The Pursuit of Pleasure

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Chapter 20

His voice was low, soft as silk. Victoria felt a tightening in her breasts,and in the pit of her belly. And when one of his hand dropped lower, to spread across her bottom and the other slid slowly up her spine; her breath caught her throat.

"I like your hair this way." He murmured as they began to sway with the music.

"Tied back?"

"Hmmm..." he groaned, "it's kept me thinking of how it would look once I take it down." He drew back and looked down at her.

Victoria kept her eyes on him and held on to her breath when he lifted a hand and tugged at her band at the back of her neck. Her hair spilled over her shoulders and a satisfactory smile grew on Nikolai's lips.

"Even more beautiful than I imagined." He said softly and kissed her.

Victoria flushed. "Nikolai..."

He moved behind her, lifted her hair, bent his head and pressed his mouth to her neck.

"You don't believe me?" He asked, tugging her blouse out of her jeans.

She closed her eyes and smiled, leaning back against the hardness of his chest. "I think that you might be exaggerating a bit."

His fingers travelled upwards, and he began undoing the tiny buttons that ran down the back of her silk blouse. He took his time opening them and paused to kiss every inch of the newly exposed skin.

At last they were all undone. He slid the blouse from her shoulders and it fell at her feet.

The white lace bra that she had on concealed very little, and the way that she felt in his arms made him tremble with the desire to be inside her.

Was that why his fingers shook as he undid the clasp?

"Look," he whispered.

Victoria opened her eyes and blinked. They were in front of a rectangular mirror on the wall, and she was half naked, her skin bathing in the soft light of the moon.

The woman in the mirror looked nothing like her. Her hair was tumbled around her naked shoulders, her mouth was pink from the few stolen kisses and her eyes were feverishly bright.

No. This woman looked nothing like her. She looked like she was on the brink of shamelessly surrendering herself over to this man that stood behind, staring at her with such naked hunger that it made her dizzy.

And when her breasts tumbled into his waiting hands, she looked up at him again.

Nikolai watched her face in the mirror. It was too much a man to hang on to his sanity while this beautiful creature looked at him as if his was showing her all the secrets of the universe. He swore that if she looked at him like that again, it would be the end of him.

His hands cupped her breasts and his thumb skimmed over her rosy nipples.

"Nikolai..." she voice was a longing. Without thinking, she lifted her hands and placed them over his. And when she realized what she had done she quickly snatched them away.

"Do that," he said thickly, "put your hands over mine."

Victoria hesitated.

She remembered doing that once before and Chad had lectured her about it not being appropriate. How it was almost like her touching herself.

She could hear him on her head, telling her that she was unresponsive and that she didn't know how to please a man and never would.

"No," she said, "I don't think that I should. It isn't right. "

"Princess, there's nothing you can't do with me. No rights, no wrongs. Do you understand?"

She thought of that day at her apartment, how she had responded to every kiss and every touch and seen the passion in Nikolai's eyes. It was a feeling that she couldn't explain and yet it completed her.

She wanted to please Nikolai. Wanted to get him the same pleasure that he was giving her. To hear him groan as he spent himself inside her. And if doing so was not all the things a woman should do... then so be it.

"Yes," she whispered.

"Cover my hands with yours."

Colour swept into her face. She bit her lip and raised her hands and did as he had asked. Their eyes met and the sight electrified her.

"There's only you and me, and what we pleases us both." He said.

Her hands fell away as he let go of her breasts. His finger went to the fly front of her jeans. She felt the button give and heard the zipper hiss.

"Tell me what you pleases, princess." Nikolai said, slipping a hand inside her jeans and cupped the damp silk between her thighs.

Victoria cried out. Not only with need but with the realisation that for the past few days she had been dreaming about him and now he was here, flesh and bone and blood. His body hers to lean against, his hands hers to watch as they touched and pleasured her.

"Do you like this?" He whispered and slipped his fingers under the silk. "And this?" He bent his head and kissed her nape, nipped lightly at her throat.

Victoria had to bite her lip to keep from crying out. She was drowning in a river of sensation and it was sweeping her away, until finally she exploded against him. Her body's most intimate tears scalding his hand as she cried out his name.

Seeing her lovely face as she came, almost undid him. To know that she was handing him her trust and to hear her crying out his name as if he was the only man that she'd ever wanted, ever need...

He turned her around in his arms, drew her against him and kissed her, swallowing the rest of her cries- knowing that only he had brought her such pleasure. That he alone would ever bring her such pleasure.

"Undress me," he said against her mouth.

Victoria tried. But her hands were shaking and he couldn't wait another minute. He undressed them both. Scattering their clothes on the floor, ripping and tearing, in his desperate haste to carry her to the bed.

Gently, he manacled her wrists with his hand and lifted her arms above her head. He kissed her on the lips, the her throat, the sucked on her breasts and buried himself slowly, slowly inside her. Victoria begged for released. He let go of her hands and she wrapped her arms him, then wrapped her legs around him, hooking her ankles behind his back. She had taken him so deep that he couldn't even think.Locked in place, Nikolai rolled his hips against hers, and began thrusting in and out of her silken heat. He knew that she was on the brink and when he found her perfect spot that made her body shatter from inside out, he voice hoarse with passion. "Look at me, Victoria. And say my name."

Victoria lifted her lashes. Tears glittered in her eyes.

"Nikolai." She whispered, "Nikolai. Nik--"

He groaned and drove deep, the world shattered them both. Victoria hadn't expected her orgasm hit hard, she rode it out, her climax wringing everything out of her.

"I've missed you too." She whispered before snuggling closer to his warmth and dosing off to sleep.

Nikolai slowly blinked his eyes against the rays of sunshine that cracked through the opened window and inhaled the sweet fragrance of the incredible woman who had spent the night in his arms. He moved slowly so as not to disturb her and rose on an elbow, gazing down at Victoria's beautiful profile. He never realized until now how much he enjoyed watching her. It was such a simple thing and yet, he body tightened when she moved her bare bottom rubbed against his groin, sending an early wakeup zing through his blood.

She had no idea how desirable she looked, laying with her head pillowed on his arm, her hair streaming over her shoulder, her lashes thickly on her cheeks with her lips slightly parted. A smile spread across his mouth, feeling thankful that the long wonderful night had not be a dream.

Nikolai moved closer and kissed her throat, then her shoulder. He stroked his hand gently along the softness of her skin until she sighed, and he rolled her onto her back...and watched as she began to awaken.

He watched with anticipation, dreading the exact second that she'd remember where she was and what had happened. Would she regret it? Would she turn ice and punch him like she did the last time?

Hell, if she tells him to leave he would do so without a word. He thought, as he waited, poised himself above her.

No. Hell, no! He wouldn't allow it. If she tries to toss him out this time, he'll pin her to the bed and kiss her until she admits that she wanted him. That she had even confessed to missing him.

Victoria opened her eyes and a radiant smile curved on her lips.

"Hmm.. morning," She said, then lifted her arms, wrapping them around his neck. "I'm starving."

Nikolai lowered himself to her and placed a kiss on her lips. "How about I order some room service for us?"

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