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19. Past

After leaving the bastard’s office I marched my way to my office and slammed my door shut. Frustrated by his unexpected events and outbursts I stump my way towards my chair and drop my tired body on the comfy chair. Taking off my shoe I leaned back and closed my eyes trying to relax for 5 minutes before having to work non-stop, but I was interrupted by someone who turned the door knob of my office to enter, and assuming that its him I prepared myself to give him a fitted reply when I realised that it was actually Eva.

“Wow there! Calm down. I’m not a monster from out of space that’s here to gobble you up.” She said after being surprised my expression.

“Sorry...” I said while rubbing my forehead attempting to reduce the anger and irritation that’s within me. “Actually that Bastard is just so f*cking annoying! Urgh!” I carried on and sat back down while she sat down on the chair opposite me, while the desk was between us.

“Why? what did he do now?” She asked with a chuckle while crossing her legs.

“He just came up with an unexpected trip. Apparently, for the weekend we’ll have to go to California for a meeting.”

“That’s not bad..” that statement made me pass her a disbelief look.

“What? What makes you say that?!”

“Calm down! Geez! At least you wouldn’t have to sit at home and be bored by doing all the documents like me. I would actually prefer to go with him than stay at home and be bored.”


Just then a brilliant idea popped into my head.

“Why don’t you go with him instead of me?” I asked with a grin hoping she would agree.

“He wouldn’t allow that since it’s your duty as his PA.” I was soon disappointed. “Anyway, my family are coming over for dinner at my place tomorrow so I wouldn’t have been able to either way. It’s actually been ages since I last saw them. I miss them a lot! I can’t wait to.....” She carried on talking about her family, and this conversation made me wonder about my own family.

Are they ok? Do they miss me? Should I call them? Would they forgive me? Would they accept me back?

Many questions were coming to my mind but none of them were answerable. I was torn out of my thoughts. “Hey... Are you ok?” she asked with concern.

I managed to force back the tears and plaster a fake but genuine smile. “Yeah. how come your asking?”

She gave me a ‘are you f*cking serious’ look. “Duh! You were staring into space thinking with watery eyes.” She took a deep breath and carried on. “Come on, you don’t have to tell me if you don’t wanna, but all I would say is that you can trust me and I would always be there.” She tried to reassure me and to be honest it made me feel better, and made me want to tell her because I strongly felt like I could do with advice at that moment.

Taking a deep breath I began to tell her everything. Mine and Jacob’s relationship; how I got parted from my family because of him; how he used to cheat on me; how I used to foolishly forgive him, and how we broke up recently. Everything.

“I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have bought the topic up, I’m really sorry.” She said with an apologetic look and while hugging me, and on the other hand, I was sobbing like a child that needed their family. Unstoppable salty waters were flowing down my cheeks ruining my mascara, but that was the least of my problems at that moment. I just felt like I had to let go of everything, and I felt like I needed someone to hear me out. When I opened my eyes, they fell on someone unexpected that made me shocked. My eyes were wide in realisation but William was standing there with a soft expression, as if he was feeling sympathetic, or.. empathetic? But it didn’t last for that long, his facial expression went back to his usual grumpy one.

Grabbing a tissue from my table to quickly attempted to fix myself and turned to him. “Miss Johns, I am sure there are plenty of work for you already, or should I send some more if they are completed?” He spoke to her with a dominating voice and raised eyebrows.

“No sir. I was going..” She turned to me and gave an apologetic look, but I gave her a reassuring smile. When she left, the door shut behind her making me look up to none other than him, who was making his way towards me. With every step that he took towards me, I unintentionally took as many backwards. He didn’t remove his ocean blue ones from my hazel ones. Although my ones were red and could be told that I was crying I still didn’t remove them from his. I know, really stupid of me. But, hey! I just couldn’t. It was as if they were stuck in their places and weren’t able to move. They eventually moved when my lower back hit that desk behind me, but I didn’t have any space to move because in front of me was a very stubborn bastard that didn’t want to move, in fact, he kept coming closer making me squirm in my place. My eyes started to wonder everywhere on the floor trying to calm my nerves down, but I am sure that he had noticed how nervous I was. He lifted his right hand up and took his thumb near my left eye to wipe away the little tear at the corner. This gesture was totally not expected at all! This instantly made my eyes snap at his which were filled with concern. Odd? Yes I know!

“Why were you crying?” He asked with a deep husky voice. It was not the usual stern and cold voice.

“N-nothing. I washed my face so some water remained.” I replied while trying to move but obviously couldn’t. All of a sudden, he harshly grabbed my arms and pulled me closer towards him, making my hands land on his chest.

“Don’t lie to me! I will only ask you one last time. Why were you crying?” He said with so much anger. I couldn’t tell if there were more concern or more anger in those eyes so I just kept on staring at them, unable to say anything.

“W-why do you even care?” I stupidly asked but at that moment I really needed to know as to why he cared so much, and why my tears actually effected him. However, right after I asked this question he gripped my arms harder that it began to sting, implying that he had got even more angrier than before.

“I.DO.NOT.CARE.ABOUT.YOU! I care about my work! I possibly can’t have you here crying out of your misery and not do my work with 100% effort!” He yelled right at my face making me want to burst into tears again but I seriously wouldn’t want to give him the satisfaction.

“I assure you sir, that my work wouldn’t be effected at all.” I replied with equal amount of coldness in my voice, by the look on his face it was visible that he wasn’t expecting this sort of reply.

He immediately released my arms that were most likely bruised by now and made his way out of my office with long strides without turning back. As soon as he slammed the door shut in pure anger, I wrapped the aching arm with my other hand, attempting to reduce the pain.

Why are you so f*cking stupid? Why on earth would he care about you?!
He hates you and you hate him!

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