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9. Angry Bastard

The lunch was amazing. Branden was great company; cracking jokes in between. Soon, we had to leave and return to work, which I definitely wasn’t looking forward to.

We were in the lift when he started to tell more jokes causing me to laugh really hard that I had to clench onto my stomach while getting out of the elevator. However, soon my laugh died out in an instant due to someone’s intense gaze. When I lifted my eyes it instantly locked with a pair of blue eyes that seem to be successful in making me captivated every time.

Noticing Mr Stock’s... actually Mr Bastards intense gaze on us he scattered off to his floor, leaving me with the bastard..alone!

Without saying anything he made a U turn on his heels and entered his office and banged the door to close it behind him making me jump a bit in my spot.

“Pssstt! Lilly!” I looked to my right and saw Eva calling me over to her.

“Hey Eva! What’s up? And what’s up with Mr Stock?” Making sure to replace ‘bastard’ with ‘stock’.

“I have no idea. He was in a mad mood since noting but since lunch he is in even worst mood. Just wanted to warn you that he’s not himself and would get really annoyed for even the slightest mistake.” Eva explained causing me to physically gulp. “Hey it’s ok! Just don’t do anything to annoy him by doing your work properly and you’ll be good.” Eva explained further trying her best to console me.

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