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11. Concern?


I banged my fist on my desk unable to think straight, but regretted almost instantly as it began to hurt and ache.
Holding my aching fist with the other hand I leaned on my desk, trying my best to complete the work in front of me but the work set my the bastard was just too much.

Guess what? I seriously had to skip my lunch break so that I could finish on time and avoid his anger, or more like his ‘mood swings’.

Lifting my head slowly my eyes widened and immediately stood up from my chair looking ahead of me where the devil himself was standing near the door; leaning against it.

For a moment... just for a moment I thought my eyes noticed a flash of concern and regret on his face, but who was I kidding? That bastard can never have any concern for anyone but himself, and regret? Never, never in his life would he ever regret of doing anything, even if he’s wrong.

The next thing I knew he took long strides forward towards me, and my feet moved back on according to their own will. Soon, my back hit the solid white wall making a let out a small gasp. At this point my hands were shaking out of fear and discomfort.

At his own steady pace, he soon started to lean forward while his both hands were placed on the wall behind me, preventing me from escaping. My eyes widened; my breath quickened; my chest was rising and falling because of the uneven breathing; my heart beat increased dramatically as the adrenaline was released from the adrenal gland in an instant.

Is breath was fanning my face making my eyes close on their own to severe the moment.

“Miss Livingston I don’t pay you to just sit around in this damn office.” He spoke up with so much venom causing my eyes to snap open in terror which I’m sure he noticed as he was staring directly at me.

“I-I’m s-sorry” I whispered, even though I don’t actually mean it but hey who needs to know.

“Just stop saying sorry and actually get some work done here.” He argued.

“Y-yes s-sir.” I said while looking at him. However, he seemed to have refused to make any move to leave as he just stood there in his place making me feel uncomfortable. But, what made me even more uncomfortable was when his gaze lingered onto my lips causing me to bite my lower ones due to the discomfort caused by someone..

What had just happened? What is wrong with him? Why is he so hard to u sweat and him? What’s up with his temper? Does he have a bipolar personality disorder? No no I’m serious does he?

While I was tangled in my thoughts I didn’t realise when he had released me and made his way out until...

The door closed making me flinch because of the force applied to the door.

Might as well just break the whole building down!

I was sitting down near my desk typing when my eyes fell on the time at the corner of the computer.

It read 5:30pm!

Which means I worked another 30 minutes, causing me to groan in annoyance. Deciding that I could finish the last bites and bobs at home I packed my things and was on my way to go to the bastard’s office to let him know.

As my steps towards his office increases my heart rate increases dramatically causing my chest to rise and fall rapidly.

With slight shaking hand I knocked on his door three times; hoping that he’s on a good mood.

But, before I open the door I heard a voice call from behind me. “Hey wait up!” So I turned my head to that direction.

“Oh hey..” I replied with a shaky breath. “What are you doing here?.. I mean you don’t work here that’s why, I didn’t real-” I wanted to continue but I was interrupted by him.

“No no it’s fine, I get what you mean. Actually I wanted to ask something if that’s ok..” he said while scratching the back of his neck.

“Erm.. yeah. Sure. Ask away.” I said confidently.

“Would you like to go out on a date with me?” While looking down.

I smiled at him; “why not? I would love to.” Which made him look up and have a grin on his face.

“Erm.. ok then... Can you just send me the address so that I can pick you up?”

“Sure. I’ll text you the address later on.”

“Ok. No problem. See you later!” He said then turned to walk out.

I smiled to myself and wondered if what I’m doing is right. I hardly know him. It’s just been few days and I’m already going on a date with him.

On the other hand, he’s been nothing but kind and caring, he could be different and my future if he’s the one so why not? After all, there’s no harm in giving it a try...

Or is there?

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