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22. Jacob returns

“Jacob?” I answered with a shaky voice.

“Looks like my princess remembers me. You miss me, princess?” He replied with a hint of arrogance in his voice, and this made my heart rate to accelerate even faster.

For a split second I looked back to see if Mr. Stock was still having his shower, and when the coast was clear I moved my gaze back in front. I wanted to ask him ‘why did you call?’ or say to him ‘Don’t you dare call me princess!’ but I don’t know why but I opened my mouth several times but no words came out, it was as if I had lost my voice. I had absolutely no idea what came over me but I just couldn’t help but to fill up my eyes with salty waters. I was having mixed emotions, and it was not explainable. I just didn’t know what to say or do.

“What’s wrong, princess? Too happy to hear my voice again?” The tone of his voice gave away the fact that he was so sure I wanted to hear his voice. But, the truth is that I... I actually forgot about him, until now. People say that you can never forget your first true love, and this caused many questions to arise regarding the relationship that we had.
Didn’t I actually love him?
Wasn’t my love for him true?
Didn’t I love him with all my heart?

“You know, I would love to hear your voice as well. Or... are you planning on giving me the silent treatment?” The tone he used for the last sentence seemed.. dangerous. The tone caused shivers to go down my spine. I wanted to say so many things to him, I wanted to yell at him, I wanted to swear at him for everything he did, but I couldn’t. There was this huge lump in my throat that I just couldn’t seem to get rid of. However, after several attempts I finally managed to get rid of the lump and when I opened my mouth to give a stern reply after clearing my throat I was rudely interrupted when my phone was snatched out of my hand. Guess who it was... Yes, you’re right. It was none other than the bastard himself. Well, I was sort of grateful that he had come out at the right time since I wasn’t in the mood to talk to Jacob yet, actually... I will never be ready to talk to him ever again!

“Don’t you dare to call on this number again! Do you f*cking get that?!” The seriousness in his tone certainly caught me off guard. I mean, I certainly didn’t think that he would actually care that much, I was so shocked that I just stood there frozen on my spot as he continued to threaten him. But, Jacob didn’t seem as threatened I guess because he was answering back to him, and Mr. Stock was swearing his head off. He had his left hand fisted beside him and he was gritting his teeth every now and then, implying he was seriously pissed by Jacob’s gut.
“You f*cking asshole! You better get out of her life! Trust me, you wouldn’t wanna mess with me!” As soon as he ended the call he carelessly threw the phone on my bed and turned to look at me.

“What was that about?” This time I asked that question with the same smirk on my face.

He raised his famous eyebrows. “You were enjoying talking to him?” He used his usual cold tone, again. He was back to being a bastard again, I guess.

I crossed my arms while still having the smirk on my face. “What if I was?”

He repeated my actions.

I could just look at that expression forever, even if it’s just a half smile.

“No wonder you weren’t talking, and no wonder you were standing there like a ghost.” immediately my smirk was wiped off my face and made my arms uncross again in shock. As he walked over to the dressing table I followed behind him while stumping my feet.

“You were eavesdropping?!” I semi-yelled with wide eyes while he was combing his thick jet black hair.

He stopped combing his hair and looked at me through the mirror. The cold and dangerous gaze that was passed on by him immediately made me regret my tone of voice. Do you know what the most stupid thing I did? I didn’t look away. I kept looking at his ocean blue eyes with the same intensity through the mirror like him. We kept looking at eachother through the mirror as he placed his comb down and turned around. Not knowing what to do I was preparing myself to grab my things and run for the bathroom. But as I was moving towards the bed even he was taking steps towards me. Scratching the back of my head I snatched my clothes and towel from the bed and made a run for the bathroom. Just when a smile of victory appeared on my face my right hand was grabbed roughly from behind, and before I could process anything my back hit the wall really hard, causing pain to erupt on my upper back.

All my belongings fell on the floor beside me as both of my arms were pinned against the wall. I could feel his minty breath fanning against my pink lips. I could feel his eyes on mine, but my eyes were looking up to his lips. He wet his lips and moved closer. The little action itself caused my heart to race.

“I have told you already and I’m telling you again, no one talks to me in that tone. Do you get that?” He broke the silence with a husky voice. It wasn’t the usual demanding tone, in fact, it was as if he was forcing himself to say that, it was as if he didn’t mean what he had said.

What on earth are you even thinking?! Of course he means what he said. He always means what he says!

Not having the strength to open my mouth and say something I just nodded my head but he couldn’t take that as an answer.

“I expect an answer when I ask something.” He said while fanning my lips again and while causing his warm breath to make a few strands of my hair to fly up in the air.

“Y-Yes, sir.” I replied after clearly my throat, but clearing my throat didn’t really help as I was clearly stammering. What do you even expect though? The proximity between us was killing me!

Unable to look up to him because of his intensity I gradually bought my eyes lower but they immediately went wide in shock. My cheeks became red like a tomato in an instant. Not knowing how to react seeing my boss without his shirt I started to shrink right on my spot and let my eyes wonder around. I didn’t know how to react after seeing my boss in only towel that was wrapped around his lower body.

When he finally realised why I was behaving weird all of a sudden he had his new famous smirk on his face, obviously enjoying this little drama.

“I hope you will not repeat that again?” He said with the same husky voice that somehow still managed to send shivers down my spine.

“N-No sir.” I stammered, again.

When he finally let go of my hands I stumbled towards the side and grabbed my things from the floor immediately. My cheeks were still flashing red, and my chest was still rising and falling. As I didn’t know what to say or do I stepped backwards while still looking down and ran in the bathroom and locked the door and leaned against it immediately while releasing a breath that I didn’t know I was holding. There was only one thing that I needed at that moment, and that was a cold shower to reduce the warmness that had spread within me, especially on both of my cheeks.

Stepping into the shower as the cold water made my body and mind relaxed I closed my exhausted eyes.

What the f*ck was that about?
We seriously need to act more professional with each other.

While repeating the last sentence in my mind I poured some shampoo on my head and gently started to scrub my scalp. Soon after, as I finished scrubbing my body with a shower gel that had a lavender scent, I used my towel, and after going the other end of the bathroom I applied cream and put on my clothes.

Taking a deep breath I stepped out of the bathroom and walked towards the bed that was occupied by someone. Rolling my eyes I went to the side where he was sleeping on his front.

“Where am I supposed to sleep?” I spoke up after clearing my throat, and the clearance of my throat could be heard in the silent room.

He looked towards the other side of the bed and then put his head back down on the pillow that looked so comfy while closing his eyes again. “I’m sure you can see that there’s space over there.”

I continuously shifted my hazel gaze from him to the other side of the bed multiple of times in disbelief. “You expect me to sleep there? Next to you?” I replied in disbelief but managed to remember to lower my tone this time.

“What wrong with that?” He asked while still having his eyes closed. It seemed as if it didn’t make any difference to him that it was extremely unprofessional, but at that time I seriously needed some sleep. Without wasting any more time I grabbed few cushions from the couch in middle of the room and placed them in between us and dropped my exhausted body on the bed which bought a smile on my tired face because of the comfort provided. As soon as my head touched the pillow my eyelids instantly became heavy and I went into a deep slumber.

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