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3. Second encounter

Beep! Beep! Beep!

With a groan I crawl out of bed, as you can guess I’m definitely not a morning person. After I finish off my business in the bathroom I quickly grab towel and my clothes from my room, and head off to the bathroom again to have a quick shower.

I wore a white shirt, black skirt that’s up to my thighs with black tights. I let my brown long hair out and applied a bit of make up; foundation, eyeliner and red lipstick.

Red? Seriously Lillian?

Well I normally don’t wear bright lipsticks, I don’t know why but I felt like dressing up today. I normally just wear whatever and even if I do apply some make up I don’t really apply bright colours like red.

I muttered to myself and headed out of my house grabbing my things that were lying around the living room tea table, which includes; keys, phone and purse that contains; lipstick and gum, and locked my door on my way out.
While walking across the pavement I was smiling to myself:

I wonder if he will be coming today..
Oh shut up!! Stop overthinking your little head!!

Slapping my forehead with my palm while smiling I made my way to the café. However, when I arrived at the café and was taken back by Sophia’s sudden outburst ; “WHAT THE HELL LILLIAN!”

Quickening my speed I walked over to her and engulfed her into a tight hug, and said; “I’m so sorry! It won’t happen again. I will be on time next time.”

She immediately returned the hug and smiled;” fine” while playfully rolling her eyes.

My smile immediately disappeared when I noticed her frown.

“What’s wrong? Sof, are you ok?” (Sof short for Sophia) she hesitantly shook her head, which caused me to panic even more. “Why?whats wrong?”

After few seconds she said;” Zack damped me for a blonde b!tch!” And with that she started to sob while placing her head on my shoulder for support and I wrapped my hands around her.

“Sshh... it’s fine. You don’t need him, you’re an independent woman that can stand up for herself.” I said trying to calm her down. I know exactly how it feels like to be backstabbed my someone who you trusted the most.

“You’re right. Thanks Lilly” she stated snapping me out of my thoughts. In return, I smiled at her. My loved ones and close people call me Lilly, I stead of Lillian, my full name.

When I looked down, I noticed that she was fiddling with her fingers. She only did that when she was nervous. Without wasting any more time I asked;” what’s wrong Sof? Are you ok?Do you wanna ask something?”

She hesitantly looked up and replied,
" Erm... I’m sorry Lilly, I don’t wanna be a burden on you or something...” I instantly cut her off;” Don’t you ever think yourself as a burden. Just ask.”
Intaking a breath she spoke;” Is it ok if I stayed with you? I mean if you don’t mind..”

“Wth come on, do you seriously need to ask? You’re more than welcome at my place anytime.” With a bright smile she pulled me into a tight hug swaying us side to side due to happiness. Soon she pulled away with a smile, and jumped off from the stool straightening up her skirt.

“Alright get back to work.” She declared while wiping away her tears.

“Yes boss” I replied attempting to lighten the mood.

When she stepped away I stood up with a sigh and walked around the counter getting ready for the customers. I normally work Monday-Friday from 9-5, but I might stay behind for a bit to comfort her since she’s not in a good mood. I honestly feel empathetic towards her because she really loved him.


Exhausted, I wipe away the dust and get ready to go when someone unexpected appeared. Well, not really unexpected person but I kind of gave up hope that he would actually show up again after yesterday.

Shut the f*ck up Lilly! What are you talking about?!! You definitely weren’t expecting him at all!!!
My inner voice argued.

I was soon snapped out of my conflicting thoughts when the same deep voice called out; ” Lillian, are you ok?”

For a while my tongue got twisted but I finally spoke; ” Erm.. yeah sorry. What would you like?”


That’s it! It really pissed me off now!

“Of course, sir” emphasising the word ‘sir’. Just then he had a frown on his face, causing me to crease my eyebrows in confusion.

“I told you my name is William, and I guess my name is there for a reason. There’s no need for you to be formal around me.”

“But sir-” he placed a finger on my lips attempting to silence me, which unfortunately worked as I was standing there completely chocked by his action.


I looked down at his finger that was still placed on my lips and looked back at him, the side of his lips tilted upwards into a smirk and removed his finger from my lips.

“But it’s really unprofessional” I said after letting out a breath of relief when he removed his finger.

“I don’t care so yo-” He was cut off by his phone ringing. He cursed under his breath and answered his phone.

“WHAT IS IT?!” He yelled causing me to jump a bit on my spot, which he noticed a sent me a reassuring smile towards me. I just looked down too afraid to look into his eyes after hearing his anger filled voice.

After listening to the other person in the his face transformed from a friendly one to a stoned one. I had no idea what was going on so I stood silent .

I turned around to leave but just then someone held me wrist prevented n from doing that. When I turned around with creased eyebrows out of confusion I saw William holding onto my hand and looking at me, while still on the phone.

After few seconds he finished his call and pulled me towards him; making me fall into his embrace; his hands rested my my waist; my hands rested on his chest, and hesitantly I looked up and realised that he was staring at me all this time. He raised his right hand and pushed a strand of hair behind the ear.

“What’s wrong?” He asked and let out a deep sign while bringing up his right hand and pinching his perfect nose, while still holding me in place.
“You have nothing to be afraid of. Although other people might be scared to me and they should be, but you my dear.. don’t need to be afraid at all. Do you understand?”

Afraid to speak I reluctantly nodded my head and looked down attempting to avoid looking into his eyes.

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