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17. Dream?

With my every tiny step backwards he took a large leap forward, making more adrenaline to be released into my veins and causing my weak heart to accelerate.

THUMP! With that little noise my back hit the wall, leaving me no more space, and in front of me was no other than Mr. Stock himself, who had made up his mind to not let me escape. His intense gaze was fixed on me while mine was fixed on the ground. He continued to stare at me with the same intensity while I was looking everywhere but him because I am absolutely sure that the minute I look into them I wouldn’t have the strength to look away. With the last long stride he was incredibly close to me, in fact he was so close to me that I could feel his minty breath on my face.. on my lips to be exact. I just didn’t seem to know what to do at that moment. Just when the idea of escaping from the side entered my useless mind, as if he had read my mind, he quickly lifted his both arms and caged me right there, preventing me.

“Where do you think you were going?” He said in a husky voice while using his right hand to caress my cheek, making me close my eyes and lose the little sense that I still had left. I gradually lifted up my gaze and immediately my hazel ones met those ocean blue ones. Lifting up both of my shaky hands I placed them on his chest while he still had his right hand flat on my cheek, staring deep into my eyes. While we were standing there I didn’t realise when he had started to lean in. My heavy breathing could be heard clearly in the silent office. He leaned in even more and then....

“LILLIAN!!” Echoed a voice making me widen my eyes. With a huge thump my back hit the floor, making me cry in pain.

“What the hell! What on earth were you planning on doing?” I asked irritated while rubbing my back and getting up from the rock hard floor.

“Me?! I just came in to wake you up before you get late but when I came close, you started to hug the pillow and started to pout, as if you were trying to kiss.” while she was half way through the sentence my eyes went wide like a saucepan. Just then realisation hit me.

I was... dreaming? I was just dreaming!

‘I actually thought we were kissing. That was actually so stupid of me.’ I said under my breath but she just managed to hear me, and she stopped me while I was making my way towards the bathroom. “Sof I’m getting late.” I said in a bored tone.

“Ohh... so someone was dreaming about kissing. Who were you gonna kiss?” She spoke with an mischievous tone.

“No one. Just let me go now!”

At that moment she made her eyes wide as if she had just realised something, and this made me curious. “what?” I raised my eyebrows.

“You were dreaming of kissing your Mr AB, weren’t you?” She said while emphasising the word ‘your’ as always, and while placing her hands on her hip. This made me really nervous all of a sudden, and I started to fiddle with my fingers again. My eyes wondered everywhere thinking an excuse.

“Just shut up Sof. Aren’t you getting late?” I asked with a raised eyebrow.

Ah! That should work. I wondered while tapping my foot on the carpet that was under my foot.

“OH MY GOD! yeah I need to run.” She said while jumping on her spot and looking anxious. Hurriedly she made her way towards my door to go, and just then I closed my eyes and let out a breath that I didn’t even know I was holding. But, my illusion didn’t last for that long, unfortunately. “Oh... by the way, you have some answers to give to me tonight.” She said after peaking into my room and left soon after she gave a mischievous wink. I ran towards my bed and threw my pillow at her but it was too late because she had already left. I was internally screaming until my eyes fell on the clock, which clearly read;
Rushing towards the bathroom I quickly had a shower and came out with towel around me.
drying my hair I stumbled my way towards my wardrobe and picked out an outfit and a pair of heel
9:00am! Definitely late!
While using my left hand to brush my hair I used my right hand to feed myself. What? God knows when that bastard is going to allow me to eat. All he can remember is work, work and work. UGH!

While getting out of the house I tried to make up an excuse for being late. “I would like to go to Stock’s industry, please.” I said and sat down in the taxi while my mind still wondered back to what excuse to say, an excuse that he can’t ignore. Getting worried by every second I politely asked, “I am getting late, please can you drive a bit more faster.”

“I’ve told you the other day and I am telling you now, this is not a racing car.” He replied rudely while chewing his gum.

This made me crease my brows in irritation, and my lips were in thin line highlighting my anger. “Excuse me mister! There’s no need to be rude, I was asking you politely.” I pointed out, clearly frustrated with the attitude that he was displaying.

“It’s your job that you are late for, should have left you house earlier. Don’t pour all your anger out on me now” He said in irritation while still focusing on the road.

As much as I would hate to admit... it's true.

“Can you just... just help me reach there?” I asked irritated since I was not bothered to argue with him and lose my breath anymore since I had to leave plenty for that bastard. But just then I leaped forward and my forehead hit the seat in front of me after the car came to a stop. Thinking I had finally arrived I was about to get out, but stopped as soon as I looked outside and realised that it was not the case.

“Actually... no. I can’t.” He said carelessly while yawning.

“And what may the reason be..?” I asked in a irritated tone, while crossing my arms carelessly.

“The car’s out of fuel.” He said while still chewing his gum, on the other hand, I was sitting there with wide eyes after uncrossing my arms.

What?! No! What do I do now?

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