The Pursuit of Pleasure

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Chapter 9

“Oh, Victoria. You’ve made it just in time.“Tom waved for his window seat as she made her way over to him.

She plastered a smile on her face, taking in his attire. After the so called ‘meeting’ with her father, she made good on her word and called Tom - inviting him the Hard Rock - for little formal informal talk. But judging by the looks of him, he chose informal. When wasn’t it ever.

Tom Wavelly was a good looking, handsome even, man. He had perfectly trimmed blonde hair, emerald green eyes that could easily seduce you into doing anything and lips, pink lips that was made to be kissed all day - but he also had the personality of a real casanova and he made sure that he lived up to the name.

He was charming, a little too charming whenever they got together to talk about work but Victoria always allowed his flirty comments to slide and keep things strictly professional. She had a hard time enough proving to her father that she was well and capable of running his company, she didn’t want him to think that she could easily be swooned by handsome men in business suit.

“Hi Tom. Thanks for agreeing to see me. ” she said taking a seat facing his.

Tom smiled, his lips parted slightly giving her a perfect view of his white teeth.

“Of course. Though I have admit, I’ve been dreaming that we would be sitting here like this, just not in broad daylight at a café.”

There it was again. The flirting.

She forced on a smile and place her bag on the table infront of her.

“I’ve just met with my father and he’s informed me that your company isn’t at all happy with my designs.” She told him, trying to divert their conversation on anything else but he asking her out.

“Ah! Always business before pleasure, right?” He smirked cause her lips to twitch at the effort she was putting in to not roll her eyes at him.

“Sorry it’s just, this is really important. I need to know why? I showed you most of them before putting everything together and you seemed... well dare I say happy about it.”

“I was. ” He simply said running a hand through his golden set of locks, the glanced away from her.

Victoria frowned. “Then what happened?” She asked, unable to hide the desperate tone to her voice.

If they liked it so much, she honestly couldn’t see what the problem was.

“You see, Victoria, ” he began in a sheepish voice of guilt that made her fingers curled involuntarily.

“I may or may not have stripped out of few things from your work.” He told her.

May or may not? What the hell did that mean? And was was he smiling as though it was a good thing.

“What do you mean?” She demanded, her hands fisted tightly on the table - as she waited for him to explain himself.

Tom chuckled and his eyes lit up at her hard expression, as if it had somehow turned him on. Her lips were pursed, brows knitted together and eyes fixated on him.

The pink stains on her cheek made her even more alluring. He doubted if she even knew the effect that she had on him, on men in general.

“It means that you’d have to re-submit the whole thing and I can get to see you for another month or so. Who knows, we might really hit it off this time around.” He said, stressing on the ‘we’, hoping that she would catch on.

Her face faltered and her shoulders sagged at his answer. Oh, She caught on alright. He had tampered with her work just so he could see her again!? What the bloody fuck? Her teeth clenched and her nose flared against her flushed cheeks.

“So you are telling me that you did all that just so we could spend more time together?!” She asked holding on to her temper, praying that she had somehow heard wrong.

He couldn’t possibly have done something as juvenile as that. It would be unprofessional and a fucking horrible thing to do.

“Well, when you say it like that it takes all the fun out of it.” He replied with one of his famous charming smile.

Her body went numb as all colours fled her face.

He leaned towards her and placed his hands on hers - stroking them lightly finger his fingers.

Victoria glanced down to his hands then back to his face.


She wanted to tear the skin off of his face. Did he really think that this was suppose to make her feel flattered? Was this the part where she suddenly jumps on his lap and kiss him for what he had DONE?

Anger spiked her and her blood boiled, snatching her hands out of his grasps.

“What kind of a fucking moron would sabotage months of work just to get in a woman’s pants? This is how you though would happen isn’t it? We work late hours trying to meet the deadline and oops, we accidentally drink too much one night and bam, we have sex.” She threw at him at he drew back against his chair, his face dissipated in shock, taken aback by her abrupt outburst.

He looked as if her reaction wasn’t the one he had hoped for.

Victoria saw his mouth move but she didn’t want to hear anything of it, “I was very proud of those designs, I poured my heart, blood and sweat into them and you fucked me over.” She huffed, shaking her head - dissapointed.

“It doesn’t have to be a bad thing. We could still make the most of it. How about tonight, you, me, dinner at my place? We can discuss how to move forward form this?” He insisted.

She wanted to scream. He couldn’t be this dense, this egotistical, could he? He seemed very determined and less aware of the gravity of the situation.

“I have no intention of going out with you, Tom. Not now, not ever. This might be a game for you but it isn’t for me.” She snapped, earning several looks for the other people seated in the room.

She paused, exhaled a deep breath as she composed herself. Remembering the famous quote her etiquette tutor, Mrs. Fred, used to tell her ″Ladies should be seen, not heard″.

At this instance, she really needed to just be seen. She was only an inch away from smacking Tom senseless but she couldn’t. It would be bad image for the company, her father’s company. There were ways that a ‘Sinn’ had to conduct themselves in public, she had been taught this from birth til now.

Reputation and image comes first, everything else is done behind closed doors.

Fuck it. Either way, this was going nowhere.

It was done. There was no point in telling her father this, he would only yell some more about her disobeying and going behind his back.

She grabbed her bag and stood up from her chair.

“You’re leaving?” A confused Tom asked following suit.

“Don’t.“Victoria stopped him from getting out of his chair. “This is the last time that we will see each other Tom. Have a nice life.” She told him, prepared to leave.

“But the designs? We still need to meet up--”

“No, we don’t.” She informed with smiled, thinking that this time around karma wasn’t as bad as she thought. “The deals been reassigned to Stephen. I do hope you like sausage.” She turned and started on her heels, biting her lips so she wouldn’t laugh just yet.

It served him right.

“You really are an ice princess, aren’t you? I hoped that those were just rumours.”

She nearly stumbled at his snarky insult and it wasn’t helping that a few people were giving her side eyes either. Clearly Chad’s shady comments were still going around. She had to force her legs to move against their will. They were staring, judging her and on what grounds? Only because they only knew one side of the truth?

She could feel the tears as they clouded her vision but she held a strong front. This wasn’t the first time a guy tried to get with her just to prove a point over a childish rumour.

To hell with them. With all of them she thought tearing her bag open fishing for her pair of sunglasses. She placed them on and continued on her way to find a taxi.

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