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18. California

Click! Click! Click!

The sound of my black heels was echoed as I entered the building; my hair was all messy like a bird’s nest because of the wind; my make up was sort of ruined because of sweat, but I couldn’t care any less at that moment. Just when I was making my way towards the lift while avoiding all the weird eyes that was staring at me, a very annoying and high pitched voice came from behind me making me squeeze my eyes shut in annoyance. With a fake smile plastered on my lips I turned around hoping that I wouldn’t be venting all my anger out on her.

“Mr Stock has asked for you, and said you need to go to his office right away.” She was painting her nails while letting me know... actually it more sounded like a demand.

“Ok.” What? You all should know my rule by now; if you’re not polite then I’m not polite either!

Pressing the button of the lift I impatiently waited for it to arrive while tapping my feet against the floor and repeatedly watching my watch on my wrist. The doors of the lift opened revealing a very stunt Branden in there.

“Hey, Are you ok?” I asked with a bit of concern. It was as if he had seen a ghost, like he wasn’t expecting me at all.

“Oh, erm.. yeah. I just need to go out and get some work done. See ya later!” He said with a smile and then left in a speed before I could even say a word. Shrugging my shoulders I hurriedly stepped inside the lift and pressed the floor to go to the Bastard.

Urgh! Time to face his anger.

Oh, by the way, in case any of you guys out there didn’t manage to guess how I reached here yet then let me tell you, I had to walk all the way here even though I was wearing the f*cking heels.

When I walked out of the lift and was about to go to my office to place my bag and prepare myself to hear the rants by him, I noticed Eva coming out of the bastard’s office. I hurriedly walked up to her.

“Eva, Is everything ok? What did he say?”

“He was screaming for you! Hurry up and go to him otherwise he’s seriously gonna lose his mind.” She said waving her hand carelessly in distress, and made her way towards her reception desk to get on with her work.

Mentally face palming myself I ran to my office, unlocked my office door, threw my bag on to the couch and made a ‘U’ turn to go to his office. But before going, I remembered to fix my appearance otherwise I’ll have to be ready to hear another one of his outbursts. Running to my table to quickly reapplied my lipstick, wiped the sweat of my face and used my fingers to fix my hair, which took longer than expected.

Speed walking towards his office I took in deep breaths to control my beating heart. Closing my eyes I knocked on his door and stepped inside after hearing a faint ‘come in’ which was really surprising to me because of his tone of voice.

He didn’t seem THAT pissed like I expected him to be. With a glint of hope I stepped in further and released the door to allow it to shut behind me. I avoided looking up and looking at him.

“Miss Livingston, Why are you late? You are exactly 45 minutes and 10 seconds late.” He said with a stern voice with a tint of amusement attached to it. As if he was enjoying putting me in this situation. But, what actually made me look up to him is the fact that he was being so precis in time.

10 seconds?! Seriously.. What the fuck!

Just about managing to control my anger I replied, “I am sorry, sir. But... but it wouldn’t happen again. In fact, I’ll try my best to arrive earlier than required.” I don’t know why I said about arriving than the time required but.. hey! if it saves my job and saves me from being homeless then why not.

“Normally I would fire those who come really late, and I would do the same to you as well....” He took a short break in his sentence making my heart beat to increase waiting for the consequences at the end of his sentence. “But, I wouldn’t want to go through the stupid process of going through all the applications and interviews , so consider yourself really lucky to have another chance.”

“Thank you so much sir, I am really grateful.” I replied right after he finished his sentence with an unwanted grin on my face.

Not really grateful to be honest.... Who would want to display their true feelings and get fired? I know it’s not me.

Grabbing one of his file he started to look through it leaving me standing in the middle of the room. Nothing to do my eyes wondered off looking around the room, until it ended up landing on none other than him, who was sitting their still examining the file while placing his finger across his chin. Placing his file on his table he got up from his chair and made his way towards me. Fixing myself I stood straight and looked up, attempting to appear confident. That’s a new thing I am trying to improve on, which is to appear confident and strong in front of that Arrogant Bastard.

He came near his desk and stood in his famous position. Leaning against his table and folding his arms, while staring directly into my eyes and this time I didn’t look away. Was I doing the right thing by daring to look? I don’t know.

“I will be giving you the permission to go home early today.” I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion.

Am I dreaming right now?

Right after rolling his eyes... which was extremely rude thinking about the fact that he is the employer, he made his way around his desk and sat down on his chair again.

“We would need to go to California during the weekends.”

“What!” I yelled making him snap his eyes towards me and making me regret right away.

He raised one of his brows towards me and asked, “Excuse me?”

“S-sorry sir.”

“Better. As I mentioned before, you will go home early today to pack your back, I’ll be sending my car to your house to pick you up, so that I don’t have you arriving late, again.” He said while looking at me with the corners of his eyes.

Was he just taunting me?

Before I could et any angrier and pour all the anger out on him and cause more trouble I fists my hands and dug my nails into my skin, to prevent myself from getting any more annoyed. With a fake smile on my face I spoke up, “Anything else, sir.”

“No. You may go back to your office and complete the work on your desk by 4 hours, email those work to me and then you may leave.” He said in his usual stern voice while holding a black pen in his hand and looking down at some documents.

Not bothered to say anything else I walked out of his office with long strides without any second glance at him.

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