The Pursuit of Pleasure

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Chapter 5

Victoria couldn’t believe what had just happened. Number six had just made her cum. No penetration, just his finger rubbing on her sensitive nub. What the hell?!

Her mouth hang slightly opened as waves of spasms pulsed through her. She had cum for the first time and in was in a damn lobby with a total stranger. Her face grew bright red, she didn’t know what came after that. What do you say when somebody makes you cum.

He let go of her leg and before she had time to clearly think things through she quicly fixed her dress back in place.

She stood still, eyes widened as she watched number six bend down grabbing her lacy underwear and stuff it in his pocket.

“Thanks” She mumbled, her head sprung up not believing that she had just said that.

Her insides cringed with embarrassment.

Really, Victoria? THANKS?!

The sound of his soft chuckle made her spring her head up and stare at him. She didn’t know what to make of this. A small grasp escaped from her mouth as he levelled his head to hers and placed a soft kiss on her lips.

“I’ve never had anyone thank me for an orgasm.” He whispered softly against her lips.

“It wasn’t what I--”

But before she could finish her sentence , the man that she had paid for was dragging her into the lift, pressing the number to his floor.

She stood quietly in the far corner with her back pressed against the cold metal, but it didn’t feel cold enough. Her entire body was on fire, her skin heated, lips swollen from his kisses. Dear lord, she still wanted him and she didn’t know what to do with herself.

The door closed shut and the the atmosphere inside grew thick,hotter.

She raised her head and found him looking at her with the same lust in his eyes that she also had. As she licked her dry lips, he took a step towards her. She shifted in anticipation, wondering whether he would kiss her again.

He took a final step and Victoria drew in a swift breath holding it in place. The desire in his eyes made her shiver and her lips parted, begging to be kissed.

Her heart was pounding against her chest, excited, turned on by his sexual charisma.

His hands came up and cupped her face, crushing his lips on hers. His mouth was hot, tongue wild. All Victoria could do was clung to hiim. She moaned, caught the fabric of his tux in her hands as she opened herself more to him - willing him to take what she was offering.

Nikolai’s lips trailed to the side of her neck, grabbing hold of her hands and pinning it above her head. He wanted to do so many things to her. Fuck, he wanted to be inside her, but he knew that it wouldn’t be enough time, they were in a elevator. As much of a turn on as it was, he wasn’t ready to provide that kind of entertainment to anybody.

But , he wanted this woman so badly, he wanted to taste every part of her until her very taste stayed permanently on his tongue.

So he did the next best thing that he could. He glidded his hand down her slender waist and lifted her dress up. His hard erection jolted painfully at the sound of her sexy gasp, add if caught by surprised by his action.

Her body tensed against his.

“I want to taste you, Princess. ” He whispered in her ear.

“Please....” she whispered.

The sound of her soft voice begging him, crippled Nikolai.

He kneeled down infront of her, grabbing hold of her leg and roughly placing it on his shoulder. The sweet scent of her arousal drove him wild. His tongue licked the opening of her clam and her body jolted closer towards him.

Victoria’s her was spinning. His tongue, dear heavens above, his tongue. Her hands grabbed hold of his head, pushing closer, his tongue deeper. It was driving her wild, her head hit the back of the hard steel and the next thing she could hear was her moans, her begging him not stop and her coming inside of his mouth.

This wasn’t the Victoria that she knew. She was behaving like a complete wanton, begging him to make her cum. It was so uncharacteristic of her.

A warm smile spread across number six’ face as he stood up, pulling her dress down.

“I never imagine that you’d taste this good. Your body so responsive.” He said taking her hand in his.

Victoria couldn’t barely make out the words that he had said to her. Her body was still high on orgasms. Her limbs still jello. So when he took her hand in his, she could but mutter a soft ‘thank you’.

“You’re really gonna have stop thanking me for the orgasms, Princess.” He said with a sexy smile on his face that made her heart flutter.

The lifts door opened, not giving her a chance to correct him yet again. Nikolai took long strides down the halfway with Victoria following quietly beside him and finally stopped once he had reached room 659.

“Last chance to change your mind.” He said. Then cursed at himself. He hadn’t meant to say that, damn! If she changed her mind now he didn’t think that he would survive it, not with his crotch bulging painfully get against his flies.

Victoria frowned lightly at him, unsure if he wanted to go on with this. Why else would he give her a way out now? She eased her hand out of his and leaned against his door. There was no way in hell that she was letting him out of this. She wanted this, wanted him. And after the two orgasms that he had given her she wanted everything else that came with it..

She slipped her hands into his open tux and pulled him towards her.

“I haven’t changed my mind. I want this. I want you. Please.”

That was all Nikolai wanted to hear. He didn’t know when he had opened the door but the next thing he could hear was it closing behind them, with her in his arms.

His thumb rolled over her bottom lip as he looked into her eyes. They were compelling, confusing the heck out of him.

“You’re mine now, Princess. Or I’m yours, bought and paid for.“He reached out and touched his hand to her cheek.

His fingers felt slightly rough and callused but his touch felt gentle on her skin. She turned her turned her head, catching his fingers and sucked them into her mouth. She couldn’t believe that she had just done that. But he made her feel comfortable in her own skin, made her want to do things, experience thing that she had never done before.

The next thing she could hear was the sound of her dress ripping.

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