The CEO's Love

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Chapter 11: Trust Me

We had been back at the house for a few hours now and I locked myself in the room.

A few hours before

With that, he smashed his lips on mine and kissed me.

I got caught up in the moment and kissed him back, forgetting where we were.

Pulling away, I caught Alex leaving and people around us staring.

Looking back at Noah, he looked smug.

He’d noticed Alex leave too.

Without another word, I ran out of the hall to find him.

Noah caught up to me and pulled me back.

“Where are you going?”

“To find him. You did that on purpose! What game are you trying to play here?” My mind was all sorts of messed up right now.

“Yes, it was on purpose, but it had to be done.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Just trust me Blake.”

I stared for a second, trying to comprehend it all but couldn’t.

“I’m going back to the house. Have a good night, Mr. Anderson.”

I walked out and instead of taking the limo, got in a cab.

As soon as I got to the house, I took off the heels and sprinted up the stairs and locked the door.

I’d been here ever since.

Mrs. Trenton tried to get me to come out but I wouldn’t.

So many questions!

What is up with the two of them?

Was the whole thing for show?

And lastly,

Why did I even care so much?

It was now Monday. I woke up after another restless night.

Yesterday I had spent the day reading and talking to Mrs. Trenton. Mr Anderson had spent the entire day in his office.

Today we were meeting Mr. Giles to find a location for our London office that would be opening in a month or two.

I’d be stuck in the car with Mr. Anderson between locations.


I had gotten ready early and ate breakfast quickly so I could avoid confrontation this early in the morning.

Here I was sat in the car, waiting for him.

After a few minutes the door finally opened and he got in.

There was no words exchanged, apart from him telling the driver to go to the first location.

We arrived and looked around but it wasn’t up to Mr. Anderson’s standards. And yes, it was back to Mr. Anderson now.

The second one was a little better but it was on the outskirts of London.

The third and final was the one. It had everything Mr. Anderson was looking for and it was in a central location.

Mr. Giles decided to celebrate, we would all go out for dinner tonight and sign the paperwork.

So for a couple of hours, I spent time outside in the garden before going back inside to get ready.

I hopped in the shower and then quickly did a half up-do and some natural makeup before putting on a flowy black dress that reached just above the knee and a pair of platform leopard print heels.

As soon as I was done, I made my way downstairs to the car.

We still hadn’t spoken.

And that didn’t change for most of dinner. Mr. Giles was great at keeping the conversation going though, so that helped make it less awkward.

Back at the house, Noah stopped me from going to the room.

“Please, just hear me out.” he took me to the living room and we sat down on one of the couches.

For a minute, it looked like he was debating with himself.

“You have no idea who Alex Carter really is. He’s not a good guy, Blake.”

“And how would you know?”

“I just do. I’ve known him a lot longer than you have. I know what he’s capable of.” he said, staring me down.

“Well, vague doesn’t work. I can make my own judgements. Goodnight, Mr. Anderson.”

Running up to the room, I didn’t even change to go to sleep.

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