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5. The interview

I woke up extra early to make sure I was not late for the interview. I rushed my way to the bathroom; did my business and had a warm relaxing shower and wrapped my body with a fluffy white towel.

I quickly brushed my hair and used a hair dryer to dry my hair, then I applied light make up which consists of; foundation, mascara, eyeliner and red lipstick to make sure I look presentable for the interview. After multiple of clothes on my bed and debating what to wear I finally chose a black dress with grey strips on the top part. Since I still had couple of minutes to kill I quickly did diva curls to my hair, which I was really proud of. Hurriedly, I slipped on my black hills and dashed towards the kitchen after grabbing my purse and snatched an apple from the fruit basket.

After yelling, “Bye Sof I’m off!” And after she replied, ” Bye and good luck!” And thanking her and rushed out of my door making sure to lock it.

After spending few minutes trying to catch a cub I finally arrived.

When I say that the building is big, it’s an understatement. It had glass huge windows; huge automatic glass doors. Once I stepped into the building the soft black carpet automatically comforted my aching feet. Without wasting anymore of my precious time I stepped towards the reception where there was a lady who I got a really negative vibes from.

“Hello. I’m here for an interview..” I said hoping she got the hint that she needs to say the directions.
She ranked my body with her venomous eyes.

“Name?” She asked rudely.

“Lillian Livingston” I said with equal amount of coldness.

“22nd floor” with that I left without saying thank you. What? Look get this straight if you don’t respect me then don’t expect me to respect you.

A tooth for a tooth.

I arrived to the elevator and pressed 22nd button in the lift. While I was in the lift I noticed couple of girls that were probably here for the same interview caking their faces up with make up. I do love make up, and I do put make up on myself, but I don’t put a lot on; only enough to look presentable.

After what seemed like hours the elevators finally opened and I let out a huge breath feeling less suffocated amongst those girls.

Soon I arrived at another reception desk. The girl at this reception area looked more friendly.

“Hello. I’m here for an interview and my name is Lillian Livingston.”

“Hello Miss Livingston. Please take a sit at the waiting area. You will be called in shortly.” Yep she was definitely a friendly one.

“Thank you and please call me Lilly” I said with a smile which she returned with the equal amount of happiness.

“No problem and call me Eva”

I smiled in response and turned around to go the waiting area.

As time went passed and as I saw each woman coming out with sulked faces my heart began to race.

“Miss Livingston” someone called out. I was too lost in my own thoughts to realise who called but hesitantly I stood up and made my way the huge wooden, expensive and strong looking door. I knocked three times and when I heard ‘come in’ I slowly turned the handle and entered the room. The door behind me closed on its own, but that was least of my problem right now. The person sitting on the chair shocked me to the core.

I stood there in the middle of the magnificent office with my eyes wide in shock. There in front of me was none other than... William!

He was in his office attire; white shirt with a navy blue suit; dark blue tie; his jet black hair neatly combed.

I was torn out of my dream land when he slowly lifted up his gaze and widened his eyes like mine in shock. But, he quickly composed himself and leaned back in his chair.

“Miss Livingston. Please take a sit.” He said gesturing towards a chair opposite him that had a working desk in between them.

What the hell?! He’s acting so formal, like he doesn’t even know me. Just yesterday he was flirting and now there he was acting all formal. Wait! Why am I complaining? I should be happy.

Reluctantly, I made my way to the chair and sat down and started to fiddle my my fingers. It’s a habit of mine when I’m nervous.

After a moment of an awkward silence I slowly lifted up my gaze, and my eyes immediately came in contact with the most intoxicating ocean blue eyes that I was longing to see.

Wait?! What?! No! I wasn’t looking to see him! No no no!

“So...” I mentally thanked him for breaking the silence.

“Miss Livingston please tell me about yourself.” I was oblivious of what to say.

“Well... I have a degree for business but due to some circumstances I was unable to continue with it but when I heard about this company and position I thought why not give it a go. There’s nothing else to say really.”

I let out a breath after the long speech that I gave just now, and started to fiddle with my petit fingers again.

“Do u make you nervous, Miss Livingston?” He said which made me look up to him, and noticed that he had a smirk in his face and a glint of amusement in his captive eyes.

“N-no Sir.” I lied.

“I see. Well, Miss Livingston I am happy to let you know that you are hired. I expect you to arrive to work starting from tomorrow at exactly 9, I don’t accept tardiness when it comes to work. The rest will be explained tomorrow when you arrive in the morning.”

To say that I was shocked would be an understatement. I didn’t expect in my wildest dreams that I would be accepted in a company like this. Sure I applied but I didn’t really think that I’ll be able to get the position in the company. It was a dream come true!

“Thank you sir. I wouldn’t let you down. Have a good day sir.”

“Good day to you too.” He replied

With that I turned my heels and walked out of the room with a smile on my face.

I exited the building and caught hold of a cab and headed home.

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