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"She wants a happy ending, He wants her happy ending to be HIS." "She is too innocent to my good, He is too dangerous to my good." "She is an angel to my darkness, He is evil to my fear's." "She is beautiful to my sinful eyes, He is a mystery to my brown eyes." "Her eyes light up when she sees me, His eyes shine when he sees me." "She wants a happy ending, He wants her happy ending to be HIS." Zachariah Cyrus Weinburg and Isabelle Faye Edward Billionaires series: two Standalone novel.

Romance / Adventure
Varsha Chindam
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Before getting into the chapter; Thank you for choosing this book but I am really sorry because the book is unedited! if you find errors I am sorry but please don't judge it as it is an unedited version.
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"I don't want someone to question me about your sullen face, smile for fuck's sake," my dad muttered angrily.
I looked at him before mustering a huge fake ass smile on my face, I looked at the people who are joining the party. I smiled at those who congratulated on my graduation. I can't believe my own father did this to me, I mean how can he just decide my future. I looked at the man whom I am going to marry. He is busy flirting with my step-sister.
I looked around hoping someone would just come up to me and say "hey Isabelle you are daydreaming," but I know that is not going to happen because it's a reality.
I know I'm never gonna experience about love, how it feels to have a boyfriend, how it feels knowing someone loves you and cares for you so much, I know I am never gonna have those love dates which I would dream of.
I looked around the hall to see all the fake faces who are acting as if they are happy to be here, in reality, they really don't care whose party or event they are attending until unless they show off their costly dresses and newly imported jewellery and bags.
I just hope that it ends soon, I really want my room and the comfortable bed where I would sleep without any care. I never wanted to be here, I never wanted to marry the bastard beside me who is for sure gonna fuck my step sister tonight. I don't understand if they really like each other why they don't marry each other? why me?
They just met and decided I'm very perfect for his son who is a bitch in the country. Thank god he didn't put a ring on my finger. If he did I would have died there itself.
I never liked the parties or events which my father throws, that's the reason I never attend them making excuses like exams or faking sick. But today I couldn't make any excuse as this party is held for a reason and I'm the main character of this family drama event. I never know the reason behind this event until my father announced it in front of everyone. The heels were killing my feet I just wanna leave this party as soon as possible.
"Dave, tell her to behave." my stepmother whispered to my dad by which he pinched me hard.
My stepmother and stepsister, they never liked me at all, they think I'm the unwanted garbage on their heads, seriously saying I too feel the same but I couldn't run away from them as my family holds a high reputation in the society.
My parents had an arranged marriage which my father never liked and he never loved my mom. My mom died when I was six years old in a car accident, then my father married my evil of a stepmother who was his fling. Everyone believes I'm the elder one but the truth is I'm four months younger than my stepsister Sara. He cheated my mom, I loved her so much; I still do. She was the only one who loved me in this world. She was the person who took care of me and attended all my school events. My father never really cared about me, he was busy loving and caring for his second home(caroline and Sara).
I always stayed in my room, never went out of my room when they are home, which they mostly don't as the mother and daughter always go on a trip saying or hashtagging it as "family time".
I was always under the care of my nanny who is a sweet old lady who is more like my mum than a nanny. But now she went away to live with her family who stays overseas.
"Father, can I go home, I feel like I'm having a headache." I told to my father. He gave me a dead look before cruising saying how I make him angry and bad in society.
"Go, I will tell everyone that you are having a dinner date with mick." my dad said and my mood dropped off. He turned to his left side and called mick; told something to him.
Mick started walking towards the back exit I followed him as he is the one who is going to drop me off. When we reached the empty private parking lot he stooped and turned around.
"If you are interested in me, you could have told me." he said arrogantly.
"Excuse me?" I said not understanding.
"Don't act all innocent if you really thought of having sex with me then listen I don't fuck ugly duckling like you." he said and my jaw dropped, who the fuck he thinks himself of. Before I could say anything I saw Sara walking towards us.
"Go wherever you want to, I don't care. I'm going out with the hot lady of the night." he said kissing Sara in front of me and they made their way towards his car.
Sara gave me a smirk mouthing better luck next time, leaving me in the empty parking lot.
Now I can't go back to the party knowing my father would kill me and secondly I'm starving, I don't know how to go back home and it's past midnight for god's sake!!!!
And this dress, I never wore dresses like this but the evil of the house; made me wear, it is a backless dress. I shivered as the cold wind hit my skin. I gritted my teeth together in annoyance and anger.
I turned around to see-see a man watching me, I blinked my eyes before looking at him, he is a good few feet away from me. No doubt that he saw everything which happened here.
He is leaning against his car with a cigarette in between his lips, my eyes ranked his figure, he was dressed in a black t-shirt, black jeans and a black jacket. My eyes finally met his blue eyes, his eyes were narrowed on me like he is studying me. I studied him for a while with my own narrow eyes.
He stood straight, my eyes slightly widen looking at his height. That man is a gaint compared to all the men I met in my life till date. He started walking towards where I stood. I blinked my eyes as I don't know what to do. Whether I should run or stay rooted.
When he reached me, he stood straight looking down at me, Woah man! I wore five-inch heel still you are looking down at me.
"What are you doing here, don't you know it's past mid-night kitten." he said making me angry. who the hell he is to call me kitten.
"And who are you to tell me, mister?" I asked him.
He chuckled and took a puff of his cigarette before saying "you do know how to speak."
I looked here and there before I saw his face again who is now smirking, god don't tell me I'm drolling
"What?!" I asked him.
"Come." he said turning around and pulling out his car keys. I stood where I was, I didn't follow him as he said. He turned around probably knowing I'm not following him, he raised his perfectly shaped brow.
"I don't know who are you and you expect me to come with you?" I said.
"Then what you gonna do, wait for your dickhead boyfriend who left you?" he said in his hot accent.
"You may be a rapist or a killer." I said. Not caring the fact that he called mick as my boyfriend. He laughed, he laughed so loud, I looked at him not knowing what to do. But he looked more and more handsome when he laughed.
"Yo-you think I'm gonna rape you? trust me kitten, girls fall on my feet and I don't rape girls." he said suddenly every trace of amusement left his tone and replaced by seriousness.
I thought for a while, if father or that evil or anyone sees me here they will start saying something or the other. I don't wanna hear another shitload. I looked at him who is now waiting for me, he may be stranger, yeah yeah!! a hot stranger, it doesn't hurt right taking help from him. I prayed to Jesus as I'm going to take help from the hot stranger who stood in front of me.
I walked towards him and now his car got my full attention, this model is the same Mercedes-Benz which Sara is asking father to buy her, it is the limited edition. The car looked and screamed power like the owner of the car. He opened the car door for me.
I sat down and put the seat belt looking and observing the car interior, the stranger whose name I still don't know got into the car and accelerated forward making a roar oof sound which resounded in this empty parking space.
In seconds we are on the road, the roads looked empty and lonely with a long road ahead of us. Many thoughts and things were running in my mind.
"I'm I really going to marry that person?" I questioned myself.
"Mick white is really your boyfriend?" the stranger asked me.
I looked at him not knowing what to answer him, well, I am not going to see him in the future. He is just here helping me out that's it.
"He is not my boyfriend and never was, but soon to be my husband." I replied withsdness laced in my tone.
When I didn't get a response I turned to his side to see him. he was in deep thought.
"What's your name?" I asked him.
He turned his face towards me "Cyrus" he said.
"I'm Isabelle," I said not knowing whether he knows my name or not.
"And I thought your name is kitten." he said with a smirk. I turned my face and looked out of the window at the trees, cyrus I said to myself.
He probably knows my father if he knows Mick full name, he must have attended the party and probably leaving the party when he saw us. I removed my heels and massaged my feet because they hurt.
"Can you stop when you see subway or pizza hut." I said.
"Didn't you eat anything?" he asked me.
"If I ate why would I ask you to stop." I said getting anger I really need food in my system.
I really don't understand what I'm doing here sitting in some strangers car and asking him to stop for food, I guess this whole day is weird; firstly I came to know that I'm going to marry Mick and then I met this hot stranger then I'm sitting in his car. I don't know what is going to happen next.
"What you do?" I asked him.
He looked at me "not that important which you have to know," he said.
I looked at him with an eww face " I just asked you about what you do, not to give your assets." I said.
He stopped near a small cafe. "step out," he said.
"Why so rude?" I asked him, in return I just got a blank face. I didn't dare to put my heels back, so I looked back to see if he have anything and to my luck, there are a pair of flip-flops. I thought for a second to put it on or leave it.
Ah, he is not going to know if I wore his flip-flops or not, my dress is long enough to cover my feet. I quickly put on his flip-flops before opening the car door. He stood there with his hands in his pockets and looking at the girls who are giggling and looking at him.
I started walking towards the cafe door, his flip-flops are too big for me, but they are so much better than those dead heels.
When he saw me, he walked back to me. When I opened the door of the cafe, I heard the sound of bells jingling. The cafe is warm and cosy, I walked towards the corner table.
Cyrus came and sat opposite to me looking at the paintings, a waitress came and asked if we are ready to order or not.
I ordered chicken pasta and a water bottle, he didn't order anything. I looked at my phone to see I got a new message when I opened it, it was from Sara. Its a snap of her and mike. I frowned before saying whatever.
I sent a snap of my middle finger, satisfied when I got an anger emoji from her. I went through my message feed and insta feed, seeing all the college mates enjoying their nights with their loved ones which made me sad. I quickly put my phone inside my purse and looked up to see Cyrus who is now seriously observing me.
Something about him says to stay away from him, I mean his aura screams danger, and the way he always smokes. I observed the whole one hour he smoked like seven cigarettes. I just wish for the night to end, dang! I really miss my bed now.
The food came and I happily took a spoonful of my food and god!! it tasted heaven, remember me to give five stars to this cafe, I thought.
I didn't talk with cyrus I mean who will? he is strange and this is the first time I met him and to add he helped me out which I still don't get it. when I was done with my food, I was ready to pay but this god-like human already paid which made me frown.
"I already know you are a kitten, now there is no need of frown on your pretty cute face." he said.
I gave him the location of my father's huge mansion. "Are you my father's business partner?" I asked him.
He smirked "for your question nah kitten we are not, we are what you people would say, we are more than partners," he said.
"Ooh," I said making O shape with my mouth.
I was sleepy as that now my stomach is full, I closed my eyes leaning against the seat.
"Isabelle, Isabelle" someone called shaking my shoulders. I opened my eyes to see cyrus face which is way too close to mine, my eyes widen and I pushed him off before sitting up straight.
"Your house." he said. I looked out the window to see we are in front of my house.
"Thank you." I said removing my seatbelt and opening the door.
I looked at his beautiful face once before getting out of his car. He was looking at me keenly while I was walking towards the gate. He didn't go away until the gates opened. I looked back to see him, he has a different expression on his face making me wonder what's going on in his mind.
I gave him a smile before waving my hand, I bet I saw him smile before he stormed away in his car. I don't know if we are going to meet again or not. If I'm going to meet him before marriage or not.
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