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Evelyn awake feeling hollow. She had an ache in her chest, and it frustrated her.

She found herself on the same couch she recalled falling asleep in hours before, except Everest was missing. She didn’t allow herself to think much of it, pushing it aside.

She hoped he’d left, that way she wouldn’t have to carry out the emotional goodbye.

He didn’t.

Everest sat on a chair at the farthest corner away from Evelyn. There, he had his elbows braced on his spread legs, face buried in his hands. He was lost in his reverie.

“Good morning,” She said, alerting her awoken presence.

At her voice, Everest perked up suddenly, shocked for a millisecond before relaxing.

“Good morning,” He replied.

Evelyn examined his injured face. She did an excellent job in harming him and Evelyn felt the bubble of guilt popping.

His cheeks were bruised a purple-blue shade, each one carrying a different intricate design. His lips sported a deep cut, and somehow, the red injury highlighted his icy blue eyes.

His chest was badly harmed, judging by his struggle to rise from his position.

He eventually stood up and marched towards Evelyn.

“How are you feeling?” He spoke as he sat across from her on the couch.

Evelyn leaned on the armrest and angled her body towards him, leaving a good enough distance between them. “Just exhausted,” She replied.

Her eyebrows furrowed together unconsciously as she attempted to figure out what Everest was thinking and feeling.

There was one problem.

Everest didn’t want to expose his thoughts or emotions. He didn’t know what he wanted and the knowledge of that petrified him.

He nodded, allowing his eyes to wander freely.

“And you?” She broke the few moments of silence, pulling Everest back from his isolated trance.

“I’m fine,” He told her.

Evelyn simply nodded, clueless as what to do next.

“What time is it?” She asked as a conversation starter.

“Around nine. We should be heading back soon,” Everest answered.

The words were clear: it’s time to end it all.

Evelyn took in a breath and looked around the room for inspiration on how to say what she wanted to say.

“I know this might not be what you want, but I truly believe that it’s best if we stop seeing each other.” She started, nervous as her hands fiddled with the blanket sprawled across her.

Everest kept quiet.

The silence erupted an unknown feeling inside Evelyn.

Nevertheless, she ignored the tranquility. “I need to go back home and rule my kingdom, it is my birthright and I will not fail my people.”

Everest nodded.

Evelyn nodded too.

A thick, suffocating mist of silence and peace fell over them once more.

Suddenly, Everest stood up and walked over to his jacket on the floor. He peeked his hand through the pocket and retrieved a small red and white pill.

It was Cure. The one pill that survived years after humans’ corruption. It was said to cure all injuries.

Thus, Everest popped the little oval into his mouth and tilted his head back. All the while, Evelyn carefully watching him. She watched mesmerised as his injuries slowly healed.

The third World War struck several years after the Second World War. With the development of nuclear bombs and war strategies, the human race almost removed themselves from Earth, becoming on the verge of infinite extinction.

Though, few survived. Those survivors feared death thus took comfort in isolating each other from one another. They took advantage of the small remaining lands that were not buried under water.

This went on for approximately thirty years before the city of Heaven’s Haven was established. It was one city that carried all remaining souls on Earth.

Every race, every gender, every soul came together as an effort to save the legend of Earth, once peaceful and beautiful now forever tainted with human mistakes.

As years passed, Heaven’s Haven crumbled, dissolving with the past becoming a memory.

The human race decided to install several kingdoms around the lands. This caused people to live in harmony, as they now have had enough wars and failure.

At first, it was difficult and complex to convince the people to agree to establish kingdoms with king and queens, but humanity saw it as their only chance of survival.

Technology was abandoned, believed the spawn of the devil.

But Cure? It was found to be missing once they started gathering all the technology and Everest had found a bag full of the oval-shaped pill one day as he was wandering around in the woods. He knew what it was and thus decided to keep it.

“Are you feeling any better?” Evelyn questioned, wondering how it felt to take it.

Everest’s muscles relaxed a notch as the pain disappeared and the cut lip healed miraculously.

He merely nodded before saying, “It’s time.” His voice was blank, almost robotic.

Evelyn’s feeling got stung, not at his cold behaviour but at his hastiness to leave.

Nevertheless, she ignored his comment, finally arose from the couch and slipped on her shoes.

She made her way to Everest, as her cape was once neighbours to his jacket.

But as she bent down, extended her fingers to grab the piece of clothing, Everest’s own hand suddenly shot out and grabbed her wrist halfway.

Evelyn jumped slightly but watched as Everest’s eyes stayed on hers. Before she knew it, she was pinned to the wall by Everest as he hungrily chewed at her lips, wanting her all over again.

They soon stopped their inappropriate act, and Everest asked Evelyn a question he knew she’d never agree to.

“Will you ran away with me?” He murmured, lips dangerously close to her ears. He wanted her to hear him clearly.

His hot, moist breath hit her cool neck, a shiver running down her spine hungrily.

A second passed as Evelyn pulled away, “What?” She was shocked, so surprised she thought she was dreaming.

“You heard me,” He urged.

“Are you serious?” She spoke bitterly. He simply nodded.

“You know I possibly can’t!” She yelled out, outraged by such a request.

Everest kept quiet.

Evelyn’s eyes were as wide, holding the liquid form of disbelief and slight hurt.

“Have you lost your mind?” She yelled, shoving him backwards.

Everest still kept quiet, falling back as a result of her push.

She stared at him, her face becoming paler, her eyes squinted and focused on his emotionless face.

Evelyn was a spiral of emotion. She was unable to fathom why Everest would ask her such a question.

Everest’s and Evelyn’s kingdom were rivals, indeed, but their rivalry was over something rather stupid.


When kingdoms were first established, each chosen King and Queen decided upon woods separating each kingdom as a border.

Their grandparents though, fought for the largest of lands, knowing it held an endless supply of resources for trade.

This minor conflict could have easily turned major, thus, the land was split equally into two. Still, their grudge towards each other has not subsided during the past decades.

Evelyn was enraged, even feeling a little betrayed. Everest had the audacity to ask her a question, expecting an answer when he knew she wouldn’t have the will to answer it when he knew how hard she had worked to get to where she currently is and suddenly asking her to discard it like a banana peel.

As if on cue, every bad memory, every tear she cried for Everest, every argument fought, every lie she ever told for him, came crashing back on her like whips, forcing her to her knees as she sought to suppress the flame in her heart.

He knew what her answer was when she first heard the question, he also knew her answer after it sunk in. He knew there would be an internal war in her head, one that would be scattered, messy, killing, yet he asked.

Evelyn did have a war inside and she hated it. At that single, indefinite moment, she hated everything.

She hated the world, she hated her kingdom, her parents, her people, she hated herself. But most of all, she hated Everest.

A menacing, cruel and vile laugh slipped out of Evelyn’s lips.

Loud, strange and echoing...

As Everest remained staring back at Evelyn with the same drained face, Evelyn began to lose her patience.

She began to lose herself. Her mind was twisting and bending in unknown and vague ways, giving her a throbbing headache.

Soon, she lost all her inner power.

“In seven months, when I get crowned Queen, and I please my people, I will go to your kingdom, and I will fight for this disastrous rivalry to end. Only then, when peace is won, will I forget all about this. And I, Queen Evelyn of the Kingdom of Adaline, will blame you for all that you caused me. We will never see each other ever again.” That said, she grabbed her cape, pulled the hood over her head, and disappeared into the bright sun, among the trees.

Gone, forever. At least, that was what it seemed like of Evelyn.

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