The Thug Bad Boy (WestSide Trouble Series: Book 1)

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Gabriel Marconi was your average nerd - spectacles, good grades, teacher's pet, center of all attention - basically known for his kind and loving character. That is until a new nerd came into the picture, stealing all that was his unknowingly. Deciding that she should be shown her place, Gabriel decides to teach her a lesson - pulling pranks on her, putting her down in front of the whole school - with the help of his best friends. That is until one particular stunt they pull, and they knew they went too far. They then grant a truce - to end it once and for all - and they become good friends, but talk about bad timing. Gabriel, without knowing of the rumour he is back in his place, sets off on a journey of a lifetime with his friends to discover his true identity and past. With the unraveling of dark secrets and breaking of deep, strong bonds, Gabriel slowly turns his good into bad, turning himself true to the words on the street - The Thug Bad Boy with a cold heart.

Romance / Drama
Ava Kris
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Somewhere in England.

"Ah, bloosy arse!" Thomas screeches in his womanly voice, trying to free his wrists from the cuffs chained up to the pole as Eros freaks out, his eyes bulging out and Theo looks around the room, and back at the four of us.

"What are we gonna do, guys?" He sighs, his spetacles slowly sliding off the bridge of his nose, and his twin decides to be smart, hauling his leg up to use his trainer clad foot to push it back into place for Theo.

"What the fuck, bro?!" Theo yells, while Thomas looks at him with an innocent smile and sheepishly answering, "Well, your hands are tied up behind you, so... I thought the least I could do for my elder brother would be, helping him fix his glasses in place."

"You could screw yourself if I ever believe whatever shit you just cooked up." Theo spits out, his anger blazing in his eyes while Thomas gulps. Well, his usual calm and steady demenour has totally worn off in the past few hours after we have been thrown into this abandoned house barn.

Seriously, I've read these abandoned houses-related shit in the mysetery-thriller novels that nerd seems to take a liking to, but never in my life would I have ever imagined the universe to fuck me up this way. Like, why would me and my friend end up getting kidnapped by a bunch of axe, not to mention gun, holding maniacs, just to be thrown into this place like used tampons.

Great, I'm describing me and my friends using 'used tampons'. Not like using the term 'used condoms' is going to make me feel any better. Speaking of the nerd...

I sigh in grieve as I think about that beautiful girl I know I've slowly been falling for, no matter how hard I tried to avoid it. As a famous saying goes, "Sometimes what you're looking comes when you're not looking at all." Well, that man or woman was smart to say that, cause right now, many people out there are being hopeful to achieve what they want when they're not bothered to give two fucks, but now I 'm going to claw my eyes off so as to not cry.

"Mate... you alright?" Eros whisperes breathlessly from the other side of the barn, where his wrists are cuffed up behind him, like the rest of us, to the pole. "Yeah... I'm fine." I answer gruffly from where I've been tied up at the corner near to the entrance. The least these people could've done would be tying us up in a chair or something, cause my legs ate turning into jelly, an aftermath for standing up for too long.

"No, you don't look fine, man." Theo shakes his head as he looks at me staright in the eyes as I glare at the pole him and Thomas have been cuffed up to. How is it fair that they get cuffed up together, just because they're twins? I mean, I didn't ask to be born as an only child. Perhaps they could have an easier escape compared to me and Eros.

Hold on. They can!

"Guys, any of you have bobby pins or something?" I ask desperately. Our brains must have been fried badly, considering we took almost two hours complaining about our fate instead of finding a way to escape this hell hole.

"Um... mate, you are aware that we're all guys..." Eros says not so quietly, trying his best not to sound like he tried to deadpan me, unfortunately earning a glare from me as he flinches.

"Unless if you have fetish like me." Thomas rolls his eyes and comments sarcastically, adding, "Carrying bobby pins around for my crush."

We all look at him funny, and we look at each other, stretching our own lips into full blown smirks. Thomas sulks around queitly and widens his eyes a few seconds after realising what he's told us, looking up at us like a deer caught in headlights.

"Shit, I--" "I'm telling mom, Thomas." Theo smirks deviously, causing Thomas to whine, but nonethelessly tries to reach out for the pins in his pocket. And just then, the back entrance door, right beside the pillar to Eros opens, revealing a blonde girl with only tube top and... umm... booty shorts?

Thomas and Eros gag, Theo, might be swooning seeing as to how he's staring at her whilst I'm just imagining the beautiful, light brown skin girl I have dreamt of marrying. Those chocolate eyes that could melt the coldest of hearts, radiating her smile to the saddest of souls. Urgh, I miss her blush, her cute antics of pulling me around the library.

"Don't try anything with me, boys. You wouldn't want to regret it." The girl walks in, and I just can see how a wonderful woman she is. She struts towards Eros, looking up at him seductively, while Eros looks at her with eyes widening so much, they might pop out.

"No, bitch, no! I'm only for Kevin!" He yells. Wow, no fucks, man. My jaw slacks, followed by Theo and Thomas's. A blush creeps up Eros neck, spreading to his cheeks.

"What's up with everyone, revealing their secrects one by one?" The blonde laughs. We all look at her questioningly. She bangs her fist on the pole that Eros has been cuffed up to.

"I heard whatever plans you guys were planning from outside the barn! Lance, bring that bastard in!" How on earth's crust did she hear us?!

And in comes a bulky man, who I can assume as Lance, with a lean guy walking before him. Well, not exactly walking in, but being pushed in with his hands behind him, bloody cuffed up too! That guy looks like he's older than us, with nape length side-trimmed dark brown strands in a top knot. And, wearing just a black singlet and tracksuit bottoms.

Eros was staring at that guy, and I know he in facts kinda likes him, cause he looks kinda like his finally-new-crush, Kevin. Lance cuffs him up to the pole that's parallel to Eros's, by the back entrance.

"Don't you guys dare to try pulling any stunt here!" The female shrieks as she pecks Lance on the lips, before the duo struts away to the farmhouse beside this barn. Just great.

"Look, guys. I'm sorry but..." Theo trails off as we all turn towards him. As he was about to continue, we all hear a groan. From a sound we all are not familiar to. Our attention now turns towards the new sound, as we see the guy shaking his head slightly to get back his conciousness.

"¿Dónde diablos estoy?" He mutters loud enough for us all to hear him. "Umm, anyome here speaks Spanish? Je ne comprends que le français. I only understand Français, Gabriel only knows Italian, and the twins know only English." He blabbers, earning himself a rather loud comeback.

"I asked, 'where the fuck am I at?'?!" I decide to give a smartass comment, asking him, "And who's asking?"

The guy looks up at me, looking rather annoyed, scanning his eyes around the barn and my friends, his chartreuse green eyes lighting up slighty in defeat. He sighs before answering, "It's Dylan Acuña. Why are we here?"

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