have done this without her help and encouragement.

You lost your train of thoughts when the waiter placed your parfait down on the table besides you.

“Kamshabnida~” You smiled as they bowed in courtesy. As soon as they left you took the spoon from the top of the parfait and started to eat. “Mhmmm~” You hummed in delight, taking in the flavor from the f/p. You instantly melted on contact.

You looked up from your parfait and to your surprise you locked eyes with a black haired male. His eyes seemed as if they were made of steel. Brown chocolate orbs shining as the light above him caused them to glisten. His earrings shimmered in the light.

Who was he? You gasped in shock as you saw a smirk plastered on his lips as he continued to stare at you, not once removing eye contact. You started to feel anxious so you quickly finished your parfait before paying and exiting out of that shop.

Boy that was creepy! You quickly walked away from there and decided to continue on your journey around Seoul.


You didn’t think you’d get home late so you took a quick shower and placed on your pajamas before tucking yourself into the comforts of your bed. The interaction between you and the stranger was nothing more than a dream that will be forgotten once you wake up...

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