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6. William P.O.V

William’s POV:

Turning off the alarm clock on my stand I grumpily made my way to the shower. After I stepped out of the bathroom I went to my walk-in-closet and chose to wear a suit; white shirt, navy blue blazer and trouser with blue tie. As I made my way to my dressing table I put on my watch and combed my hair while standing in front of the mirror.

Today is going to be a really long day that I was definitely not looking forward to. First of all, I have to interview a group of people that applied to become my PA , I did have one but I fired her because of her attitude, oh and not to forget the continuous flirting, it used to really piss me off. Well, I need to change my PA around every month or two due to their continuous unexceptionable behaviour.
Second reason is that I have awful amount of meetings to attend.

I was interviewing people but many either tried to flirt with me or didn’t have the qualifications to take up the position. I was really giving up on the whole PA thing, but there was this one more candidate left to interview. I told Eva; my receptionist, to call in the last candidate.

Eva is a really sweet girl; always positive and doesn’t have any complains about life, also, she is like a friend, I treat her like a sister outside of work. The thing is that I like to separate professional and personal life to have everything balanced out.

I heard a faint knock;‘come in’ I ordered. I didn’t lift my head up to see, but when I looked at the candidate name in the file I lifted up my eyes only to see the woman that I was gracing to see all this while... Lillian!

I quickly composed myself after getting over the shock as I didn’t want her to see.

Professional + Personal = Separate!

I told her to take a sit. As she walked towards the chair I couldn’t take my eyes of her; it was like they were glued in place and can’t be removed. Also, I noticed how she was nervous and how she fiddled with her fingers. I leaned back into my black leather chair and observed her beauty.

I already decided that she would be getting the job, but I had to make sure that she didn’t realise that so I asked her questions, although they are not exactly I would ask, but it’s still questions.

When I told her that she got the job she had a shocked expression on her adorable face.

Adorable? Where did that come from?

When she left and closed the door behind her I wanted to call her and say to her to stay. I felt so... empty. I felt as if I needed her to stay.

Sure I feel attracted towards her but I can’t let her have that sort of effect on me. I don’t believe in love. Love? For me love is like a poison. It doesn’t exist for me because of my past.
From now on I will be acting strictly professional with her!

After she left I got on with my work; attending meetings, sorting out emails etc.

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