The Pursuit of Pleasure

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Chapter 6

Victoria stirred awake by the sound of water hitting against the shower glass.

Crap! She hissed, trying to move her legs.

Her entire body was ached.

She groggily removed the tiresome material from her face and tried to rub the sleep away.

Blinking her eyes, she tried to take in the unfamiliar environment that she had just woken up to but gave up. Her body was too sore. Why was her body sore? She groaned, squeezing her eyes shut trying to remember what had happened to her.


Her eyes flew wide open and panic shot through her at the sound of a man in her room.

Who was in her room at this time of night?

Her head lifted into the direction of the bathroom door to where he stood with drops of water dripping from his dark hair, his chest bare and a white fluffy towel around his waist.

What the....

Awareness sizzled in as the memories flashed before her eyes. She wasn’t in her room. She was in number six’ room. And they had fucked or better yet he had fucked her like none before.

Her face was scarlet red.

Frowning back at the familiar face that stood before her.


What was he doing in here? And why was he angry at her?

She looked around the room, at the sight of clothes and empty condom wraps shredded on the floor, then back at his face.

It couldn’t possibly have been...

The blood in her face drained and all the breath in her body escaped her mouth.

Her father was not going to like this. He was either going to kill him or ship her off to Berlin.

“What the hell have you done?” His grip tightened around the towel around his waist.

She couldn’t breath.

Not even heaven could help her now.

Leave. She needed to leave and pretend that this had never happened.

As fast as she could summoned up the strength to slide out of bed. She went in search of her bra and panties, when she couldn’t find them she grabbed her torn dress with shaking fingers.

Nikolai grabbed the destroyed material from her and through it across the floor. Her eyes lifted to his cold ones, and she stared at him in shock.


“Don’t fucking run away. I need to know what kind of fucking joking this is?” He roared.

Her eyes caught sight of a white hotel robe hanging loosely on the next to the dressing table. She walked over, snatched and pulled it on.

“It’s... I... please I, I have to leave before my father--”

“Oh no, you’re not.” He shook, jaws clenching.

“Nikolai, please.”

“We have to talk about this.” He insisted, standing inbetween her and the door.

Her hand flew to her chest, grabbing a fist full of the robe and clasping it tightly together. She knew that it was a ridiculous act on her part, given that he had just seen every part of her body naked but still, now knowing that it had been him made her want to disappear from the face of the planet.

It wasn’t suppose to be him. Nikolai was her best friend’s brother. She had known him for years. Sure, they had shared a few casual greetings and random conversations but she never thought of him this way. Never though that he’d be the one to give her orgasms that could last her her entire life.

“It wasn’t suppose to you.” She cried, embarrassed.

“What is that suppose to mean?”

“Tanya, she was suppose to give me the all clear...” Then it dawned on her, it was number nine and not six. Shit...shit, shit shit!

“The all clear on what? Your not making any sense.”

“I was suppose to bid on number nine. It was a mistake. I read the number wrong and now..” a small cry fell from her lips.

“Shit, Victoria.” He hissed, raking a strong hand through his wet hair.

“My father,” she began, her face anxious, “he can’t know about this. He’ll..”

“Stop!” He yelled.

Victoria flinched at his harsh tone.

He then pinched the bridge of his nose. “Just stop. I need to think.”

She lowered her gaze to the floor and folded her arms. Recalling the conversation that she had had with Tanya.

All you need is for somebody to show you how different sex could be, Tanya had said.

It’ll be easy and nobody would know, she had to told her.

I’ll go over the bachelors list and let you know which one to bet on.

Damn it Tanya! She cursed inwardly. Why did I ever listen to you?

“You can’t mention this to anyone and by anyone I’m referring to Tanya specifically.”

Her eyes flew to his face. Watching the hard tick flexing against his jaws. He was furious. She was scared and embarrassed but Nikolai looked straight up furious.

“I won’t. It never happened.” She assured him.

Then he looked around the hotel suite room to where he had thrown her dress. He walked over and picked it up. “You’re gonna a have to keep the robe on, I don’t think the dress can be salvaged.”

At this point she didn’t care. She could easily get a room here so she wouldn’t have to walk out of the hotel wearing nothing but the bathrobe. All she wanted now was to leave.

She took a few steps towards the door.

“Wait.” Nikolai said and she froze in place, her heart beating like crazy and her breathing stilled.

She swallowed a the lump in her throat and turned to face him.

“The last condom. It broke.”

Oh God no! Her feet almost buckled underneath her.

“Are you--”

“Yes.” She interjected, knowing fully well that it was a lie. She wasn’t on the pill. After Chad had broken up with her, she saw no use of taking them.

“Are you sure?” He asked.

His voice had soften but the scrowl on his face seemed permanent.

“Yes. Don’t worry about it.”

“Alright.” He nodded, seeming somewhat relieved.

Victoria didn’t wait for anything else. Her shaking fingers grabbed hold onto the door knob anything nd within seconds she was out out his room.

She didn’t stop for anything or anyone, not until the elevator doors opened at the reception. She flew out and scurrying to the receptionist.

Tomorrow morning, she was going to kill Tanya.

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