The Pursuit of Pleasure

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Chapter 2

Nikolai’s jaw twitched.

The moment he had walked up on stage he had noticed a very dark haired woman wearing a golden mask and a silver dress that clunged tightly to her slender body exposing the smooth curves of her dress and the delicious skin of her neck.

He had gazed down at her for a moment or two before tearing his eyes away. It can be anybody behind that mask, he reminded himself, fighting the urge to look her way once more.

The women of Starnfords really went all out tonight, leaving barely anything for the imagination. How was a man suppose to behave with such exposure, no wonder half of the bachelors were sweating by the time they got off the stage.

“How about ten thousand?” His eyes snapped to his right, forming a smile to the blonde seated right across form where he stood.

She seemed overly eager to have him alone and not for just a date, he thought. Women!

His eyes quickly wandered back to the center of the room and for a moment there he could have sworn that they had held each others gaze. He saw her shoulders tense up as she quickly turned away from him. Even with the mask on, he could tell that she was beautiful and a woman in heat. The continuous biting of her lips and the clenching of her thighs everything she would look at him. Yes, she wanted him. But why wasn’t she bidding?

″Eleven.” He heard and he smiled at the red head.

Still no reaction from silver dress. Why was he so hung up on her bidding? Fukk, he want her to. No, she wanted to, he told himself, he wasn’t imagining it ; he was always good at reading people. It was either that or she probably had the same reaction for every the bachelors that had came out here.

Alright silver dress, let’s see if you really want this.

“Twelve.” He turned and blew a kiss to his bidder.



He saw her shift in her chair before getting up and moving around her table.

She’s leaving. Huh, maybe he’d been wrong, he thought.

He turned his attention back to the crowd and shrugged the disappointment that hung over him. The sound of some of the crowd murmuring in disapproval made him spring his head around. A deep frown pierced his face when he saw her standing only a few feet away from him.

Her eyes swept over him as if assessing him or some sort. Her audacity to hover over him made his blood boil. It was one thing for her to want him but another for her to inspect him as if he was a mere commodity. Like she needed to see whether or not he wasn’t damaged goods. He jutted a brow at her silently urging her to make the next move but she simply turned around on her heels and started to walk away.

Nikolai nearly cursed out loud. That broad was toying with him. He need to stop fantasising about her and stick to his original plan. By the way that she carried herself, prude was one word that came to his mind. He liked his women warm and willing not uptight and cold.

The sound of the auctioneer asking whether there were anymore bids against the one million dollars caused Nikolai to breath out in relief. It was almost over.

“Two hundred and fifty million dollars.”

The entire room got quite. Unable to believe that they had heard right.

Nikolai turned and his eyes widened in surprise.

Silver had just bided two hundred and fifty million dollars on him. And by the looks of her, she seemed ready to tackle anyone who would dare bid against her.

A quarter of a billion dollars. Who bids a quarter of a billion dollars for just one date?

Victoria wanted to run. She was still standing in the same spot, a few feet away from the improvised stage. Her eyes widened as he began to walk down the steps. Every step he took towards her made her body felt solvent. Her mind was asking her to make a run for it but her legs wouldn’t burge.

Now you’ve really done it, she thought.

What the hell was she thinking? A woman doesn’tmjust go around buying a man to... well some did but still, this wasn’t her. This whole plan was stupid. Why in the hell didn’t Tanya talk her out of it?

Of course, she shook her head at herself, Tanya wasn’t the reasonable one out of the two of them, she was.

The smell of his musky cologne felt intoxicating. Victoria tilted her head back so that so could have a better view of his face. She could tell from a distance that he was tall but up close he made her feel like a dwarf.

She quickly gathered her wits and finally turned around and made a run for it.

Stupid, so stupid.

Great, just great!You’ve made a fool out of yourself yet again Victoria. Oh God!

As soon as she had made her way out of the ballroom, she slumped her back against the wall and took in a few deep breaths, trying to calm herself.

Home. What she needed to do now was to go home.

“That was a ridiculously large amount of money for just a date, don’t you think?”

Her entire body froze.

It was him.

Number six.

He had followed her.

His voice was deep, it felt like warm butter being poured over her body.

“I-uh made a mistake,” She replied blinking a few times as if trying to determine whether she was dreaming or not.

“A very expensive mistake,” He said.

“Not for what I had in mind.” She mumbled absently averting his grey orbs.

“And what is that exactly?” He raised a brow at her.

She threw a nervous look around and notice a few guests and hotel staff walking about before turning her attention back to him.

Damn it!

“Can we go somewhere a little more private? ...please.”

His dark brows touched into a furrowed line and for a moment there Victoria thought that he was going to refuse.

“Of course, ” he said, leading her away from the ballroom.

They were now standing in an empty lounge.

Victoria drew in a lung of air before she finally spoke.

“I want you to -- let me rephrase. I don’t want to spend an entire weekend with you. I just want one night, tonight to be more precise. Just for tonight I want you to ... sleep with me. It will only be a one time thing.” She held her breath and tried to fight the blood that was rising in her face.

“You want me to what? Is this a joke?” The look he had on his face said it all.he had lost her mind.

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