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➵ Watch the catastrophe unfold... ❝I was lied to, I was used and I was made a fool of. I am Princess Evelyn of the Kingdom of Adaline and if it wasn't for him, the son of my father's rival, Prince Everest of the Kingdom of the Orb, I would never have been used, lied to and made a fool of. But I would never have fallen in love, learnt to breathe and mastered turning pain into power.❞ ➵ Watch the catastrophe unfold... ❝Perhaps instead of burning brighter together, we burned brighter apart.❞

Romance / Fantasy
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“Don’t you dare touch me!” She sneered, watching him back away with sorrowful eyes.

She was starting something without his consent, something that needed to be agreed upon mutually.

“Don’t do this.” He started, “If you fight me, we don’t stand a chance.”

He had his reasons to decline her offer when she first suggested it, she; however, didn’t much care about what he wanted. She cared about what he needed.

She wanted to fight him, he didn’t. He just wanted her forever, to be able to love that heart of gold infinitely. They were in love, it was the obvious, but it was a dangerous love.

Two different people, belonging to two different worlds.

She truly believed that the only way to end their affair was to make him hate her. He was deeply and madly in love with her, his heart was completely hers.

On the other hand, hers wasn’t purely his. She distributed her love among him, her kingdom that she was to rule soon enough and her best friend.

She knew it’ll be the death of them. The death of the possibility of them being together, but it was for the greater good. Her words would hurt him, and he’ll hate her for it. Her actions would haunt her, and with time, break them apart completely.

She watched his eyes as they morphed into a deep void of grim and melancholy. Then, as if looking into his eyes almost changed her mind, she instantly switched her line of sight.

“We were doomed from the beginning, there is no point in pursuing this any longer,” She mindlessly told him, her stance ready to throw a punch at any given moment.

“Evelyn,” He muttered, attempting to take a step closer to her.

“Stop!” She exclaimed, raising her hands upwards in front of her. “Just stop.” Her voice was vulnerable, all of her was.

Evelyn was none like other. She had captivating blue eyes accompanied with emerald and grey streaks. Her hair, on the other hand, was a light shade of brown. Her pale skin only highlighting her unique features.

Despite her almost perfect appearance, she held a burden. A burden so bulky and colossal that it dragged her down into a pit of grief and despair repeatedly.

She was a princess. A princess that was soon to be crowned as Queen. She had a year until the time would come, now remaining with only two months.

“You know this can’t go on. The burden is just too great for me to handle it any longer,” She practically yelled, shutting her eyes in frustration.

She reopened them, her breathing becoming forced and difficult. Her eyes were no longer their eloquent shade, they were a little darker, with almost black specks dotting them. “I fell in love with you, and it’s destroying me,”

Evelyn was highly praised as a princess. She was breathtaking, in appearance and personality. Her people worshipped her and she loved them. She loved them more than she loved him.

That was why she needed to end it all.

He wasn’t one of her people. He was actually a prince. A prince that should’ve been king a long time ago. He was defiant. He hated his father, the king, to an extent where it was his full privilege to anger him. Everest just didn’t want to be what his father was, and his father was nothing good.

A princess and prince, perfect! What is the obstacle?

Their parents were the main obstacle. They were old enemies. Threatening war and claiming lands, peeling at each other’s throats for a sign of weakness to destroy.

The conflict between them might have been rather silently deadly, but it was similar to a chemical reaction, in desperate need for an amount of activation energy to release the fury.

Everest looked at Evelyn. Going over his reason as to why he refused to fight her. “Evelyn,” Once again, he murmured.

Evelyn simply nodded.

“I don’t want to fight, you know that, yet here you stand ready.” Everest reasoned. If there was a slight possibility that his knowledge about Evelyn was correct, he knew he’d have to secure her.

Evelyn wasn’t stupid. She knew Everest refused to fight her for a reason, a reason she didn’t want to know for fear it would change her mind.

Deciding, she ignored his pleading look and started once again, “Are you done being the coward?” She looked him dead in the eyes, burning a hole in his heart.

He inhaled loudly and angrily as he gazed out the cabin’s window and into the eerie night. He didn’t understand why she wouldn’t listen to him, it was all for her greater good.

“Fine.” Everest spits out. He did not see why he was making an attempt to be with her when she clearly did not want to be with him. “I’ll fight you and we’ll end this, but don’t you dare come crawling back!” He was in pain, it was obvious.

It was pain that Evelyn caused him, and in return, she was in pain too.

Her plan was working.

Evelyn’s only reaction was a smirk.

She lunged at him and pushed him back. Everest hobbled on a foot but lost his balance and fell to the ground. Taking the chance, Evelyn straddled him and repeatedly threw punches at his face.

Everest attempted to dodge her punches but it deemed hard, her punches were quickly landed and concentrated on one spot.

His cheekbones.

Finally grabbing his strength, he took hold of her hand midway.

“You’re bleeding,” She muttered, annoyed she didn’t land her final blow.

“I know,” Everest responded, using his remaining hand to touch his cheek, only to find a slab of thick red liquid on his fingers.

Instantaneously, a wave of burning anger and frustration ran through Everest. His entire body tensed and his emotions took a 180° turn.

He looked back up at Evelyn, pushed her off of him and stood up. “Ouch,” He mockingly spoke.

“You deserved it,” She replied nonchalantly, her back colliding with the wooden wall.

“And you’re pathetic!” Everest roughly pulled Evelyn towards him, hands firmly gripping her shirt before equally as roughly, slammed her into the wall once more. “Tell me this, Princess Evelyn, why are you not fighting for me?”

It was about time Everest got some answers. Truth be told, the annoyance he felt for his lack of answers got the best of him, and his temper and control were slowly evaporating.

Evelyn’s eyes rolled from the impact of her head and the wall, an ache slowly gaining power.

Nevertheless, Everest continued, “You say you’re strong and independent, but I think you are lying. Not only to everyone around you but also yourself!” His grip tightened, fists turning white like snow, his face centimetres away from hers.

“You are pathetic, sweetheart,” He yelled, angry now more than ever. He pulled back, noticing Evelyn’s nausea from hitting the wall. “That’s the sad truth...”

A second or two passed.

Evelyn snapped back from her daze and glared at Everest.

If looks could kill, Everest should be apologising any second.

But he didn’t.

She knew he was right. She knew she was pathetic because she was lying to herself. Perhaps it made her weak, but that’s the disadvantage of royalty. You can’t follow your heart, so instead, you lie and hope it’s enough.

“I fought for you more than you cared to notice,” Sneered out were the words.

A chuckle erupted from Everest’s chest. His eyes were trained somewhere, completely avoiding her captivating eyes.

“You call it fighting for me?!” He maniacally laughed some more, disbelief gripping his broken yet fierce voice.

He then continued, “You took the easiest way out, and for what?”

Not a Mississippi second later, came her powerful voice.

“For my people!” Evelyn boomed out. She was getting tired of her lover’s false accusations. “You do not understand how it feels.”

Evelyn’s hands were clenched, threatening another punch towards Everest’s crimson cheek.

Their chests were heaving up and down, lungs screaming pain from the lack of oxygen.

“That’s the problem, Evelyn.” His voice towered over hers. “You simply do not care about what you want because you care too much for them! The people who have dragged you down constantly.”

He paused, searching her face. “How many times do they have to make you loathe and despise yourself for not being good enough before you realise the truth you have been blinded to all those years?!”

A sob escaped from Evelyn’s throat, coming to understand what Everest was saying but she was nowhere near accepting. “What about you?” Came her cracked voice, “You don’t want to be king.”

“Yes I don’t,” He said, “because I realised that those imbeciles weren’t worth my time! They deserve a greedy bastard like my father.”

Silence clouded the room, invisible maybe, but nevertheless present.

Evelyn’s thoughts were scattered, so disorganised they blinded her sight. She was exhausted, wanting nothing more than to end the night.

Finally, she spoke, “I will not abandon my people. Not like you.”

Everest raised his eyes from the fireplace in the corner and looked up at Evelyn from his spot on the ground. “What?” He said.

Swallowing the lump in her throat, she stood up straighter and threw her nervousness away, “I will not abandon my people.” Powerful was her voice.

Everest simply nodded, stood up and took swift strides towards her. He passionately cupped her cheek and placed a lingering kiss on her parted lips.

He then softly whispered, his anger diminishing, “Goodbye Princess.”

That said, he turned around and walked out the door.

Evelyn was left struck with shock. Almost instantly, her shock disappeared and anger appeared.

“What?!” She exclaimed, watching Everest’s form vanish into the night.

Quickly acting, she stormed up to him and harshly pushed him back inside.

Everest wasn’t remotely shocked at her actions, he looked as if he expected it.

“No, no!” She started, shaking her head in anger. “You are not leaving until you fight me!” She yelled.

Everest clicked his tongue, fatigued and annoyed. “Evelyn, stop. It’s over between us. What else do you want?”

Evelyn laughed and sobbed all at once, the situation getting to her. “I want you to hate me,” she said.

Everest closed his eyes, rubbing his forehead as he stood in front of her, “We both know that will never happen.”

“No!” Once again she shouted, “Fight me!” She stormed up to him and pushed him back.

He tumbled backwards.

After receiving no attempt to battle from Everest, Evelyn pushed him back again but harsher.

“Fight back you bastard!” She repeated as she persistently shoved backwards.

Again and again, she continued to force him back, with every push she yelled at him. Adrenaline coursing through her veins, tinting her cheeks red, both from adrenaline and anger.

Her hair flew to the front with each push backwards, her anger increasing rapidly.

“Fight back!”

Everest made no attempt to stop her.

Soon enough his back hit the wall but Evelyn didn’t stop her harassment.

She sent a trail of punches from his stomach to his chest, then up to his mouth, where she sent one final hard punch to his lips. The lips she yearned to have pressed against her own.

She eventually pulled away, watching his blank face.

Confusion erupted from her vexation.

“Why aren’t you fighting back?” She whispered.

Everest looked up at her, “Because I don’t want to.” He started.

Swiftly, he grabbed her shoulders and pinned her to the wall, switching positions. His face zoned in on hers as he continued, “If this is our last moment together, then I would rather spend it with you in my arms. I’d rather kiss you than hurt you.”

He hit the jackpot.

Evelyn relaxed and she gave in. She nodded to Everest and allowed him to lead her to couch where they held each for the last time.

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