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16. Angry bird

Well, you must be wondering what happened after I went back to my office, right? Fortunately, nothing much happened, and I somehow managed to avoid him and come back home.

Right now, I was sitting down on my laptop and finishing off some of the work that was still incomplete. You must be wondering how I manage to return home with the incomplete work, right? Well, when I went out to the cafeteria to get a coffee I met Eva on the way and she told me that he had went out in a rush and most likely won’t be coming back today, and the news itself brightened up my face instantly. Without wasting anymore time I gathered my belongings, locked my office door and rushed out after saying goodbye to Eva. On the way I stumbled in front of Branden. I stopped an chat with him for a while since it had been ages. Thank god the Arrogant Bastard wasn’t around otherwise god knows what would’ve happened.

Snapping out of the flashback that was replaying in my head I got up from the sofa and got a packet of crisp. Getting back on my laptop my mind still wondered off to him. Where could he have gone? Where did he go in such rush? What if he’s in danger?
So many unanswerable questions were rushing to my mind, but I was interrupted and bought back to reality when a very grumpy and pissed off Sof entered through the front door and slammed the door shut behind her making me squeeze my eyes shut.

Placing my laptop beside me on the sofa I quickly got up and went up to her with creased eyebrows in concern. I was carefully making my way towards her because her enraged state can be really dangerous. Her hair was really messed up, and as I went closer I realised that her eyes were red in anger. As she placed her handbag on the small table beside her she ran her hand through her smooth brown hair. She was swearing under her breath, I just somehow managed to make out what she was probably saying, ‘I am going to kill him! I would not spare him, I swear!’

“Who are you talking about?” I asked curiously.

“Oh, Erm...” She started off while rubbing her forehead and continued as she made her way to the sofa and sat down. “It’s a customer. I met him first time a couple of days ago. He has been irritating me ever since. Ugh! And, you know what the worst part is? he’s keep on flirting!” The last word made my eyes wide and it instantly reminded me of him, and how he was accusing me of flirting which made me enraged, causing me to fist my hands beside me while I was sat beside her on the sofa.

“How was he flirting?” the words flew out of my mouth before I could even process anything. “I mean, what did he do?” I rephrased.

“I don’t know.. it’s just how he talks, you can tell the way he talks that he’s flirting. I guess you don’t believe me so there’s no point in telling you-” She said while pushing herself up from the sofa and making her way to the kitchen.

“No Sof! I obviously believe you.” Rubbing my forehead I stood in front of her and let out a sigh. Her facial expression changed from anger to worry. She immediately placed her glass filled with water on the kitchen counter and stepped in front of me.

“Hey... are you ok?” She asked concerned.

“It’s just that my boss. ugh! he’s soo annoying and do you know what he’s always accusing me off doing? He is constantly accusing me of flirting! He’s always on about me and Branden flirting? like, seriously?” I let out a breath at the end and looked up to Sof who was standing there. “Sorry.. It’s just that the Arrogant Bastard just pisses me off a lot.” I walked back to the sofa and went back onto my laptop and started to email him the last pieces of document. Right then Sof came and sat beside me with her ipad.

“OMG! LILLY! you never told me that Mr Stock is soo hot!” She squealed while still staring at her ipad.

I got back to emailing him. “I thought you knew him since you recommended the job at the first place.”

“I actually didn’t know how he looked like. I just heard about him, his fame and company. But damn! Those were nothing compared to his looks.”

“You know looks don’t matter that much, if anything matters then it’s someone’s personality, and his personality is crap!” I said after closing the laptop and placing it on the tea table that was opposite us. Just then my phone rang, and guess whose name popped up on my screen...?

Mr A.B

“Whose Mr A.B?” Asked Sof who was clearly oblivious of what it stands for.

“Mr Arrogant Bastard, who is also known as Mr Stock.” I signalled her to not to talk anymore as she opened her mouth and then I answered the call after clearing my throat. Before I could even say a word she grabbed the phone from my hand and put it on speaker making me glare at her and she just smiled innocently.

“Miss Livingston, I suspect you have completed the work since I just received it via the email.” I was about to reply back to him but obviously he didn’t allow the chance. “I expect you to be present in my office at 9:00am, Sharp! Not a second late.” He said in a stern voice making my tiny hairs that I had on my arms to stand up.

Not wanting to cause anymore trouble for myself I replied with short and simple sentence; “Yes sir.” And just when I finished my sentence he rudely cut the call, making my anger to increase and fist my hands, again!

“Damn girl! Is it only today or is he always this grumpy?” She asked shocked.

“He’s always like this. Might as well get used to it. What can you expect from an Arrogant Bastard like him!”

“Anyway forget about him. It’s our time! Pick a film and I’ll make popcorn in a jiffy.” She said and jogged towards the kitchen.

Hopping off the sofa I walked towards the shelf placed next to the tv and scanned through couple of movies until I decided that we should watch a cartoon film tonight for a change and picked out Angry Bird. I inserted the CD in and waited for it to load.

“A carton film?” She asked with a raised eyebrow while passing my bowl of popcorns and sitting down next to me.

“Yeah. I thought let’s each a cartoon for a change. Nice way to relax.” I said and focused on tv.


“Omg! Do you know who the angry bird reminds me off?” I asked while chewing on a popcorn in my mouth.

“Let me guess. Your Mr A.B?” She said while her eyes were still fixed on the tv. I don’t know why but my mind could only focus on the word ‘yours’ causing a chill to go down my spine.

Why does he effect me so much? Is this a good one or bad one? Urgh! All this is so confusing. Whenever I hear his name I get goose bumps; whenever I’m near him my heart beat increases dramatically. What is this feeling? Is this called, love? No no! It can’t be... can it? It could be just a mere attraction, right? Yes! It’s just an mere attraction! Yes, nothing else!

I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn’t even realise when the movie had ended and Sof had cleaned up the living room and was in the kitchen, washing up the bowls. I stood up and made my way towards her.

“Do you need any help?” I asked while slightly scratching the back of my head.

“Chillax! It’s fine. I understand, you must be tensed with work and all. Especially with your Mr A.B.” She emphasised ‘your’ with a mischievous smile on her face, making me glare her way.

“What on earth makes you think he’s mine!” I semi-yelled while standing there leaning against the kitchen counter with my arms crossed.

“I didn’t mean it like that. Unless...”

“Just... just shut your mouth!” I yelled and ran up the stairs towards me room, and leaving a laughing Sof on her own. “Switch off the lights.. along with your mind. Give them a break!” I remembered to yell back before closing my room door.

Getting into a cold shower I let the water wash away the worries and calm my mind down for a while. After approximately 15 minutes I turned off the shower and wrapped myself around the fluffy towel. Re-entering my room, I went to my wardrobe and picked out a night wear. I dried my hair with hairdryer making my them curly and soon was lying in my comfy bed.

Is it just me, or does the bed seem extra comfy tonight?

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