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14. Late!

Waking up with a throbbing headache isn’t the sort of good morning I was expecting at all. immediately I fisted a handful of my hair, attempting to reduce the pain and pushed myself up to get out of bed. Just then many questions crossed my mind, such as:

What happened yesterday? How did I reach here? What happened to Branden?


I started to walk for the bar to look for him when I suddenly felt a hand on my right shoulder, causing my eyes to go wide in fear and many questions to arise.

Who could that be behind me?
Can it be Branden or a random drunk guy?
Those sort of guys seriously scare the shit out of me.

“What happened?” when I had heard Branden’s voice I turned around and let out a sigh of relief. “Why do you look so scared? Are you ok?”

" Yeah I’m fine. What took you so long?” I asked.

" I.. I was just caught up with an old friend. Sorry I left you for so long.”

" It’s fine. Don’t worry!” I said with a small smile.

" Here’s your drink.” he said with a smile and handing me my drink.

“Thank you.”

I was drinking and laughing while he was cracking jokes. I was having a lovely time with him. He was wonderful! he was always finding excuses to make me laugh. He cracked another funny joke that made me laugh really hard that I had to clench onto my stomach. After calming down I picked up my drink to take another sip when I felt felt a little dizzy and stopped the glass midway.

“What’s wrong?” He asked concerned.

“It’s fine. I just feel a little dizzy.” I replied honestly.

“Do you wanna get some rest? There are rooms upstairs.”

“No it’s fine.” just when I finished the sentence he stood up making me look up to him, and then took hold of my hand. I didn’t really protest as I was actually really tired and had a really horrible headache. While he was directing us a room I realised that there were pretty much drunk people around, I couldn’t really see that well as my eyes were becoming blurry for some odd reason but I could see few people who were flirting with each other, making me want to puke. Once we had arrived at a room that was at the end of the hall Branden opened the door and let me in. Immediately, without giving it a second thought I flung myself onto the bed and groaned. my head was killing me and it felt like I would fall unconscious any moment now. Just when I heard the click of the door lock I sunk into darkness.


“Uurgh!” groaning, I sat up fully and forced my heavy eyelids to open. After 3 attempts when I finally had succeeded my eyes widened in terror. IT WAS...

“9:36AM! I’m dead!” rushing out of my comfy bed, ignoring my throbbing head I ran to my washroom with towel. Finishing my ‘business’ I had my 40 minutes shower in 10 minutes. Yepp! you read it correctly, in 10 minutes, that’s what intimidating bosses can make you do.

Tripping over on few of my belongings I entered the living room and stepped into the kitchen to grab something when I spotted Sof standing there making breakfast for herself.

“woke up?”

“yeah..” I replied with a dull voice. i’m normally jolly but the head ache was killing me.

“By the way, i’m really pissed with you right now!”

" Why?” I asked more alert with an shocked and confused expression.

" cause you fucking idiot didn’t tell me that yo-” she was screaming on top of her lungs that nearly burst my ear drums when my phone rang. I picked up my phone after telling her that it was from office. whilst talking on the phone I got out of the house after signalling Sof that I was going to work. The call was from Eva telling me to arrive soon because Mr Stock had apparently arrived arrived and was asking for me. She even mentioned that i might not be fired as he came 3 hours late. Like seriously? 3 hours late?! It was 10:00am for crying out loud!! Which obviously means that he normally arrives to work at around 5! What the hell!!

What the hell is he?! A robot? I wondered while openning the passenger door of the cab.

I was continuously looking at my watch, looking out for the time. It was 10:10am!

“Can you please drive a little faster? I am getting late for work.” I asked politely as possible, but it probably wasn’t polite to him because of his response.

“This is not a racing car young lady. Be patient.” he replied while chewing gum, which seriously made even more adrenaline to race through my veins even faster. Impatiently, while tapping my foot i kept on looking at my watch, which clearly read 10:20am!

Finally when I had arrived i jumped of the car and turned to leave after closing the door when i was interrupted. “Where are you going without paying me?” he asked making me close my eyes for a second out of irritation. Attemping to reach inside as soon as possible i handed him any note. Probable £20? I don’t know but all i knew was that i didn’t have time to waste with him.

Balancing on my heels i stumbled my way to my office and met Eva on the way.

“oh my god, Lilly! Where have you been?! Sir has been calling you for so long!” Eva exclaimed panicking.

“I.. I don’t know. I think I had drunk too much yesterday with Branden and my head is killing me.” I somehow breathed out whilst trying to catch my breath and while rubbing my forehead with the tips of my fingers.

“Well, you need to hurry up and go to Mr Stock’s office right now cause no one will be able to save you from the headache that will be given by Mr Stock if you don’t go right now.” She said.

" Uurgh! I don’t wanna go to him right now! I already have a headache that’s seriously killing me. I can’t deal with him right now.” I replied while lazily slumming myself onto my chair.

“I understand Lilly. But please just go and listen to him cause he’s been in a very bad mood since he came in today, and he had asked for you the minute he stepped into his office.”

What the hell?! Why did he ask for me right in the morning? Probably wanted to shout and spoil my mood right in the morning, why else! I thought while still rubbing my forehead.

“He actually seemed worried about you to be honest” Eva spoke up making me snap out of my own world and lift my head up from my palm and look at her. “Seriously he was asking about you every 5 minutes and the way he was speaking was really different as well, as in like, he wasn’t speaking in a demanding usual voice, he was actually worried about you, surprisingly!” She added.

I released a chuckle. “really? Worried? and Mr A.B? you must be kidding me.”

" What does Mr A.B stand for?” She enquired.

" Mr Arrogant Bastard. That’s weird, I felt like someone asked me that already.” I said while thinking with creased eyebrows. Just then the intercom beeped.

“Miss Livingston, please report to my office immediately!”

And there was the stern voice, again! Groaning internally I stumped my way towards his office. While making my way towards A.B’s office the word of Eva started to replay in my head, making many questions to arise: Was he really worried about me? Why would he be worried about me? However, the next question made my feet to stop moving any further, making stand couple of feet away from his office.

Was he the one who helped me to get home? Did he become late this morning because of me? was he worried because he had seen me in that state last night?

I was lost in the thoughts of him that I hadn’t realised that Branden was calling out to me from behind until he snapped me out of it by clicking his fingers in front of my face.

“Are you ok? I was calling out to you for ages” he spoke up.

" I’m so sorry! I was just lost in a thought.”

“hey hey! it’s fine. How are you feeling right now? you weren’t feeling that well last night. I was really worried about you after dropping you off.” he said making me look up to him.

" You dropped me off?” I unconsciously asked.

“Erm.. yeah. Who else would?”

" no.. no one. Sorry, erm.. can we talk later cause Mr Stock just called me.”

" yeah it’s fine. don’t worry. see ya!” he walked off.

What was I thinking ? Of course A.B wouldn’t do that. Afterall, he is a...

Arrogant Bastard!

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