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13. Drunk Lillian

Walking down the dark allay while..well a bit tipsy isn’t the kind of ‘fun’ I was expecting but since I was a bit tipsy I didn’t really mind and was quite enjoying myself. well.. ok. fine! I admit, I was totally drunk and I was giving in all my strength to somehow manage to get home and drop myself on my soft and comfortable bed, but thanks to my heels that was turning out to be difficult, and special thanks to my blurry vision it seemed to be impossible.

Squinting my eyes I somehow managed to see a car coming my way and sprinting my way (which might look like jogging to you all) to the car I stopped in front of the car but somehow ended up tripping over my feet and hitting the car in the process but thankfully it had stopped as well so I wasn’t hit that hard.

“STOOPP!” I yelled at the same time.

I stumbled towards the passenger side at the back of the car and knocked on it three times.

I wondered, Uuuurrggh! well someone’s taking their time. whilst lazily tapping my right foot on the floor; folding my arms and looking everywhere out of boredom, however, soon the window was soon rolled down leaving both; my eyes and mouth wide open in shock. I immediately unfolded my arms and tried my level best to stand up straight but failed miserably as I stumbled on my heels and was about to fall backwards. I closed my eyes scared of the outcome but instead I felt two masculine arms holding me, preventing me from falling; one of them around my waist and the other on my back causing me to crash against his chest. Lifting one of my eyelids I saw him. For the people that are still unable to guess who it is let me just tell you all that it was Mr A.B himself.

I was too busy staring at him that I didn’t even realise that my hands ended up on his shoulders. just for a split second I thought that I noticed a worried expression on his face but it soon disappeared as it came.

I was soon shook out of my thoughts. yepp! you read correct, don’t ever doubt yourselves. He grabbed both of my arms and pushed me away from me, making enough distance between us.

“Miss Livingston..”

“yes s-sir?” I cut him off while trying my best to stand on my heels and not embarrass myself any further, but it was proving to be more difficult now as my exhausted eyes were close to shutting down.

“First of all, why are y-” he started again but like before I cut him off again. what?! you can’t possibly blame me, blame all the alcohol and my drunken state if you really want to.

" Can *hiccup* " immediately one of my hand went in front of my mouth and somehow managed to squeak out “s-sorry” and removed it from my mouth. This made him make a annoyed face and he leaned against his luxurious car and folded his arms and legs, it was as if I was there entertaining him, but I couldn’t care any less at that moment thanks to my half sleeping state.

“Can I *hiccup* ask you some-*hiccup* something ?” I asked while hiccupping and while still trying hard to balance on my two feet.

“But you already have.” he replied with a stern tone which seriously pissed me off.

“why are you always so grumpy?” I asked while both my hands where on my hips. he was taken back by the question, and I couldn’t blame him since no one said or asked anything of this sort to him. well, at least not in front of him. I continued, “Don’t you ever get tired of calling my name? Do you like my name that much that you have to call me every 5 minutes?” while I was blabbering away he stood there in the same position listening to me. he didn’t really get angry which was surprising but since I was drunk it didn’t cross my stupid mind. He just quietly listened to me. It was as if he was enjoying the moment?

While blabbering on I twisted my ankle but to prevent myself from tripping over I instantly grabbed hold of his shoulder, and he held onto my waist as an instant reaction. My hazel ones immediately met those ocean blue ones and got captive, again! what?! You seriously can’t blame me because anyone could get hypnotised by those eyes. They just seem so vulnerable and sweet. So many emotions were swirling around; vulnerability, hope, destroyed, broken and many more.

Why is he so difficult to understand? Did anything occur in his life that made him this way? How will he look like when he’s showing affection to someone?

The sides of my lips tilted upwards turning it into a smile by just thinking about the last question. When he lifted his right hand up, my stupid brain interpreted he might caress my cheeks or be gentle since it appeared that way, but suddenly he harshly pushed me away making me stumble backwards. The way he quickly changed his gestures it seemed as if he just returned from dreamland back to reality.

“Miss Livingston looking at your state right now you need to return back to your house right now.” he said, again with a stern tone. what would his normal voice sound like? or is this his usual ‘normal’ tone?

“y- *hiccup* yes s-sir. Right away sir, as you say sir.” I turned around to get home with my jelly legs. but I was stopped by him again and was dragged into his car. He told the driver the address to my house. There was only silence in the car which was only increasing my sleepiness. After every few minutes I was keep on glancing his way and only could see the side of his face as he was looking forward like a strict businessman as he is.

" Can you *hiccup* smile?” and just then my idiotic mouth had to open and talk bullsh!t.

He turned his face towards me with creased brows. “What?!” he finally asked.

“Do I have to *hiccup* repeat myself now *hiccup* Mr A.B? can yo-”

“What did u just say?” he asked again like a stupid deaf person.

“I asked can you sm-” and you guessed right I was cut off again but for some reason I didn’t get mad at him for cutting me off. Due to the alcohol effect in my system? I don’t know.

" What did you call me? What does Mr A.B stand for?” he asked curiously.

“ohhhh that *hiccup* Mr A.B stands for *hiccup* Mr Arrogant Bastard *hiccup*" I replied with a sweet and innocent smile making his a side of his lip tilt upwards into a small smile while shaking his head, in amusement?

“OMG! Did Mr A.B just *hiccup* smile?!” I exclaimed while trying to keep my annoying hiccups under control.

“Of course not!”

“Oh yeah *hiccup* how can I forget *hiccup* you can never smile *hiccup*"

Unable to open my eyes for any longer I ended up drifting off to deep sleep making me land my head on his left shoulder. I didn’t really care at that moment. I didn’t care about what he might do for placing my head on his shoulder. I didn’t really care about anything at that moment. I just simply did we my heart wanted to do.

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