The Pursuit of Pleasure

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Chapter 3

“I’ve paid a great sum of money Mr --Wait,” she lifted her hand “I prefer not knowing. I’ve paid for a night with you.”

“You’ve paid for a date, Princess.” he raised his index finger in the air, stopping her attempt to protest, ” You’ve paid for a romantic date, not a toss in the sheets. I think you have me confused for a male prostitute.”

She frowned at his statement, perhaps she had been wrong about him.

“Are you even--”

“Legal?” She interjected, “Yes, I am.”

“That’s not what I was going to ask but thanks for clarifying two of my questions.”

“Okay, then. No, I’m not a virgin. I don’t plan on being clingy, I just want the experience.”

He jolted his brow at her again, “Tell me, did you bid all that money to completely immasculate me?”

Her frown hardened.

“Why are you making this a big deal? It’s only sex. Isn’t that what you guys live for?”

She couldn’t miss the cursing sound from under his breath.

“Listen princess, I’m not going to be your boy toy, your sexual experience or whatever little fantasy character you have lined up for me. If and when I want to experience pleasure, it will be by my own pursuit. Now, are we done here?” He asked, irked by this ridiculous conversation.

“No, I expect you to deliver on my payment.” Her chin jutted up in determination.

“You can have your money back princess,” he turned around on his heels, before saying over his shoulder, “I want no part in this.”

“Funny, I guess I purchased a coward. Guess I was wrong.” She churred turning the opposite direction.

Maybe she should have thought this out before acting on an impulse,she thought, walking down the isolated lobby.

His footsteps immediately halt. Unbelievable! That broad had just called him a coward. Him, a coward! Never had he ever felt his ego cripple inside of him. She was going to eat her damn words. No woman was going to call him a coward.

Nikolai turned and charged after her.

A faint gasp of surprise escaped her mouth as he grabbed hold of her arm and twirled her around.

“I’m not interested in your damn reasons for why you are doing this. There’ll be no braiding of each others hair, no kiss goodbye, no I’ll call you later -- none of that crap. You want to know what it feels like to be with a real man, then lift that tight dress of yours.”

Victoria's eyes widened and her lips slightly parted at his statement.

He couldn’t mean here, in the lobby.

This was her father’s hotel.

“Here?” She asked, glancing around the lounge area to ensure that nobody was listening to them.

“Are you insane?” She hissed, ripping out of his hold.

His brow jutted up and he took a step closer towards her.

“This coming from the woman who just asked a complete stranger to fuck her.”

Victoria’s face turned red, she wasn’t sure if it was from yhe embarrassment of him being right or anguish because he had just made it sound as if she was desperate. Was she desperate? Was that the impression that he got from her?

As if it wasn’t bad enough being called a cold fish by her ex and now she was being labelled as desperate. How in the hell had that happened?

She wasn’t desperate to have a man pin her down on a bed whilst he rams into over and over again. She had done that multiple times with Chad, it was no big deal. No big deal, as in she didn’t get the whole ‘sex-is-amazing’ thing that her friends had talked about.

The whole taking hours and experiencing several orgasms, she had experienced none of that. Chad had always said that he couldn’t last long because she was too tight and her not having any orgasms was because she wasn’t adventurous enough. Whatever that meant.

He had been her first. Which of course made her inexperienced in the sex department, if anything he should have encouraged her to try different things in bed. She had once suggested them trying doggy style after Tanya had told her about it but Chad would have none of that. Saying that that would only make him cum in a matter of seconds as she would be even tighter. It amazed her how he could make her feel like a slut whenever she would to about sex and at the same time make her sound like a prude when she had caught him cheating on her with Melissa Canes, the daughter of her father’s rival.

All she wanted now was to prove to herself that Chad had been wrong and that maybe if she tried it with somebody else it would be different, that she would somehow get back some of her self-confidence. Of course she would be lying if she said that it was all her idea. Tanya, her best friend of six year had helped her to formulate her plan of action. Hence, the reason why she was now standing infront of a total stranger practically begging him to sleep with her.

If that made her desperate, then so be it. It was only for one night and neither of them could see who the other person was.

She gritted her teeth and bit back the snarky comment that she was about to make.

He was right. She hated to admit it but he was.

“You’re right.” She said looking at him in the eyes.

The hell with him calling her desperate - that wasn’t going to stop her now.

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