The Pursuit of Pleasure

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Chapter 15

Soft eyes stared back at her.

“Victoria --”

“Nikolai, don’t.” She shook, raising a hand to stop him from saying anything else. “I don’t want your pity. I just --” just what? Wished that things could have been different?

They barely knew each other even after the years of friendship with Tanya. But Victoria already knew all the was to know about him. Nikolai didn’t settle a d probably never will. His longest relationship lasted a week.

“You think I pity you?” He said, “Because I don’t.” His voice so was soft and gentle that it pulled at her heart.

Victoria closed her eyes and scoffed inwardly, he did. He just didn’t know it. All her years growing up she had seen it in her nannies eyes and had heard their household staffs mumbling their sympathies for her. And through all that, she had managed to keep a strong front and play the role of an obedient daughter. What else could she possibly do? She had been born into this life and was constantly informed that it wasn’t hers to live.

The Sinn legacy was all that mattered and all that her father ever cared about.

“Your father is an idiot for not seeing you for what you are,” Nikolai added, snapping her out of her daze. “And I’m not going to stop seeing you at his expense.”

An exasperating sighed left her, clearly he didn’t know her father that well. “Nikolai --”

“No!” He shook his head firmly at her, “Victoria, you’re an adult. Free to do what you please, but if you’re so terrified of him then we’ll just keep this as our little secret. There’s something worth exploring between us and I know that you can feel it too.”

Oh God, why was he being difficult?

Keeping whatever this was a secret wasn’t worth it. She was sure that she would be the one with more to lose at the end.

But he was right. She did feel it too. He excited her. Made her feel as if he could only see her, cherished only her when she was in his arms. But it was only an illusion though and she knew that too.

This was probably a line that he normally used with his conquests.

Her shoulders tensed and her eyes narrowed at him. The thought of him filling her head with sweet words all for the benefit of him having sex with her whenever he wanted made her blood boil. What about her? What if her father finds out?

Surely Nikolai couldn’t be that self-centered. He couldn’t be this ruthless, she thought, not to her. She had known him for years. Had seen him with his women and they all had the same hopeful glint in their eyes.

Lie Victoria. Lie like you have never lied before because if you don’t then you’ll be just another one of those poor girls that Tanya used to shake her head at.

“I don’t.” She exclaimed, hoping that he would believe her.

Nikolai laughed. “You’re a very bad liar, Victoria Sinn.”

“I’m not,” she quickly said, “It’s the truth. The only reason why you’re standing in my apartment is because of a technical mistake on my part. What you are seeing Nikolai, is just a lady who wanted to prove a point and had been more than willing to do so for a favorable cause.”

He laughed again, “To prove a point, huh? For charity?” A smile as cold and feral as any she had ever seen, twisted across his mouth.

Victoria took a step back and swallowed hard when he matched her step with his own.

“Do you have some strange fetish for danger, lady?” Nikolai asked, roughly, mocking her for bruising his ego for a second time.

Not once had he ever been used or felt used and yet...

“Of course, not!” Victoria hissed in outrage.

And when he took another step closer, she could feel her body beginning to tremble. She took a defensive step back, then another one and another, keeping her eyes on him. Gone was softness in his eyes, instead she was forced to look into the coldest pair of piercing blue ones until her shoulders hit the tapestried wall.

“I think you should leave.” She said, hating that he made her feel trapped in her own home.

His smile, she thought, was almost gentle and if his eyes hadn’t been so cold, she might have believed that he was about to mumble an apology before leaving.


“Yes, we obviously have different things in mind. So please,--” she swallowed dryly, her pulse quickening when he closed the distance between them.

He was inches away from her now, so close that she could feel the heat of his body and smell the mingled scents of sex and his husk perfume.

Nikolai’s teeth flash in a cold smile. “Let me give you some advice, Victoria.” He put one hand on the wall beside her head and leaned towards her. “Playing this kind of game with strange man could have turned out to be the worst nightmare you ever had just to prove that so called point of yours.” His voice was silky with malice. He shifted his weight and she winced when he lifted a hand and trail a finger along her collar bone.

“You don’t know me or what turns me on. I could have beaten you, bruised you and left you laying in a pool of your own blood.”

The blood in her ears pounded like the drums at his words.

“Are you trying to frighten me?”

“Trying?” His brow flicked up, voice low and ominous and she flinched when he encircled her throat with his hand. Her pulse was racing, she felt it jerk beneath his thumb.

“I’m not trying anything. I’m merely showing just how easily your little so called chase for pride could have turned against you. But then again, I think that maybe this might turn you on.” He smirked.

He was right. Victoria hadn’t thought about the possibility of being alot in a room with a complete stranger. Some people did have some unusual fetish and if it hadn’t been him being the mask then lords only knows how things could have ended for her. Nikolai was right - he looked arrogantly pleased while saying it but nonetheless, right and she hated it.

“Get out,” she said furiously, “just get the hell at out my apartment!”

“Oh, but I intend to.” His gaze dropped to her mouth as he touched his thumb over her bottom lip and slid it along the soft crescent. “But first, I’m making a promise.”

The words were softly spoken but Victoria sensed something far more dangerous, something that made her pulse quicken.

“Nikolai,” she muttered, wilting under his fierce lust filled eyes. “Please --”

His hand slid into her hair. “I know.” He then tipped her face to his. “I just want you to understand.”

“Understand what?” She said in a shaky whisper.

“This,” he said and crushed her mouth beneath his.

It felt like being swept in a firestorm. Victoria could swear that her entire body was burning at his touch, consumed by the fierce way his mouth was claiming hers. She felt a sweetness to it and it made her tremble. Even when her mind was telling her to shove him off, that he had insulted, scared her - still, she couldn’t stop herself from wanting him. She wanted him to show her all the things that she didn’t know her body could do. Wanted everything he had to offer, everything that being in his arms meant.

But then he pulled her from him so abruptly that she almost lost her footing. Her eyes flew open. She looked at him through the midst of her tears and saw a face that might have been chiseled from granite.

“You see, sweetheart? I can still be of some service to you, if I wanted.” He smiled coldly. “You think about that tonight, princess. Think about me, about how I make your body tremble with need. And while you’re laying in bed with your hand down your --”

Her fist whirred through the air and connected cleaning with his jaw. Nikolai was caught off guard. His head jerked back and a spot of blood appeared at the corner of his mouth. Victoria gasped for a breath when his finger touched the cut.

She hadn’t meant to do that. Her first thought was to slap him, slap him so hard that he would even forget his name. But to punch him? Her chest heaved, glaring at him.

He looked as stunned as her. So maybe it was well deserved. Proof that she was well compare of taking care of herself.

“Get out!” She yelled, her voice hoarse with anger. And when he didn’t make a move to do as he was told, she looked around wildly, grabbing the lamp that her mother had given before moving here.

“Do you hear me? Get out!” She hissed, her fingers itching to throw the damn thing at his head.

Nikolai laughed and strolled to her bedroom then came back with his shirt in his hand. “Have a pleasant evening, sweetheart,” he said, and slammed the door after him.

Victoria spun around, stumping her way to her bedroom. Who did he think he was? Did he really think that she would let him treat her this way and get away with it?

“Of course, not!” She muttered harshly. What she needed to do was to get the taste Nikolai out of her mouth. A drink she thought, that’s exactly what she was going to have. That, or maybe two. She marched to her bed and stripped the sheets and pillowcases off. All traces of him being here needed to eliminated.

Halfway along the road, Nikolai downshifted the gear so abruptly that the gears protested. He snarled an obscenity and cussed Victoria for how she had made him act and my god, the things he said. He pulled the car to the side of the road and let out a sharp breath. It made no sense for him to keep on driving in the state that he was in. No point in getting into an accident and ended up killing a poor soul just because he was angry at Victoria that he could hardly think straight.

One of them was crazy and it sure as hell wasn’t him. Nikolai snorted. Who was he kidding? She was nuts, yeah but so was he. And he didn’t like the feeling one bit, because he also had alot to lose in this if her father ever found out that was sleeping with his daughter.

But still, he told himself, they were both adults and it wasn’t strange for two consenting adults to have sex with no strings attached. A while ago she had been like a wild cat in his arms. He had never know anything like it before and the truth was that he was a man who had known alot of hot, wild women. But there was more to Victoria than heat. It was her hesitancy, her shyness yet eager to react to everything that he had said and done. It had been different from anything that he had ever experienced before and yet her words kept playing at the back of his head.

She had only used him for sex, seeking to find pleasure but on her own terms.

Nikolai’s jaw tightened.

Oh, he’ll give her pleasure but she was going to have to beg for it. He was going to make her regret having him stand in for that ass of an ex of hers.

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