The Pursuit of Pleasure

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Chapter 4

He flinched a brow up at her as if expecting her to flip him off.

“I am?”

“Yes. What I meant to say was that I would be more comfortable doing this behind closed doors.” She explained swallowing hard at the last part.

“Oh but I plan to Princess. This is me giving you the full experience. You did after all pay a quarter of a million and I intend to deliver to the very last cent.” Nikolai said taking another step towards her.

His eyes roamed over her body, from her legs that were decently cover by her gown to her tiny waist and further up to her over exposed breast. His eyes lingered for a while on her chest then lifted to meet her gaze.

Victoria’s skin was on fire. She had never had a man look at her in such a manner and what was worse was that she secretly wanted him touch her.

“I-I uh could get us a room.” She flushed under his hot gaze.

“No need, I already have one, now lift.”

“What? In the lobby?” She gasped sparing another quick look around, then frowned back at him.

He had a thing or two coming if he thought that she was going to allow him to have sex with her in a public place.

Nikolai let out an exasperating sigh, “I get the feeling that you are trying to prolong the inevitable,” His eyes darkened as he caressed the left side of her bare arm. “This is what you wanted, right? Now lift or I’ll tear it off.”

He drew in a swift breath at the touch of her skin. Her skin was the softest that he had ever felt and he had felt alot. A moment ago he had considered doing this more for her than for himself. He wasn’t kidding when he had called her desperate. It was in her eyes, in her voice, as if she really needed this for some reason but now after having touched her, he wasn’t sure if he was willing to let her go without having tasted her.

Never in his wildest dreams would he have thought that his night would be ending like this.

With him standing in the middle of the lobby with a woman who had just paid to have sex with him. Him! The man who had women flaunting left and right free for him to choose and here he was itching to rip the fabric off this petite brunette.

There was something familiar about her though he couldn’t tell. Aside from her hair and pink roses lips, he couldn’t from the life of him tell who she was. But the way she jutted her chin everytime she wanted to challenge he made him think that maybe it it couldn’t be, he thought.

Never in a million years would Vladimir’s daughter be this bold and stupid. Besides she was probably off having tea parties or sleepovers. This was definately not one of her scenes.

‘Get a hold of yourself Nikolai.’ He chastised to himself.

He leant down with his lips caressing the side of her neck and smiled when he felt her quiver in his arms.

“It’s your choice really.” He whispered, “Either way, your first lesson starts now.”

He heard her swift intake of air as she gave him a quick nod.

Her eyes clasped shut as her black lace panties hit the floor.

“Look at me.” He ordered placing a finger underneath her chin trying to encourage her.

She bit her lip and shook no.

“You come here all demanding and now that I’m about to give you your first lesson you shy away. Really Princess?”

He was right.

She took a deep breath , gathering her courage and finally opened her lids.

He was dangerously close.

Her heart rate sped up, her fingers shook. She watched as he slowly leant down bringing his lips closer to hers. She parted her lips anticipating how his would feel on hers.

As his lips touched hers, Victoria’s breath hitched as if taken by surprised at how soft they were. Her nerves loosened as he nibbled on her lower lip and found herself holding on to him as his bit down softly on it.

With every passing minute she found herself drowning in a pool of ecstacy. Number six was addictive and heavens, she wanted more. She opened up underneath his and shivered at the feel of his tongue plunging into her mouth. A foreign moan escaped her throat and her head spinned. There was no way in hell that an kiss could feel this good. No, good wasn’t the correct word that could describe this.

It was earth shattering.

If she wasn’t being pressed hard against the wall, she might have lifted a leg up in the air like they did in the movies.

Her knees nearly gave out when she felt him pulling her closer to him with his hand traveling down her bare back. The heat radiating from his body was suffocating her as she instinctively linked her arms around his neck brushing against a few strands of his soft dark hair.

Her cheek burned crimson at the feel of his hard erection pressing against her belly and that’s when Victoria knew that there was no turning back.

She didn’t want to go back.

This was all new to her. This feeling, it was just like the erotica novels she had read countless times. None of which she had ever experienced with Chad.

Then his fingers brushed against her leg making their downwards.

She could hear her pulse thudding in her ear. She broke away from the kiss tilting her head back, waiting.

Nikolai lifted her leg around his waist pressing her against his painful erection. He then slide his free hand up her inner thigh and stopped once he reached her inviting flesh.

“Tell me what is it you want Princess.” He muttered against the skin of her neck.

“Is this what you want?” He asked finding her sensitive nob and gently pressed against it.

Victoria’s eyes tigthened as she tried to wrap her mind over what was happening.

“Or is it this?” His fingers stroked lightly.

She gasped as an electrifying pulse ran through her.

“Or perhaps this?” He asked kissing the soft spot behind her ear as his fingers began its circular motion around her clit.

She was going to dying, she thought, was it even possible for someone to die of pleasure?

His fingers.

The man had talented fingers and they were doing things to her.

Dear lord, she was drowning in a pool of desire and that man was her anchor. Never had she ever felt such rush from a mere touch of a hand. Her heart strummed against her chest as dug her fingernails into his back submitting to thrill that he was evoking in her.

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