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7. Bastard

Lilly’s POV:

Beep! Beep! Beep!

Right now I was on my bed; legs tangled with covers; my hair is a birds nest and my arms slapping away on the table beside me attempting to slam the alarm clock off. Once I was successful in accomplishing the task I spent couple of minutes in bed trying my best to open my heavy eyelids.

I stumbled my way to my bathroom door. After, I soon finished my business and had a warm shower, which helped me to feel more positive about the morning. For some reason I couldn’t help but to feel excited to see William again. The thought unknowingly bought a smile on my face.

I wrapped the towel around my body and made my way to my bedroom. I opened my closet and wore an outfit that I bought yesterday evening after I returned home, and I took Sophia with me since she had better taste in fashion.

It was latest designed top with latest style blazer, and black skirt that reached up to my thighs. Afterwards I quickly curled my hair and put on light make up; foundation, eyeliner and pink lipgloss.

Once I stepped into my living room my perfectly round hazel eyes popped out of their sockets. It was 8:47am! I got 2 minutes delayed to get out of the house. Since it was my first day I wouldn’t want to disappoint my boss.

With an empty stomach I slipped on my back hill and dashed out of apartment door.

I was running out like a mad woman and many people were staring at me like I’m insane. Without glancing at them I entered in a black cab and directed the driver to my work place.

Hurriedly, I stepped out of the cab and paid the driver and entered the building after saying ‘thank you’.

I jogged my to the elevator and with shaking hand I pressed the floor I wanted to go to. It felt like forever by the time the silver elevator door closed. My heart was picking up the pace as the elevator was arriving at the floor. My palms were sweating. It felt like I was going to faint due to the worry. I attempted to calm myself down by takin in deep breaths.


Once the doors opened I didn’t hesitate to rush out of the elevator and run towards his office. Since I didn’t have my own yet and I didn’t know my job role I had to go to him.

Once I arrived at his door I hesitantly lifted up my shaking hands and knocked on the hard door three times, which caused my knuckles to hurt a bit, but that was the least of my worries right now.

“Come in!” The deep and cold voice sent shivers down my spine.

Immediately I grabbed the handle and turned it and pushed to door open to get in.

I was too busy absorbing his appearance and let my eyes wonder his body that I didn’t realise his eyes on me.

He rested his arms on the table whilst holding a pen.

“G-good morning sir.”

“Your office is right next to mine on the right.” He replied.

Wth?! No good morning back? Like seriously..whatever!

“I expect you to be on time everyday at exactly 9. You need to get me black coffee with no milk and no sugar every morning on your way here; attend meetings with me and take notes, send emails, forward important calls, and other tasks that may be set and failure to complete the tasks will cause you to stay after work to complete it. Also, at times we might need to travel to other places for business. Any questions?” He asked after listing to do’s and don’t’s. Whereas, I stood there not knowing what to say.

When I noticed that he had a annoyed expression on his face I finally managed to say; “No sir ”


Wth?! ‘What the hell is wrong with him today?’

He raised a brow and questioned; ” what did you just say?”

Oops! I guess I said that out loud.

“N-nothing s-sir”

“Well you can start of by preparing my coffee” he said while looking back down at his paper.

Without saying anything I stormed out of his office with pure annoyance and anger.

That bastard!

He didn’t even bother to tell me the directions.

Definitely a bastard!

After asking multiple of people I finically arrived at the cafeteria. I must say it’s really big and amazing.

I saw on my wrist watch that I spent 5 minutes already and he was seriously going to get mad for being late.

Well, it wasn’t really my fault that I didn’t know the way. He should’ve let me know.

“Hey! Are you new here coz I didn’t really see you before..”

A guy wearing a white shirt popped up. Well I must say he was rather good looking but not as good looking as Will though.

Seriously?! Where did he pop out from? And where did Will come from?

After snapping out of my thoughts I kindly replied; “Erm.. yeah actually today is my first day as Wi- Mr Stock PA.”

This caused him to rise one of his brows at me.

“Not to be rude but I hope you can last more than the others.”

This time I raised my brow and asked: ” What do you mean?” Clearly offended by the sudden comment.

“I didn’t mean to be offensive. It’s just that many PA’s come and don’t last even a month before they are fired for what Mr Stock reasons ‘tardiness’ ”

Immediately, without even realising I visibly gulped.

“You don’t have to worry though. As long as you put full effort into your work I’m sure that you can impress him with your work in no time.” He said after observing my reaction and giving me a smile.

“Thanks” I replied.

When suddenly I remembered that I was supposed to give William his coffee, causing my eyes to go wide and to mentally slap my forehead with my palm.

“What’s wrong?” He asked concerned.

“I forgot that I had to get Mr Stock his coffee ASAP” I said in a rash while trying to fill a cup up with coffee. But a hand stopped me.

“Don’t worry. You can take mine cause I didn’t add any sugar or milk yet in it.”

I gave him a smile and said, “thank you so much”

“By the way my name is Branden. Branden Black.” he said while sticking his hand out.

I gladly took it and replied; “Lillian. Lillian Livingston.” And smiled back.

“Come I’ll walk you back to your level.”

“No it’s fine.”

“Please I insist.”

“Ok fine.” I replied defeated.

We got out of the lift and I was laughing at one of his jokes, until I came face-to-face with Mr bastard himself, causing my smile to deflate.
Branden noticed the glare that he was sending and quickly said goodbye and scattered off leaving me to deal with Mr bastard.
He turned on his heels and marched in his office. With a sign I made by way towards the same direction.

I knocked on his door three times. Once I didn’t hear him say anything I knocked again only to hear a deep and dangerous voice to say:

“Come in!” Causing me to flinch. Most likely my ear drums were on the edge to burst as well. With a sweaty palm I cautiously turned the door knob, and found him standing near the huge window that gave an amazing view. He had his blazer on his chair and his sleeves were rolled up; putting his biceps on display.

Snapping out of my own world I slowly made my way towards his table and gently placed the cup on the large, glass table; causing it to make a click noise.

After few minutes of silence I decided to break the silence by clearing my dry throat.
“Erm.. is there anything else you want me to do?”
I lifted my gaze and saw was already gazing upon me intensely.


“Who was he?”

“Who?” I asked totally oblivious about what he was talking about.

“Don’t test my patience L- Miss Livingston!!” He exclaimed causing me to finch back a bit. “Who was that guy?” Then it finally clicked that he was talking about Branden.

“He is only a friend of mine. He showed me the way to the cafeteria.” I said in a annoyed tone.

“Well you should have just asked me if you didn’t know the way as you obviously were making coffee for me and not him.” I stood there dumbstruck .
Like seriously what the hell!

“Which department does he work as ?”

I didn’t reply only thinking about why he was asking the question.
But it only caused his anger to rise.


“The f-financial d-department.” I blurted out of fear after lowering my gaze.

“Hmm. I have sent you the work required to be done on your desk. You may leave now.” He said after a few minutes of silence with a cold voice.

Without replying I turned and rushed out the the place as fast as my aching legs could take me.

What? All that running in my heels made my legs tired.

I slammed my door shut; throwing my brown handbag on the white sofa at the end of the office.

Obviously it was nowhere near as big as William’s office but it was still amazing.

I seriously need to stop calling him with his first name. In case I end up saying it in front of him. I should be formal just like he is.

My smile disappeared as quick as it appeared once my eyes fell upon the files of papers that was lying in my desk waiting to be completed.

Stamping my way towards my desk I slammed on my leather chair that was not big and good like w-Mr Stock but it was still really comfortable.

Signing I started with the pile of work.

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