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12. Date

“Sof no!!”

“No? That’ll not do missy. You will be wearing this.” Sof protested.

Right now I was standing in front of my mirror after having a shower. Sof being herself was trying her best to persuade me to wear short and revealing dress; in fact a very revealing dress.

It was a jet black dress, that was really short which would surely be revealing my upper thighs; it was revealing most of my skin, and it was something that would definitely make me feel uncomfortable.

“Plleeeaase!” She continued with a puppy face that just somehow managed me to agree with her majority of the times.

“Fine.” I said while rolling my eyes and walking towards the bathroom to change.

Once I got in I locked the door and stood in front of the mirror looking at the dress that I was supposed to wear for tonight. I really didn’t want to wear this dress but I couldn’t say no to her, and surely there’s nothing wrong that can happen. Surely, Branden will be there to save me in case, right?

Shaking away the irrelevant thoughts from my head I quickly slipped on the dress. Let me tell you all that it was VERY revealing. It was making me uncomfortable already, I wonder how the rest of the night will go past?

I let my wavy chestnut hair out and made my way towards my room.

Once I stepped out Sof came running towards me with wide eyes and jaw hanging and engulfed me into a bear hug saying how ‘hot’ I look.

Her words not mine!

I continued to stand in front of the long mirror while Sof did my make up and hair, and continuously started to pull my dress towards the bottom attempting to cover as much skin as possible.

“Stop it Lilly! You look absolutely stunning and showing a little bit of skin won’t bite.” She snapped out of nowhere, and when I opened my mouth to protest I had to immediately shut it again because of the glare passed on by her.

After finishing the make up and hair she stood back and smiled to herself;admiring her work. I was not surprised to see the pretty little smile on her face; nor I was doubting her talent, however when I turned around to see myself in the long mirror I was shocked and couldn’t believe my eyes.

She applied contour that made my cheekbones stand out, highlight, nude lipstick with dark smoky eyes and eyeliner. In short she made sure everything was perfect.

“Oh my god! Sof thanks! It’s amazing!” I said while still looking at the mirror; admiring my face that was looking amazing with the make up.

“Of course it’s amazing! After all it’s done by someone so amazing.” She replied proudly.

We were busy in laughing and all of a sudden the door bell rang indicating that Branden had arrived. I quickly checked myself in the mirror while Sof went to open the door.

While she went to open the door I quickly checked myself one last time in the mirror.

While I was stepping down the stairs I couldn’t really Sof chattering away and wondered what was wrong as she is always very chatty.

“Hey!” I said to Branden whilst hugging him which he returned by hugging me back.

“Hey. You look amazing” he complimented making my cheeks turn a tint of pink.

“Thanks” I replied while smiling towards him.

“Sof are you ok?” I turned to Sophie and enquired. She had opened her mouth but closed it immediately and returned a smile instead and nodded her head in response.

Greeting Sophie ‘goodbye’ we got out of the house and made our way towards his car. I placed my hand on the handle to get in but was stopped my Branden; he opened the door himself for me to get in;like a gentleman.

While he was driving I was busy slightly pulling my dress down as I could see the sideway glances that was passed on by him that was most of the time on my thighs. However, I dismissed the thought thinking I might be overthinking things and stared out of the window during rest of the drive.

I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn’t even realise when Branden had came to my side and was holding the door open for me.

“Sorry..” I broke the silence along with releasing a small laugh.

“No worries! A penny for your thought”

Placing my hand on his I got out and replied, “My thoughts have more value than a penny so.. no” making him raise an eyebrow mischievously, which made me release a laugh; he joined with me soon after.

Maybe I was overthinking things . He’s so sweet!

Not long after, we soon were sitting opposite each other. It was a squared table that was decorated with a red rose in the middle and other designs really nicely. Branden placed orders for both of us and I didn’t really mind since I was starving.

Branden was great fun. He was always cracking jokes while eating. He was caring and kind. I don’t see anything bad in him. I don’t get what does Mr. Arrogant bastard have against him?!

Yepp! A new nickname i gave him that suits his personality perfectly:
Mr Arrogant Bastard!

What the hell?! Why am I thinking about him when I should be with Branden and enjoying this moment.

Breaking out of my thoughts I started to listen to Branden again.

We were on our way to his car to return but he suggested that we have a stroll outside and I agreed since I ate too much and had to digest them. While walking Branden had told me that he lives alone and his parents had died in an accident along with his sister. I could emphasis with him as I live on my own as well. The only difference is that he can never meet them, and I can meet them but am restricted to do so.

I inhaled and exhaled heavily to not let the emotions overpower me.

“Hey do you wanna go to that bar across the street? I heard it’s cool”

“Sure. Why not” I seriously needed a drink and that was a perfect opportunity so I agreed straight away. You see drinking made me feel more relaxed and free from any stress.

“What would you like?”

“I’ll have red wine” I replied with confidence since it was my favourite one.

“Take a seat. I’ll be right back with the drinks”

“Ok. Thanks”

When he was gone my stupid mind started to wonder back to that Mr Arrogant Bastard again for some reason. It’s like I have no control over my mind whatsoever when it comes to him.

Maybe I should just call him ‘Mr. A B’ since ‘Mr. Arrogant Bastard’ is too long.

I shook my head getting the thought of him out of my head and trying to enjoy this night with Branden. He had been nothing but caring, kind and funny. No idea what Mr AB has against him but I wouldn’t let that effect our relationship if we do have one in the future.

My eyes continuously started to roam around looking for him as it had been a while since he had left for only two glasses of drink.

I started to walk for the bar to look for him when I suddenly felt a hand on my right shoulder, causing my eyes to go wide in fear and many questions to arise.

Who could that be behind me?
Can it be Branden or a random drunk guy? Those sort of guys seriously scare the sh!t out of me.

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