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15. Annoyed


Groaning I hit my forehead against the glass table making my headache even worst. What do you expect me to do! The whole day he has been calling me to his office and finding excuses to yell at me. For example...


Gulping in fear I slowly lifted my right hand and knocked on the door making my nuckles turn red. Since i didnt hear a response i creased my eyebrows and knocked again, a little harder this time and finally recieved a response, a response that would make anyone’s ear drums burst.

When I stepped in the office I froze on my spot. The office was a total disaster! the papers were everywhere, couple of pens were lying on the desk and on the floor, there were files scattered everywhere, and the laptop was open infront of him while he was typing awaywhile his eyes were focused on his screen. Judging by the condition of the office it seemed like he threw all those things in anger, and this realisation made me gulp in fear, again!

Why did he throw all of this things like this? Did he throw all of these things in anger?.. If that’s the case, then I hope he doesn’t vent all his anger out on me.

I was lost in my thoughts that I didn’t realise when he had stood up and came around his desk, he stood there against his table for support while placing both hands in his trouser pockets and crossing his legs. He was waiting impatiently with an annoyed expression on his face, which could possibly burst into anger in any moment.

“Y-you called m-me, s-sir?” I spoke up while standing there keeping my head low and fiddling with my fingers. My heart beat was picking up by every passing moment and this was visible as my chest was rising and falling rapidly.

“Miss Livingston...” he started off.

Yes! I know my name so you don’t have to keep saying it. Carry on! My inner voice spoke up.

“...Do you remember the rules of working here, in my company, or not?” He questioned making my eyebrows crease in confusion.

“Y-yes s-sir. But w-what happened?” I said slightly lifting up my gaze which unfortunately ended up landing on his chest as he somehow ended up standing right in front of me.

“What happened? You’re asking me, what happened?” He said while releasing a very frustrating breath, and while running his right hand through his hair while his left hand was still in his trouser pocket, and this gesture clearly meant that he was angry which caused even more adrenaline to release into my veins, making my heart beat increase dramatically.

Taking another step forward which looked like a leap, he came dangerously close making my gaze go back to the floor and my heart to beat even faster.

Get the fucking grip Lilly! I continuously repeated to myself and tried to calm my accelerated heartbeat down.

Keyword: Tried

But being an Arrogant Bastard he is, he took another step forward making our faces only inches away. His minty breath was fanning against my own, making me lose my senses, he made me want to stop breathing at that moment. How badly I wanted to close the little gap at that moment, our lips were practically touching each other and then....


Snapping my eyes open in horror I came back to reality. Running my hand through my hair in frustration I released a deep breath and forced myself to stand up with the help of my desk. Just when I finally had realised that I had to go to his office the irritating intercom beeped making my head snap towards it.


Rushing my way towards his office with the necessary documents along with me I quickly waved at Eva with a small smile and stopped at his office door where there was a template, clearly written in bold:


Quickly, I shifted the documents to my left hand and balanced them while wiping the sweating hand on my skirt and while wetting my lips that were dry, special thanks to Mr A.B!

Fisting my hand I knocked on the door three times and entered right away after hearing the intimidating voice.

Can he ever be normal? well, I guess.. not!

Stepping in I noticed what I was expecting; his blazer was behind him neatly on his leather chair, while he was sitting down on that chair in front of his computer. He looked so focused that he didn’t realise that I was present. His eyebrows were creased in a confused expression while he was typing away in a speed. His hair was still messed up, making me want to run my hands through them. Uurgh! I don’t know how I managed to hold myself back from doing that.

Closing my eyes I attempted to compose myself. Opening them I stepped forward making my heels click against the floor. Surprisingly, he didn’t even look up or even say anything out of irritation, it was almost like he was allowing me to take my time. Probably was not bothered to even tell me off and waste his energy. Without wasting any more time I stopped in front of desk and placed the documents on his desk with shaky hands, making him lift his eyes from his computer and onto the papers on his desk, and then lastly on me causing me to avert my gaze from him to the documents in front of me.


How badly I wanted to close the little gap at that moment, our lips were practically touching each other and then...

“Miss Livingston.. I don’t pay you to keep staring at me.” He said making my eyes snap back at him, and this time directly at his ocean blue eyes. It was as if he was trying to convey so many things via them, but was unable to. There were so many emotions in them, but again, as always I had absolutely no clue so I kept staring into them, attempting to unveil them.

“so, go and do those documents again, and you can’t leave until those are completed without any errors.”

What the hell! How can he do that?! he can’t do that, right? Who am I kidding! After all, we are talking about Mr A.B over here.

“Yes sir.” I replied without stammering for the first time, which was a big shock to me. Especially thinking about the fact that he was standing incredibly close to me, I really wanted to give myself a pat on the back.


“T-The documents, sir” I spoke up breaking the silence.

He stood up and put his hands inside his trouser pockets, again.

Is that a gesture to always show his dominance or something? well, it seems like that.. Thank god he’s still on the other side of the desk, keeping distance between us.

“I expect there to be no errors, Miss Livingston.” He said with the usual stern voice which I got used to hearing by now to be honest. Instead of answering ‘yes sir’ I just stood there, not wanted to create any more trouble for myself.

Reaching out his right hand from his pocket he took the papers and sat back down on his chair. While he was checking out the documents I took the opportunity to check him out. What?! No matter how arrogant of a bastard he is you seriously can’t deny the fact that he’s incredibly good looking. He had creased his eyebrows while rubbing his finger and thumb across his chin.

“WHAT RUBBISH IS THIS!” he stood up and threw the papers carelessly across the table, making me jump on my spot by his sudden action.

“What’s wrong with them now” I said moaning, making my eyes go wide in sudden realisation.

“Did you just moan? You should be doing your work properly instead of flirting all your time with other colleagues!” He shouted from top of his lungs which made my blood boil in anger.

Flirt! Flirt! Flirt! that’s the only thing his eyes can see. Arrogant Bastard! I gave him a perfect name, Mr A.B!

“Mr Stock, how many times do I have say that I do not flirt.” My sudden outburst caught him off guard as it came out quite harsh. Honestly, you can’t possibly be blaming me for that.

“Don’t! Don’t you dare lie to me!” He said harshly while pointing a finger at me. The name i gave him definitely suits his personality. Arrogant Bastard!

“I am not lying. I do not flirt!” I said while looking directly into his eyes. I didn’t really care who I was talking to, and what tone I was talking at that moment, I just wanted to let go of all the frustration that was inside me.

“Then what were you doing last time just outside my office!” He said raising his voice even higher and pointing towards the office door that was closed.

“What was I doing?” I asked in a normal tone realising that my high tone might cause problem for me later on, with creased eyebrows.

“Don’t you dare put up another act of not knowing right now!!” Irritation was filled in his voice while he paced around his office, and just then it clicked making me freeze on my spot.

“Honestly, Me and Branden were only talking. Can’t colleagues be friends?”

“What did you say?” He asked in disbelief.

Is he deaf as well?

“I said, can’t coll-”

“What did you say before that?” slightly raising his voice he demanded to know.

“Me and Branden we-”

“You call him by his first name and say that there’s nothing going on between you two.”

“So you are saying that friends can’t call each other by their first name?” I enquired with an raised eyebrow and crossed my arms. “Anyway, even if we do have something going on then why do you even care? It’s my personal life and it has nothing to do with work or with you”

Composing himself back to his business mode he spoke up, “It definitely has got to do with work, and especially me. Since you’re too busy FLIRTING around, you are not putting in the effort that is required, restricting me from giving you any further work since the first work provided is not completed without any errors.” He said, emphasising the word ‘flirting’.

I prepared to give a fitted reply but went against it the last minute since I didn’t want to dig up another hole for myself by him to fall into, so instead I just went to his desk, picked up the documents and speed walked out of his office leaving him in the middle of his room.

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