The Viral Girl

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Roxane is very popular on social media. However, one photo is taken of her, sending her seemingly perfect life into a downward spiral. Roxane, Blake, and Aiden all seem to have perfect lives, they are popular, good-looking, and well liked. Roxane is very popular on social media, especially on Instagram, with over seven-thousand followers. Blake is the school popular strong jock that can get away with anything. Aiden is the school's rich kid, getting anything and anyone he wants. All three of them love to party and drink. Michele is Roxane's total opposite. He isn't popular on social media or in real life. Roxane doesn't even know that he goes to her school, despite him being in every one of her classes. Little does Roxane know he has feelings for her and has ever since the eighth grade. For years he has had to be content with watching Roxane and Noah and their perfect lives. Roxane's seemingly perfect life isn't as perfect as it seems though. The entire school thinks that she is addicted to drugs and that she's slept with every guy in school, especially her boyfriend Noah. No one has been able to prove any of that until one night at a party when an out of context revealing picture is taken and posted on social media. Everyone turns on Roxane except for Aiden, Blake, and Michele.

Romance / Drama
Molly Stegall
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Chapter 1

Roxane’s alarm went off, causing her eyes to shoot open and for her to groan loudly. She laid there for a few seconds as she listened to the song, trying to will herself out of bed.

Thought I found a way
Thought I found a way, yeah
But you never go away
So I guess I gotta stay now

Oh, I hope someday I’ll make it out of here
Even if it takes all night or a hundred years
Need a place to hide, but I can’t find one near
Wanna feel alive, outside I can fight my fear

Groaning loudly she turned on her phone and pressed the 'stop' button. She grabbed her phone and opened it to Instagram. Immediately she saw that she had over two-hundred new likes, ten comments, and twelve new followers. She clicked on the photo that everyone was liking and looked at it. Her eyes trailed to the number of likes that rested at eight-hundred and twenty-seven. She scrolled up to the photo and observed it again.

She was sitting on the hood of a black Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat that had blue lights underneath the car. One of her legs was up, having her knee be the highest point and her foot resting on the car. Her other leg was bent on the car, having the side of her leg on the car. She was wearing a light blue tight crop top that showed off part of her stomach. A companies name in white text rested on the shirt. She was also wearing black booty shorts that were ripped in various places. Her face was set in a stern yet restful face with her lips slightly parted and her dark brown eyes were staring into the camera. She had naturally tan skin and a skinny face.

To the right of her was a guy leaning against the car, one of Roxane's best friends, Blake. His arms were crossed over his chest and his muscles were on full display. He had dark brown hair that was styled in a messy quiff. He had a sharp jawline that made him look naturally serious. His right hand was flipping off the camera. His black and white football jersey was on and the number 21 was in the middle of it.

Another guy was on the other side of the car, the actual owner of the car, and Roxane's other best friend, Aiden. Aiden was a fairly tall guy that had just enough muscle on him for it to be evident. He had naturally brown hair that had parts of it dyed to a caramel color and it was styled in a messy quiff, but it was longer than Blakes. His eyes were a dark blue and his tongue was sticking out, making his cheekbones even more evident. One of his arms was outstretched, flipping off the camera. His other arm was grabbing his Gucci belt around his waist. He was wearing relatively tight blue jeans and Gucci hoodie that was tight on him.

Roxane smiled at the photo before she went over to her profile and saw that she now had seven thousand followers. She shook her head as she closed out of Instagram and sat up in bed. She rubbed her face with her hand and ran her fingers through her tangled hair. She groggily got out of bed and walked into the restroom. She put toothpaste on her toothbrush and then added water.

I'm too tired to do makeup... Roxane thought as she looked up in the mirror. She froze as she looked at herself. Her face was red and there were signs of acne starting to appear. She had huge dark circles under her eyes. I'm doing makeup. She thought as she spit into the sink. She then applied her face wash to her face and grabbed her hairbrush. The brush got stuck a few times but after a few minutes, she could get the brush easily through. Rinsing off her face with water she then grabbed her foundation and began to do her makeup.

Closing her eyes she sprayed setting spray all over her face. Walking out of the bathroom she grabbed her backpack and swung it over her shoulders and looked at herself in the mirror, something seemed off.

She was wearing a light grey tight shirt that served as a crop top. Black sweatpants hung off of her hips and went to the floor. Suddenly she slammed her backpack against the wall, she had forgotten clothes. She pulled out her phone and looked at the time: 7:40 and she lived twenty-five minutes away.

SHIT! Roxane thought as she quickly began to change.

As she was removing her pants her foot got stuck and she fell to the ground. However, that didn't stop her from pushing her feet against the floor, causing her to slide her back against the floor. She managed to pull off her sweatpants and she repeated the same process to get on her pants. Throwing her shirt onto the bed she grabbed the first bra and shirt that she saw and messily threw them on. Without looking at herself in the mirror she grabbed her backpack and ran out of the house, knowing that her father was already at work.

Literally jumping into her Chevy Malibu she turned it on and floored it.

Within fifteen minutes she had made it into the school, slamming on her brakes she slid into her parking spot, between Aiden's and Blakes cars. They were both leaning against their cars waiting for her. She hopped out of the car and they began to walk into the school. The words Hixson Highschool were plastered in big golden letters as they walked in.

Roxane ran into her class as Blake and Aiden did the same. As soon as she sat down the bell rang and she sighed in relief.

"You're late, babe," Noah, Roxane's boyfriend, said.

She slowly turned and looked at him, a crazy expression on her face. Noah had naturally tan skin, staying a golden color year round. His hair was cut shorter on the sides and in the middle, it was swooped back. He had dark brown eyes that matched the color of his hair. He was shorter than most guys at the school but was still tall. A dark green hoodie was hugging him with golden lettering on it.

"Really?!" She made her voice crack. "I had no idea!"

"You're cute when you're mad," Noah said.

"And why is that?!"

"Becuase you're 5'3... you're just so tiny."

"I... hate... you!"

"...Nah, you love me." Roxane opened her mouth to say something but the teacher cut her off.

"Roxane, this is chemistry class, not socializing time."

"Sorry, Bob... please continue to enlighten the class." Roxane gave a toothy smile, to which Bob's eye twitched. Slowly he turned back around and continued to write on the SmartBoard. Roxane pulled out her laptop and began to text Noah. He pulled out his laptop and responded.

It was towards the end of class and Bob handed out homework packets for them to do. Roxane's eyes widened as she looked at the worksheet, not having the slightest idea what to do.

"Noah!" Roxane whispered. "Do you have any idea how to do this?"

"Not in the slightest."

"Find the family that each element is in then cross each number from the two elements... Reduce if necessary." A voice behind them said. Roxane and Noah turned around, both laying their arm across the back of the chair.

"Dude, I have no idea what you just said, but thanks," Noah said. They both turned around and looked at each other, making a 'that's a creepo' face. The bell rang and Roxane threw the unstarted packet in her bag and began to walk out of the room.

"Hey, hey, hey," Noah called out as he ran out of the room. He slapped her firmly on the butt. "Wait on me."

"Noah," Roxane groaned as she moved his hand. "We are in school."

"That's never stopped us before." Noah winked as he grabbed her hand."Where are you going next, babe?"

"Pre Cal... You?"

"Weight Training."


"No, not at all."

"Gosh, don't you two lovebirds ever stop touching each other?" Blake said as he caught up to them. Blake's girlfriend, Piper, was hanging off of his arm. His arm was wrapped firmly around her waist.

Piper was a relatively short girl, a few inches taller than Roxane though. She was the main tomboy of the group and helped keep everyone grounded. Her eyes were blue and her light brown hair fell just past her ears. She had a big rack that complimented her frame, that wasn't skinny nor big but an almost perfect mix between the two.

"Yeah like you can say anything," Ruby said.

"At least we're not as bad as those two," Blake said as he pointed to Aiden and his girlfriend Bri. Aiden was holding Bri's face as he kissed her. Bri was the taller of the girls, that was partly due to the fact that she was always wearing heels. She had naturally wavy hair that went down to her mid back and blue eyes to compliment it, along with a skinny body. She was the shy one of the group but she was rich too so everyone was drawn to her, even though she didn't particularly like the attention.

"Hey!" A teacher yelled from his room, causing them all to turn and look at him. "This is a school, not a bedroom!"

"Of course Will, our apologies to you and your bow ties," Aiden said as he gave off a huge smile. Will rolled his eyes and walked back into his room. "Well, I should be heading to class so I'll talk to you later, babe," Aiden said as he kissed Bri's forehead. She nodded and they walked their own way.

Everyone walked to their own classes. Roxane walked into Pre Cal and sat down in one of the wall desks so she could lean against the wall. Placing one foot in her chair she laid her head against the wall. The teacher stood up from his desk and began to teach the class.

Thirty minutes into class Roxane raised her hand.

"Yes, Roxane."

"May I go to the bathroom?" The teacher motioned with his hand to the door and Roxane quickly walked out of the room. She walked into the girl's bathroom and immediately saw a cloud of smoke.

"You might wanna do that in the stall so no one else-" Roxane stopped as she saw who she was talking to. It was her least favorite person in the school, Savannah.

Savannah had very curly hair that went down to her mid back. Her brown eyes matched her hair. She wasn't a twig like some girls in the school, slightly on the thicker side, which many guys found attractive. Roxane put on the fakest smile she could muster as she looked at Savannah, standing there with a vape pen in her hand. Savannah put on a fake smile as well.

"Roxane, hey!"

"Hi, Savannah!"

"How are you?!"

"I'm good!" There was an awkward silence before someone walked out of a stall. "Hannah, hey!" Roxane exclaimed again. Hannah began to wash her hands.

"Hey, Roxane!"

"So what class are you guys in?" Roxane asked.

"English, but we should be getting back. I loved talking to you! See you soon!" Savannah said as she and Hannah waved before they walked out of the room. Roxane's smile fell and she flipped off the door before repeatedly silently cussing. She pulled out her phone and began to browse through Instagram.

After another ten or so minutes on the phone she put it in her pocket and walked back to torture.

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