The Unintentional Collision (BOOK1)

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Lillian Livingston (23), is an independent, well mannered, beautiful and an innocent girl who has life planned out perfectly. She wants nothing more than a peaceful and happy life. But that seems impossible when an unintentional collision takes place with a stranger. William Stock (25), is a cold-hearted, workaholic, arrogant and complicated guy who comes across a girl that dares to question him. He is known as a person who believes timing is everything, but everything seems to change, when two worlds collide. Will the fire between them destroy everything, or will it create something beautiful that will last for eternity?

Romance / Mystery
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PROLOGUE: How It All Began...

Unintentional collision. When we pass by someone or bump into them, we say sorry and never see each other again. Right? Well, yes. But there are times when we see that person again, and those meeting are usually pleasant ones.
Those meetings often turn into friendship or something more than friendship, but that was not the case in my situation.

Let me introduce myself.
I’m Lilly Livingston, but call me Lilly. I had my life planned out perfectly. I had an amazing boyfriend. I had a nice job at a café. I had an amazing boss, who was even my best friend. Everything was on a roll! Well it was, until the unintentional collision with a stranger.
A stranger that I didn’t expect to see ever again. But, looks like our fates had other plans. I end up working at his company and somehow manage to become part of his crazy and adventurous life.

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