The Pursuit of Pleasure

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Chapter 13

Victoria sighed as she turned on her key to open up her door.

Stupid! She reprimanded herself.

How could she have been so stupid to think that Nikolai would want to come up to her apartment? And for what exactly?

She shook her head lightly at herself.

For tea? Coffee? Polite conversation?

If was yet another moment of rejection and she was really to blame for that one, but atleast she was home now. So she might as well get started on that bath and wallow in self pity.

She gave the door a light shove as she moved inside, then frowned when she didn’t hear it shut.

“Nikolai?” She relinquished in breathless whisper.

He was here, in the middle of her doorway looking half angry and half confused ; as he stared back at her.

Victoria slowly placed her keys on the side table before regarding him under her lids.

“I thought you said that you coming up here wasn’t a good idea.” She reminded him, swallowing at the sudden dryness in her throat.

Nikolai moved further inside and closed the door shut behind him.

“It isn’t.” He admitted and yet he couldn’t seem to stop himself.

There was something about her. About Victoria Sinn that he, Nikolai Hoffman couldn’t seem to just let go and forget. As much as he had wanted too, he couldn’t. It made him angry. Halfway up to her apartment he had cussed at himself because he knew that getting out of his car and getting into the elevator meant that he wasn’t going to leave without fucking her again and again, until she was completely drained from his system.

“Then why - humph!

He had moved faster than she had anticipated. Within seconds, his arms were around her and lips locked into a wild yet sensual kiss.

Victoria barely had time to react. Her hand loosened around the handle of her bag and it felt to the floor in a soft thump. She opened up her lips underneath his and hooked her arms around his neck, giving into the pleasure that he was offering her.

His fingers dug into her back drawing her closer to his chest and a soft primitive moan escaped her.

“Nikolai, ” she moaned, pulling away from his dangerously addictive lips.

But he was having none of that.

His gaze dropped to her lips as his hand slid into her hair and cupped her nape. Gently, inexorably, he tipped her face to his.

Desire. It burned through her eyes like a wild forest fire and it all but fueled his own need to be with her once more. She wanted him just as much as he wanted her, her expressive eyes told no lie and he couldn’t deny it. Not when he had been fighting the urge to kiss her once more all morning.

“Later,” he rasped, his breath fanning against her slightly flushed cheeks. The word were softly spoken, touched with malevolence but something Victoria sensed was far more dangerous, it made her pulse quicken.

“But you don’t understand --” she said quickly and suckled on her breath when his gaze dropped to her mouth.

“I do, Princess.” He said as he touched his thumb over her bottom lip and slid it along the soft crescent. ” Believe me, I do. But we’ll talk later. ”

His soft velvety voice brought shivers down her spine and she long to have his lips on her skin once more, like he had done that night before.

Need roiled through her blood but she fought it back. Later, at least she could say that she put up some sort of fight.

Don’t, she told herself, don’t do this Victoria. Remember how you felt the last time, the terrible feeling of emptiness, humiliation, the self loathing and the fear?

But then his lips claimed hers again, almost savage in its urgency. Her hands fell from his neck and her fingers locked themselves into a hard grap at the front of his shirt.

Remember the feel of his skin over yours, the blinding pleasure of his body inside you. That moment when you tumbled off the edge of the world and exploded into heaven . Remember? Don’t you remember how peaceful it was to lay in his arms and how so blissfully happy you were?

She did.

And it was hard for her to forget, not when his hand was in her hair and the other one tipping her face up to his, holding her prisoner as mouth lingered a danger kiss away from hers.

He was making it so as if she was his.

The possessive embrace, the hard yet assuring kisses.

You belong to me, it all screamed, to me and to no other man.

Victoria knew that it was an illusion. He belong to noone and She didn’t belong to him. It wasn’t like she wanted to; because she already understood that she belong to her father, then she would belong to the next man that he would pick as her husband.

But hell, Chad had never made her feel like this before. Not once in their previous engagement.

His kisses never made her soar or demanded that she surrenders her body as well as her soul.

How could it be, when the only thing between them was desire?

Oh but such desire?

So yes, later, her reasoning voice spoke, later they will talk about how this can never happen again because if her father found out about this then they would both be in a world of trouble.

Nikolai whispered her name, compelling her to be here, now, in this moment with him. He suckled her bottom lip into his mouth and she moaned, wounding her arms back to his neck as if it was where they belonged. She lifted herself up to him and shuddered with excitement when she felt the rigidity of his arousal hard against her belly.

His hands went under her blouse a deep she trembled as his calluses fingertips rode her hot skin.

“Nikolai,” she whispered, her voice broken and husky, paralysed with need.

“Yes, Princess?” He urged, as his hands swept up, exploring the curve of her waist and further up to the soft underside of her breasts and cupped them.

Victoria whimpered as he drew back.

The knowledge that she didn’t want him to leave was almost more than he could endure and that surprised him. He had been with alot of women but none had made him so eager to give as much as receive pleasure.

And he found it hard to believe that this woman who burned in his arms had never received such pleasure and all until he had shown her how good it could really be. But now he wasn’t sure if he was able stop if he had her again.


“We’ll get there... eventually.”

A hot, sweet wave of desire swept over Victoria at the thought of him taking her against the wall. This was new to her, exciting even. She had only ever had sex in bed. Chad had always complained about intimacy being kept behind in the bedroom where it belonged but with Nikolai, he made it adventurous.

He kissed her. Holding her head between his palms, his mouth slanting over hers again and again, her mouth open and wild beneath his. He scooted her into his arms and pressed her against the hard wall of her apartment, his mouth never leaving hers.

Nikolai let her down slowly, her soft body trapped against the hardness of his and his fingers fumbled expertly at her buttons.

It felt like he was taking all his time. Victoria’s body tingled with need and yearned for release. She needed to feel his arms around her, his hands over her, his lips on hers. She had never wanted or needed anything as much as she need Nikolai right now.

So she did what she never thought she would ever do to her Versace silk blouse. She tore it open and last few buttons scattered over the floor.

“Now,” she said,unable to recognise her own voice, ” Nikolai, please, now.”

She touched him, her hand sliding down over his erection, cupping him. Nikolai hissed a breath. The yearning in her voice almost undid him. But he had to remain in control and not allow his good sense to be swept away by need.

“Wait,” he said thickly and made one last attempt to hold on to his sanity as he searched his back pocket for a condom.

But Victoria couldn’t wait. He was taking too longer and waiting could result to her changing her mind and she didn’t want to second guess this. Not now. Not when they were so close.

Her fingers flew to his zipper, undid it and springed his hard thick cock loose. He only had time to roll the latex material on before he lifted her skirt and she felt her panties rip; and then he was inside her.

Deep inside her and the stars in the heavens began to spin.

“Sweetheart.” He whispered as he cupped her bottom and lifted her to him. “Sweetheart,” he wanted to ask if she was okay but the words kept dying out at the feel of sweet pussy squeezing his cock as if it was being welcomed home.

“Nikolai,” Her voice trembled in response. She wanted to say more but he moved and moved, again and again and again and she couldn’t think.

She moaned and he groaned, lost in their pool of carnal intimacy. Thrust after thrust sent her higher and higher and when she thought that she was going to die, a high kneeling cry burst from her throat, feeling as he followed her releasing his hot seed inside her.

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