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2. Ocean Blue eyes

Right now I’m at the café where I work. Although, my dream job was something that included business. I even have a degree in business, but after applying to two companies and getting rejected I simply just gave up.

I have been working in the café for around 1 year now. Yes, I know not that long but I still have formed an amazing relationship with my boss, her name is Sophia and she’s only a year older than me. She is more like my friend, actually more like my best friend. She can be really sweet and considerate but when it comes to her café she can be really harsh and inconsiderate. But, she is an amazing person.

When I stepped into the café this morning she could tell that I was pissed off. When I told her about Jacob cheating, and how I kicked him out of my apartment and life you wouldn’t believe what her reaction was, others would most likely show sympathy, whereas, my best friend was sqealing and clapping her hands with pure happiness. Well... I’m not actually surprised because she didn’t really like him at that first place but I ignored all those comments made by her. Also, she told me that he wasn’t worth it and how I should move on. But, for me it’s not that easy, he broke my heart so how do you think I’ll be able to trust any other guy. They’re all the same!

I’ve decided that I won’t allow myself to get heart Broken again by falling for any other guy. They are all the same... selfish!

I was busy cleaning up the smooth white tiled counter when I noticed someone come in from the corner of my eye. When I turned my body to take their order i let out a gasp.

What? It’s not really my fault that he’s good looking.

When I say, he was hot! It’s an understatement.

He was wearing a suit that made him look very intimidating. He had broad shoulders that was calling out to me to lean on. He had a perfect sharp Jawline with little flat beard that I would just love to caress with my petit hand. And oh my... his lips looked so soft and so kissable, but I held back the urge to do that. Last but not the least, his ocean blue eyes that I could look at all day. There were so many things that could be seen in those eyes; various of emotions that I couldn’t really identify.
Oh shut up Lillian!!

I was snapped out of my thoughts by a deep confident voice; “Are you done checking me out?”

With that a tint shade of pink formed on my skin and I dropped my eyes down on my notepad and pen that were in my hands due, to the embarrassment.

I somehow managed to squeak out; “what would you like, sir?” Which surprisingly came out quite normal.


That’s all! Coffee.. not a please! If I talk to you with respect then I expect the same respect back.

“Sure, sir!” The sir came out a little harsh but I guess that’s what he gets for not showing respect himself.

I first thought that it might have pissed him off but surprisingly, the end of his lip tilted upwards into a smirk as if he found it surprising and amusing.

What was so amusing about that?!

" what’s your name?”

Why the hell was he asking for my name? Was he going to complain about me?! No no no no no!!!!!! He can’t.. can he?...

"Erm... L-Lillian, sir?”


“W-what?” I asked with a shaky voice unable to understand what he meant

“My name is William”

“Oh...erm ok..“was all I had managed to say. Normally, I’m really talkative but I didn’t know what was wrong with me.

While I was preparing the coffee I felt someone burning holes begin my head with their eyes, however, I didn’t bother to turn and get captured by those ocean blue eyes so I just continued with making the coffee for him.

After I was done preparing coffee I handed it to him avoiding to look him in the eye I had my gaze fixed on the coffee. Our fingers brushed against each other slightly causing me to quickly bring my hand back to myself because of the little sparks that were bought alive by the slight touch.

Wth Lilly?! Get a grip!

After few seconds I looked up only to see that he was already looking at me; probably was looking at me the whole time. I immediately regretted looking up to his capturing eyes.

“Thank you” the deep husky voice bought me back to reality.

Well at least he had some manners.

I just smiled in response.

“See you tomorrow then.” he stated, which only caused me to smile again and nod as I was totally oblivious of what else to do or say. With that he just winked and -

Wait! What?! He WINKED?!!

a-and turned on his heel to leave with a smile plastered on his face. While, my mouth was hanging a little and my eyes widened due to confusion.

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