His African Princess

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My love, my crush, or as some would call him, Demitri. High school is now coming to an end and I must confess, I . . .

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Bree Arceneaux
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Chapter 1

Dear Isai,

High school is now coming to an end, and I must confess, I’ve had a crush on you since you’ve struck me with your arrow. They were covered in the love you had accidentally struck into my heart. Ever since you were making couples at our high school fall for each other.I accidentally got in the way of one of your arrows and turned to see why I was being touched.I saw the most beautiful creature, the most elegant being, the tallest figure, I saw you.

From your beautiful curly hair that started off as a beautiful brown going onto a golden brown to your perfectly pearly white wings. It turns out you accidentally left your beautiful feathers all over the place. I continuously collected them to have a keepsake when you left me . . . I love all of you.

We’ve worked on projects together, played games; we were best friends. But I had to resist the sudden urges I had to rip your clothes off your body every time I saw you.I don’t know if it was because of the fact that you shot me with your beautifully golden arrows or because you had stolen my heart.Because the urges were too much to bear. The only way I could communicate with you without doing something I would regret was through this letter.

I would catch you staring at me from afar; that look in your eye told me that you didn’t want me to notice you. You gave me signs; I never knew what to do with them. Was I supposed to ignore it or stare back at you?

Ignoring you would only make you persistent and continue staring and staring back would make you hide your beautiful orbs from me. Though I longed to see them, you would deny me access to them. I could never ask but why? Why would you reject me of those beautiful hazel eyes?

My eyes wandered to other places, though I longed to stare at you. You would be cool and act like everything was normal but other times you would hold me by my neck slightly, kissing me like that was the only thing you could do.

I would dream of you constantly, for anytime I would try to dream of something else, you attacked my mind. Never leaving me alone. Only watching me do some embarrassing act like wining or uncontrollably, desirably making out with you from the corner. I would raise my eyes from the situation to see you staring back at me. I knew you weren’t actually there, that you weren’t actually staring at me, but it felt so real.

The lust in your eyes from when you would kiss me . . . I never knew that you held such an emotion. The way your beautiful hazel eyes stared at me with such deep emotion, I had no idea what to do. Never knew you could do that . . . that thing you did with your eyes, the way they stared at me. Like they needed me. Like they wanted me with the same intensity that I wanted you.

I could notice little things that most wouldn’t notice about you. Like when you’re sad; your eyes get a darker shade and you would always twitch your fingers.When you’re happy, your dimples poke out and your eyes brighten.When you’re annoyed, your face turns a slight red and your dimples appear. And when you’re flirtatious, a look I know so very well, you show your pearly whites and slightly lift your eyebrows, your dimples invitingly exposed.

I can’t get you out of my head. The dreams you would constantly attack, the way you would constantly bring me out of my comfort zone, I didn’t know what to do.You always knew what to say, always knew what to do, you are perfect.

I love you. More than you could possibly understand. And not because you struck me with your arrows, it was because you were there for me. When I got drunk because of a party you dragged me to, or when I would be confronted by your jealous fans, you were there. To tell me that those girls were wrong when they called me a whore. To help me when I was drunk and spilling my emotions about you. To not make it seem awkward when I said those things. You were there.

I love you because your kisses ignite me with a feeling I can’t explain. A feeling that could never go unheard. A feeling that makes me want to rip your clothes off your sensual body. Make me want to let you control me, bend me to your will.

I love you.

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