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10. Flirt?!


The intercom beeped and a very pissed off voice ordered with a deep voice.

“Coffee in my office now!”

Well I guess I better get going before his blood boils and spits all his anger out on me. After all, he can only think of me when it comes to throwing his anger on.

As fast as I can I made my way towards the cafeteria to get his coffee.


He has no mercy. He’s really a bastard!

Quickening my pace I entered the café and waited the machine to finish pouring coffee in the mug, but I soon noticed Branden entering at the same time and before I could look away he locked his eyes with mine and sent a small smile which I returned.

“Erm hey” he spoke up while scratching the back of his neck.

“H-hey” oh wow Lilly, why the hell are you stuttering now? Before the situation could be any more awkward I spoke up before he could. “Look Branden I’m really sorry about before-”

“Why are you saying sorry?” He interrupted. “Actually I should be sorry I just left..”

“No no it’s fine. That’s how intimidating Mr Stock’s gaze could be?” I said with a small laugh which made him release a laugh as well.

“By the way you look pretty.” He complimented with a grin making my cheeks to turn a tiny shade of pink.

“T-thanks. Erm you too.” Which caused him to raise a brow.

“I look pretty?..” he questioned with a brow still raised, causing my cheeks to turn bright pink due to the embarrassment.

“N-no I m-meant...erm..” I stammered making him release a chuckle.

“I’m kidding. I already know that I’m quite handsome.” He said with a smirk.

I narrowed my eyes at him and said: “you’re so full of yourself.” And suddenly realisation hit me. I had to get him his coffee!

Noticing my wide eyes Brendan spoke up with a worried expression. “Hey what wrong? Are you ok?”

“Yeah yeah I’m fine, for now... actually I had to give Mr Stock his coffee. I’m sorry but I really have to get going. He’s probably fuming right now.” I ranted on while picking up the mug.

“Hey it’s fine. You go ahead.”

I have gave him a apologetic look and turned around and ran towards the elevator and made my way to our floor.

Our floor. Our sounds so good.
What the hell! not the time Lilly, get a grip and hurry!

While fighting with my inner voice I finally made it in front of his office door. However, since I was late I was afraid of his reaction.

Will he ask to stay back for extra hours? Will he make me go down again? Will he reduce my salary? Will he even fire me?!

So many thoughts were making their way towards my head clouding my head preventing me from thinking straight that I hadn’t realised that the bastard himself was waiting in front of me while keeping the door open.

I looked up saw a very, VERY annoyed and fumming bastard standing in front of me.

When he turned and let the door slam shut in front of my terror filled face I visibly gulped and turned to have a look at Eva who sent me a sympathetic look.

Turning the handle I pushed the heavy door open and slowly made my way towards the table. My heels clicking against the wood could be heard.

Click! Click!

I took the first two steps entering his office and immediately the cold atmosphere caused fear to creep up to me.

Click! Click!

Taking another two steps cautiously I wondered why he was so pissed.

Click! Click!

Taking another two steps I interrogated myself if I did anything wrong? Something that would possibly cost me my job? But I couldn’t possibly do anything wrong. I hardly saw him today.

Click! Click!

Taking the last two steps I reached to his desk and set the mug on his glass table. Although I shouldn’t have I looked up and immediately my hazel eyes locked with the blue ones making me lose my mind.. again!

“C-coffee s-sir.” Oh wow Lilly. Can’t you even say a sentence in front of him without stammering?!

He calmly walked from the enormous glass window and walked in front of me. Standing only inches away from m face causing me to react by stepping back. Eventually it led my back to hit the closed door.

He was still standing in front of me, only few inches away. My breath hitched as he leaned forward and asked “where were you?” Which was a stupid question as he was the one that asked for a coffee.

“T-to get your c-coffee.”

“Don’t. Test. My. Patience.” He said whilst gritting his teeth in anger.
“What the hell took you so long!” He yelled causing my breath to become heavy and uneven and soon realise what he’s talking about.

“I-i was g-getting y-your coffee a-and I-I found B-I mean M-mr black a-and he w-was talking t-to m-me.” I let out a silent breath after stuttering so much.

“Well in that case you could have excused yourself and said that you’re at work. You are definitely not hired to flirt!" He semi yelled.

What the hell! Flirt?!... seriously!!What’s wrong with him?! What’s it with him who I talk with.

While I was busy having a inner conflict that was caused by someone I stared at him with wide eyes while they were locked with his blue ones.

Knock! Knock!

The loud knock on the door bought me back to reality causing me to jump on my spot, but since I was a caged in by two masculine arms I couldn’t move however soon he released me and walked over to his desk avoiding eye contact. Stumbling out of his office without asking for permission I hurriedly made my way towards my office.

What’s wrong with him? How dare he call me a flirt! If just talking with your co-workers is called ‘flirting’ I wonder how else are you supposed to communicate with each other.

He’s seriously a bastard!

No! Correction: He’s seriously a...

Arrogant Bastard!

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