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20. Not fair

“You are so f*cking lucky! Just imagine... You and your hot boss together for the whole of weekend!” She exclaimed with a mischievous grin on her face, while I was staring at her in disbelief.

“You and Eva are the same!” I exclaimed and stumped my way towards my wardrobe to get more clothes to pack.

“Eva is the one that works on your floor, right?” She asked while placed a chip in her mouth.

“Yeah, she’s really sweet but just like you she was exploding in excitement...” I replied while folding my clothes and placing them in my suitcase, but I was interrupted by a very excited Sof who jumped off my bed and ran to me on the other side.

“I love her already! You totally have to bring her over!” she grinned.

“Alright! once i’m back from the stupid trip i’ll defo bring her over, but just help me pack for now.” I said with boredom. I seriously didn’t know why they were so excited about going on trip with that bastard. Honestly, I would rather complete tones of work than go on a trip with him.

God knows what’s going to happen during this weekend. I don’t know why but I have a really bad feeling about this...

“C’mon! Cheer up already and at least just try to enjoy.” She said while placing the last item in the suitcase and closing it.

“Whatever.” I rolled my eyes in annoyance and made my way downstairs towards the kitchen to crab a snack before he comes to pick me up.

Urgh! I’ll have to tolerate him throughout the weekend. God please give me the patients!

Just when I grabbed an orange and was making my way to the couch the door bell rang.

“Aw! Looks like he couldn’t wait and came early.” she spoke up making me send a glare her way which was successful in making her shut up.

Chewing on the piece of orange in my mouth I went towards the door and looked through the hole and there stood Eva, this bought a smile on my face and I hurriedly my orange on a small table near the door and let her enter.

“Hey!” I exclaimed with a bright smile. It was so unexpected. Well... many unexpected events are going on so I shouldn’t really be surprised.

“Hey girl!” I just thought I’d say goodbye before you leave.

“Thanks! I’m so glad you’re here. C’mon in.” Closing the door I skipped towards the living room while Eva followed me behind.

When we entered the living room I saw that a very busy Sof placing things in my handbag which got me curious. “What are you doing?”

“Oh nothing. Just placing some make up in your bag.” She said with the same mischievous grin.


“What do you mean ‘why’? Obviously to seduce him.” This caused both of them to burst into giggles.

“Shut up both of you!” I yelled but it took them a few seconds to do that.

“No matter how much you try to deny it, you still do fancy him, don’t you?” Eva asked with an innocent smile.

“No. Defo not!” I replied with a fake smile on my face and made me way towards the couch while rolling my eyes at them.

“Hey I’m Eva.” She introduced herself to Sof.

“Hi! I’m Sofia, but call me Sof.” She replied to her. Both of them passed each other a Mischievous look with a grin and skipped their way towards me and sat down on both sides of me so that I can’t avoid them which obviously made ma worry.

“What are you guys up to now?”

“Oh nothing. Just wondering what you and him could be up to during these two days..” I passed a glare at Sof while Eva was trying to suppress her laughter, which was failing miserably.

“Let me guess! Him and her going to the beech while holding hands” Eva said while looking into space, as if she was trying to imagine it. Eeww!

“Eva!!” I shouted and started to hit her with a cushion and Sof joined in by getting another cushion and hitting me with it.

“Oii! Shouldn’t you be supporting me?” I asked in disbelief.

“Nope! Not in this once babe!” She shouted back and began to hit me again but I didn’t step back to do the same.

1 against 2? Not fair!

While fighting with those two I had a strong feeling that I was being watched but wondering that it’s just my imagination I ignore it and continued to hit them both with the cushion. Both of them were more likely hitting me because my back was pressed against the sofa while they were continuing to hit me. I still continued to have the same feeling of someone behind so I turned my head to the side and the person in front of me made my eyes go wide. Hurriedly, attempting to stand up straight I pushed them and rolled over to stand up but ended up ding the most embarrassing thing. I ended up falling on my butt causing both of them to giggle beside me but I couldn’t care any less at that moment. Hastily, I pushed myself up from the god damn floor and stumbled a bit while fixing myself before looking up to the cold face. He was obviously wearing one of his most expensive suit and was staring right at me with the ‘Have-you-lost-your-mind’ look. I couldn’t really see his eyes since he was wearing his black shade.

Top to bottom black, just like his personality!

“Do you have a habit to check out every men in suit, or is it just me?” He interrupted my thoughts with a confident and dominating tone. As you guys can guess the two behind me were attempting to suppress their laughter’s, but at the moment I didn’t really care at the moment when a very arrogant bastard was in front of me, already annoying me as f*ck!

Mastering a bit of courage I passed him a glare which obviously didn’t even effect him even a bit as he just stood their staring right at me while leaning against the dinner table and while crossing both of his arms.

Fisting my hands I marched up the stairs towards my room to get my suitcase. Swearing under my breath I entered my room and grabbed my suitcase violently but while I was going out I tripped over my slippers making me swear even more in annoyance.

Uuuurrgh! I hate that Bastard! there’s always something going wrong when he’s around

Stumping down the stairs my eyes fell on Eva, Sof and him. They were talking calmly which was a surprise to me because he can swear, shout, and yell but he can never talk to someone calmly. When I came near them he turned around and placed his hands back in his pocket, as if he was trying to protect something there, but I dismissed that thought.

“Bye Lilly, I’ll miss y’a!” Sof came and hugged me, and Eva did the same.

“Guys, It’s only for the weekend.” I replied with a laugh but ended u[pp earning a bunch on my arm by Sof. Yep! She’s violent alright.

“We don’t have time for all this. We should get going, or do you intent to get me late along with you today?” He asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Bye Sof. Bye Eva.” I smiled at them.

“You mister, you better take good care of my friend here.” She spoke up while her hand was on her hip.

What on earth do you think you are doing?!

I mentally face palmed myself and looked up to him who shifted his eyes from her to me and then back to her again, and this action caused fear to arise within me. But, surprisingly he didn’t say anything back, instead he just nodded his head. This clearly shock me. Closing my mouth I smiled at both of the girls and followed him out.


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