The Pursuit of Pleasure

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Chapter 11

“Damn it Victoria! Will you just wait!”


Victoria wanted to laugh. After what he had just said. He had no right to judge her. He didn’t even know half the story and beside, didn’t he also take pleasure in fucking her? There hadn’t been any complaints and wasn’t like she had forced his dick inside her or cried for his help when Tom was manhandling her.

She had been fine on her own. Tom wasn’t as much of a threat, though the kiss did catch her off guard but she handled it and she would have handled him on her own. She didn’t need Nikolai’s help.

“I said, wait.” Nikolai bit out, his hand caught hers, in between her few strides to get further away from him and swirled her around.

“Let go.” She snapped, struggling to free her arm.

“No. Damn it,” his fingers tightened against her soft skin when he almost lost hold of her, “will you just calm down.”

“Let go!” She said once more, this time using her hand to trying and pry off his iron grip.

“Look,” he said to her, grabbing on to her other arm, pulling her close until she was only a kiss or two away from him.

“My car is parked right across the street. I’ll give you a ride to wherever it is you’re going.”

He was delusional.

Did he really think that she would accept his ride? Just so what? He could feel better for what he had said?

Their eyes held each others in a silent battle.

And why did he care all of sudden?

“No!” She bit out.

All she wanted was to go home and forget that today had ever even happened.

“What do you mean, no?” His brows creased and his lips tightened.

“Listen cowboy. I am not about to suffer an hour in your presence. So just leave!” She countered, shoving at his chest.

“Victoria...” His voice felt like a warning but she wasn’t about to intimidated by him. She already had her father for that.

“No. You’ve make it perfectly clear what you think of me, so why don’t you just go away? Just leave. me. alone.”

“Victoria get in the car.”


“I’m warning you.”

She let out a hysterical laugh, “warning ME? What? Are you going to use your big boys voice and shimmy me into your car?” She shook her head at him ” Don’t make me laugh harder that I already am, Nikolai.”

His action came quicker that she had anticipated. With brief slid of his hand, he hoist her up and the next thing she knew she was face down over his shoulders staring at the pavement.

“What the hell?” She shrieked, “Nikolai Hoffman, you better put me down right this minute!” She yelled, gripping at his suit so that she wouldn’t fall over.

“I warned you didn’t I? But you’re obviously too stubborn to do as you are told.”

Do as she was told?

“Are you kidding me? We’re in the middle of the street, people might get the wrong impression here.” She scolded at him, struggling against his firm grip.

“Careful princess,” he gave her bottom a light smack, “we don’t want you falling over now do we?”

She could here the laughter in his voice.

Her cheeks flushed and she wasn’t sure if it was because he had just smacked her or called her princess; but both reminded her of last night. The sensation that his hand left , vibrated throughout her entire body.

Oh God, she groaned. She should have just gone home in the first place instead of calling Tom. But Nikolai seemed determined in his steps. Luckily it was after lunch hour and the street wasn’t as crowded as before.

It wasn’t long until Nikolai stopped by his car and settled her to her feet. He gave her a hard stare as if he had read her mind about making a quick dash for it.

“Don’t even think about it.” He warned her, opening the passenger’s door.

She rolled her eyes at him and slide inside.

Fine. She might as well just get this over with.

It was the first time that she had been in his car. After all these years of being friends with his sister, she’s never once been in his car or as Tanya would frequently called it, ‘his chick magnet’.

Nikolai drove in silence with his eyes fixed on the road a head and Victoria, was determined to keep it that way. Her phone bleeped inside of her purse and she drew a hand and fished it out.

Got scolded for teasing you by Mr. Number 6.


Victoria sighed.

Being held captive by your ass of a brother. Insisted on giving me a ride.

She typed, then pressed send.

What?? You two aren’t going to have another round of last night, are you?

Victoria’s lips pursed.

What the...

She stole a quick glance at Nikolai then quickly typed.

No!! And stop bringing that up!

Sorry. Just thought I’d ask. Have to go, will call you late.

Kay. Later.

She dropped her phone back in her bag and sighed.

Tanya seemed really entertained by the idea of Nikolai and her having...

She couldn’t even say it let alone think it. Nikolai was not a one woman kind of guy. It was that hard to pick on. The endless parade over the year was evident enough. It wasn’t that she was kin on the idea of being with him or having a relationship, which in her case was totally forbidden; but she found the idea unsettling.

“Do plan on talking to me any time soon?” His smooth velvety voice caused her to turned around and face him.

“In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been driving around in circles because I don’t know where you’re heading to.”

And who’s fault was that? She wanted to say but instead replied, “Home.”

“Great,“his lips curled at the corner, seemingly satisfied that he had earned a response, “but am I suppose to guess or just keep driving around til you say stop?”

“So full of humour,aren’t you?” She snickered sarcastically. “24 rosewood complex.”

He turned and raised a brow at her, “Not leaving in any of daddy’s building?”

Her mouth twitched to tell him a word that would have made Mrs. Fred suffer from cardiac arrest.

“No. I make my own money, so I’m allowed to choose where I live.”

“Good.” He said, then mumbled, “Makes dropping you off a whole lot easier.”

Victoria winced and her heart fell into her stomach. His words stung. She didn’t expect it to but it did.

He was acting as if she was a burden and she was sick and tired of people treating her as though she were.

She didn’t recall asking him for a ride. As a matter of fact, she had told him no, multiple times. It was he, who had acted like a caveman and if he was dead set on being an ass then she wasn’t going to just sit there and take it.

She had had enough.

“You know what?” She yanked her bag over her shoulder. “Pull over.”

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