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8. Lunch

After finishing of the piles of work that were set by w- Mr Stock I headed towards his office to hand them in, although I would rather not go.

I grabbed the pile of work and cautiously stepped out of my office and made my towards his office.

There I stood like a statue in front of his office door. On the template it was written in bold:

Mr Stock- CEO

The name itself sends shivers down my spine; refraining me to step forward.

I lifted my right shaking hand to knock on the door whilst balancing the works on my poor left hand, however each time I reach to knock on the door I place it back down, and this was repeated around 4 times already but I just can’t seem to have the courage to actually knock on the door.

What the hell Lilly? Just open the door; place the work on his desk; return to your office. Simple right? WRONG!

However, I soon had to go against my own will and had to open the door as a very annoyed voice spoke up making me finch in fright.

“Come in already!”

After a millisecond I bought my eyes back to the normal size which was wide due to the terror, and reluctantly I lifted my right hand that was shaking even more now and twisted the handle and stepped in.

Once I successfully stepped inside his office without even glancing upwards towards him I hesitantly made my way towards his desk and placed the work on his table.

“Next time instead of wasting your and my time just standing outside just knock on bloody door. It’s there for a reason; not to just stare at it.” He finally spoke up breaking the silence. Although that’s not exactly I was hoping to hear.

“Yes sir.” I said still avoiding to look up afraid of seeing his reaction.

I was about to return to my office assuming there’s no more work to do for now, however, I was highly disappointed.

“ no.. what? Definitely no! Maybe ok.. no... no..” He mattered to himself while looking through the files of work marked by me.

“What the hell Miss Livingston?! What the hell is this?!” His voice boomed across the room causing me to flick violently backwards; my chest rising and falling and my eyes wide looking directly at him now.

Wow! Is it just me or is he getting more attractive day-by-day? Wth?! Not the time now Lilly.

Shaking out of my thoughts I replied, “I-I’m s-sorry sir”.

“Go and do it again. AND! Do it properly this time! I don’t accept tardiness in my office at all! Is that clear?!” He yelled while pointing a finger at me.

My whole body was trembling because of his booming, masculine voice. I was even on the verge of tears, but I couldn’t allow myself to let them roll down my cheeks. Instead I closed my eyes for a millisecond and took a deep breath to prevent myself from breaking down and making a fool out of myself and rushed out without even sparing a glance.

I spent majority of my precious time carefully marking it again. Double checking.. triple checking and checking again. What? Well I don’t want to get yelled by him again and lose my job.

Right now I was sitting on my desk going through the last folder. The file was open in front of me; my left hand resting under my chin; my right hand swirling the pen whilst thinking.

Just then a noise irrupted out of nowhere. After realising that the lock was on my door I answered “come in” out of confusion as I was not used to other people knocking and asking for permission or anything.

The door creeped open and there stood Branden with a smile on his face.

“Hey” he spoke up while standing near the door.

“Hey” I replied with a smile.

“Can I come in?” He asked while holding the door.

“Sure. Sure come on in. There’s no need to be so formal.” I replied with a small chuckle.

He just smiled in response and took long strides in the room towards my desk that had folders scattered everywhere.

“I was just wondering if you want to go out with me for lunch. I mean I just thought that since you are new it could be my way of welcoming you. I mean you don’t have to... I just thought that you might like it?” He spoke while scratching the back of his neck.

I stood there not knowing what to do. But then i thought that I only had a page left to do in the last folder, and it was my lunch break so I agreed with him.

I immediately grabbed my handbag and stepped out of my office. While walking towards the elevator I had a strong feeling that someone was burning two warm holes at the back of my head with their intense eyes, but I ignored my silly imagination and carried on walking with Branden.

Once we reached down near the parking area he took me to his car which caused my eyes to widen a little in surprise. What? Well.. that’s exactly how anyone would express their shock because in front of my eyes was a FERRARI!
It caused me to think that how can a mere employee have a car like this, but then I though that since he works in the financial department he has higher salary.

Shrugging my shoulders I walked with Branden towards his car.

Like a gentleman he opened the door and motioned me to go in. I smiled at him and turned my head to my right and looked up feeling as if someone was sending daggers at me through their eyes, and there he stood... Mr Bastard! Looking at me blankly with an expressionless face causing my heart rate to pick up due to the intensity.

Ignoring him I quickly got in the car and soon he started to drive and we left causing me to mentally sigh in relief.

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