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23. Am I dying?!

I was having my peaceful sleep when I was rudely interrupted by someone who threw my body over their shoulder, and this immediately made me snap my eyes open in terror. Not knowing what else to do and who it was I started to clumsily hit my fist on his back and uncontrollably started to kick my feet, but it was no use.

“Put me down! Who are you?! I said put me down right now!” All those screams were no use because no matter how much I yelled that person didn’t put me down. In fact, he started to increase his pace even more than before, causing my heart beat to accelerate even more. Pure fear raised within me as he came closer and closer towards the... the window?

Why would be take me near the window? Was he going to throw me out?!

The last question caused my eyes to widen even more in fear but I tried not to let that be too obvious. I started to hit his back with my fists even more, and this time even strongly. My hair was like a bird’s nest and my half sleepy state wasn’t really a great help either. However, my sleepiness was soon snatched away by a very deep voice that I could recognise anywhere.

“Stop the fuss and stay quite for a minute!” He snapped all of a sudden making me look up, and it turned out to be none other than the bastard himself.

What is he up to now? I thought to myself in confusion, worriedness and in annoyance. Is he annoyed with me to an extent where he is going to actually going to throw me out of the window to get rid of me once and for all?! No, he couldn’t do that. Can he?

Using even more strength that I could possibly still have within me I started to struggle even more making him lose his balance a little bit. Surprisingly, It actually worked and he placed me down, but fear soon took over me again when my eyes fell on a very fuming Mr. Stock. Everyone out there who isn’t in this situation with him should be grateful because trust me, you would rather be shallowed up by the floor than be in this situation with him.

“We need to get out of here. Now! So, before you open your mouth and talk bullsh!t, I would suggest you shut it and run from here, unless you would rather get killed?” He responded with a questioning look.

This caused my brows to furrow in confusion. My breathing was uneven and heavy, while my chest was rising and falling in panic and fear. “W-What do you mean?” Just when I finished asking the question my eyes fell on his right hand where there was a gun. An actual gun! I became speechless and many questions raised in my mind, but I was unable bring them out of my mouth in shock but mostly in fear.

He followed his own gaze from my eyes to where I was staring so intensely at and let out a frustrating breath. Was I not the one who should be frustrated right now? But at the moment I couldn’t remove my hazel eyes from the jet black gun. Finally after several attempts I squeaked out, “P-Please don’t tell me that it’s real.” It was meant to be a question but came out as a statement.

“Just do as I say for now. I’ll tell you what’s going on afterwards when we are safe.” I didn’t respond. I couldn’t respond when there is someone standing opposite me with a f*cking actual gun. But the next word that escaped from his mouth made me snap my watery eyes at his blue ones. “Please.” Come on, it was unexpected. The tone of his voice clearly highlighted the fact that he was really tensed and worried. It was as if the person standing in front of me was another person, it felt as if it wasn’t the usual Mr. stock that I get shouted by.


The loud bangs on the door made me jump on my spot and snap my eyes in that direction in horror.

“C’mon! We don’t have time.” Before I could even agree I was grabbed by my right hand and pulled near the humongous white window that was open. There was a rope attached there already. It was tied on the window handle and was going all the way down. This made me galp in fear. Honestly, who would jump with the help of a rope all the way from 3rd floor? No one!


However, the frightening loud bangs on the door made me change my mind again. Taking a deep breath I closed my eyes for a second to gather the courage and finally opened them again.

“Don’t worry, I wouldn’t let anything happen to you.” This phrase melted my heart for a second but the next phrase just ruined it. “I mean, I wouldn’t let any harm come to any of my employees. Now, hurry up!” He semi-yelled while continuously looking back at the door, which was most likely close to breaking by all the banging.

Slowly, I lifted up my right foot and placed it on the edge of the window and lifted my body up while he supported me by holding my back. Twisting my body I placed my left hand on the window to balance myself and used my right hand to grab hold of the rope. I quickly glanced at him who was standing there while pointing the gun at the door in case someone breaks in while we were still escaping, and he reassured me by nodding his head because the concern was visible in my eyes. Mastering up the courage I used both of my hand to grab hold of the rope and steadily lowered myself down.

“Don’t look down!” He yelled when I removed my eyes from his to look down. Immediately, I napped them back to him.

“What if I fall?!” I screamed with fearful voice.

“You won’t. Don’t worry, just hold the rope and slowly lower yourself down and I’ll follow down afterwards.”

By that time I was half way down the rope when I unintentionally looked down and immediately regret it and squeezed my eyes shut. Taking deep breaths I started to lower my body down again and when my bare foot finally managed to touch the ground I opened my eyes in satisfaction. I looked up and realised that he started to climb down the rope. What truly amazed me was how skilfully he lowered himself down, it clearly seemed as if he did it multiple of times before.

When he came down we could hear the door of our room being broken, frightened by the outcome as soon as he placed my shoes down on the floor I slipped them on we made a run towards the exit. I was shocked that he had actually thought of bringing my slippers, considerate? Maybe, but it still didn’t change my opinion about him. He’s still a bastard for me.

Many people who were in the hotel began to run around in all different directions. Panic took over me by viewing the situation and I immediately took hold of his arm and unknowingly dug my nails into his skin because of pure fear. He didn’t really complaint though, in fact he placed his own hand on mine in order to reassure me that everything was going to be fine, but deep inside I knew that it was far from it.

“What do we do now?” I asked in panic while running my free hand through my messy hair. I didn’t really care what I looked like in that situation, all I care about was getting out of the mess without any injuries.

Without glancing my way he continued to shift his eyes everywhere, clearly looking for ways out of the mess and answered, “First of all, we need to get out of here.”

Duh! What about later on?

Rolling my eyes, they landed on a alley in the far corner. I tapped on his arm three times to get his attention while still looking in that direction. “There’s a alley way down there.” I said with a glint of hope while pointing in that direction with a grin. Grabbing my hand he pulled me towards that direction, more like sprinted in that direction.

Panting for fresh air we both kept running through the dark never ending alley until I couldn’t take it anymore. “I...can’t do this..*cough cough* anymore.” But, did he stop? Nope.

“You might wanna get killed but I don’t!” He yelled while still holding my hand and sprinting. He finally looked back at me and realised that I actually needed to sit down. “Fine. Just a little while more and I’ll see if I can find a place for us to spend the night in, and then when the sun rises we will set off again.” I nodded my head in agreement and picked up my pace again before he changes his mind for whatever reason.

“Are we... are we planning on stopping anytime soon?” I asked after stopping and while desperately grasping for air.

By this time even he was out of breath. Who wouldn’t be after running non-stop. “There’s a huge tree there. We could take rest there. Plus, there’s only few more hours till sunrise and we would have to get going again.”

“Ok.” I replied. Walking over to the tree we sat down. I let my head rest on the tree and closed my eyes while taking a deep breath in to calm down my uneven breathing. Just when I was about to give into sleeping I snapped my eyes open again when I heard him getting up. “Where are you going?” I asked alarmed.

“I’m going to get woods to light fire as it’s getting colder each second. There are some just there.” He replied while pointing in the direction. He was saying the truth, it wasn’t far. It was visible where few woods were lying around. I nodded my head and he walked off to collect few woods with his usual long strides.

Tonight I saw a total different Mr Stock. He wasn’t the usual bastard that I always encounter. He was concerned. He was supportive. He reassured whenever I lost hope. Whenever I feel like I’m finally getting to know him, he shows a totally different side of him and confuses me.

Assuming he might need help with all those woods I stood up. However, after taking the first step I was roughly pulled by a hand on my waist and another hand on my mouth which prevented me from screaming.

My back was harshly pushed against the tree where I was not visible to anyone. I kept on kicking my weak arms and legs attempting to get out of their grasp but it was useless. Continuous salty waters were flowing down my cheeks while I was making all the efforts to get away.

“This girl is like a Ferrari mate.” Laughed a recognisable voice, but I couldn’t see their faces because they were wearing a black musk.

“What y’a waiting for? Just make her unconscious.” Suggested another man who was standing next to him, who was wearing similar musk as well. They seemed to be in a gang or something.

“Pass the injection.” The similar voice spoke up again with devilish eyes. When he moved his eyes from me to the other guy to receive the injection from him, and I realised that this was my only chance to call for help before they make me fall unconscious. With the speed of a lightening I grabbed his hand and bit on it as hard as could while squeezing my eyes shut. He cried out in pain for a second but managed to supress it by swearing under his breath after removing his hand from my mouth. Taking the opportunity in my hands I screamed as loud as I can fir help and hoped that he would manage to hear me.


Before I could tell what was going on, the other guy quickly jabbed the injection in my right arm making me yell in pain. I wanted to shout. I wanted to yell for help. I wanted to scream for him, but I couldn’t. I felt really dizzy. I felt like everything was fading away, my vision became blurry. I could hear a voice call from behind me, “LILLIAN!” It was him! He came to save me! However, the happiness didn’t last for long because I wasn’t able to keep my eyes open any longer and I had to let them gradually close. Before I completely fell unconscious only one question was going around in my head in circles...

Am I dying?


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